* Why were the doctors in the Lolita's flashback so utterly useless? When a patient is clearly a danger to herself and in severe need of mental help allowing her to wear the same clothes all the time is not a smart idea. Nor is the lack of medication. Not to mention how did nobody realize that [[spoiler:she is actually the older brother]]? Did they not even give her a basic medical look over? She had been in a dangerous situation, clearly physically injured and they didn't even notice [[spoiler:she was male]]? If they had done that they would have figured out that she's ''extremely'' dangerous before she caused anymore harm. Also, how did the police not work out that the [[spoiler:corpse was of an eleven-year-old girl and not a fifteen-year-old boy]]?
** Actually that´s not it. [[spoiler: The ending does not show she was a boy but the actual murderer. She is (probably) not a human girl and every time she kills an older brother and all his family, the crimes are charged unto said older brother. That´s what the flashbacks show, not that she is a he. The doctors are still useless though]].
* What I don't get is how incredibly stupid everyone is, even by horror movie standards. It's not because they don't get that the Lolita [[spoiler: is probably supernatural]], but that no one thinks anything of this dirty, smelly, cut up, stitched up, creepy, unsettling, violent and clearly insane, deranged psycho walking around. The landlady just gives the master key to this complete stranger, Hikari argues with her as she's screaming and stabbing herself in the leg over and over again instead of leaving, [[spoiler: the parents shrug and do nothing when she drags an unconscious and injured Kazuki home (let's not call a doctor, by the way), Hikari's friend yells at her for stalking WHEN SHE'S HOLDING A SLEDGEHAMMER...]] I don't see how any of these people managed to function just in everyday life for so long. Also, [[spoiler: if your neighboring apartment is boarded up and there's constant screaming and abuse,]] ''don't investigate, call the police.''
* Come to think of it, the ending is bugging me too now that I'm thinking about it more. Somehow, [[spoiler: Kazuki is blamed for the murder of about a dozen people, even though he wasn't even in the building for all of them and there couldn't possibly be physical evidence for them]]. But maybe that can be explained with it being [[spoiler: [[AWizardDidIt supernatural or something]]]]. But then how can ''anyone'' explain how [[spoiler: he cut out his own organs? His now missing organs? And how is anyone going to explain the injures of his that couldn't possibly be self-inflicted?]] It feels like they wanted one of those endings where [[spoiler: everyone's dead and the main character is blamed for it all]], even though it doesn't really make sense.
** Easy: The police are incompetent or lazy at best, or actively covering the Strange Lolita killings up at worst. Which is FridgeHorror in and of itself, when you think about it.