* ''HarvestMoon: Animal Parade'''s Maya. She's absurdly perky and cutesy. If she's a grown woman, why does she feel free to act like that? Then I looked at her family and realized why: Her parents are still lovey-dovey with each other even though they've been married for more than twenty years. They have a perpetually cheerful and optimistic outlook on life, so of course she'd pick it up from them!
* [[GoodBadBugs A possible bug]] in the original: Eve, unlike every other wife, suffers a relationship penalty instead of a bonus when you go to bed with her. However, on second look, this makes perfect sense: she has attachment issues and has trouble maintaining a stable relationship, even with people she loves, resulting in a tumultuous marriage that takes a lot more effort to make work.
* In ''Harvest Moon: A New Beginning'', both Amir and Yuri's hearts are invisible unless you start dating them. It makes sense for Amir to have an invisible heart, since he's a special bachelor in ''Grand Bazaar'', but why is Yuri's heart invisible? Because she's a very quiet, timid person--in other words, ''she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve''!
* In the first two DS games, Thomas mentions a Mineral Town farmer. Now who could that be? It's ''your pseudo gender character''. Claire or Jill for Pete, and Pete for the girls.
* In DS and Cute, "Karen" lacks her signature blond bangs. Why exactly? Well, Karen with her blond bangs is a direct descendant of the blond Eve from SNES. In DS-Cute it's ''that'' Karen's descendant, so the blond has probably been knocked out of her genes or isn't main like with the other.
* ''Harvest Moon: Magical Melody'' brings back the bachelorettes from the SNES original and gives them romantic rivals for the first time. When you consider that the bachelorettes from ''Harvest Moon 64'' are supposed to be descended from the HM girls, you can notice some family resemblances:
** In ''Magical Melody'', Ann pairs up with Blue, who looks an awful lot like Gray from ''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoon64 HM64]]''. Since Gray was ''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoon64 HM64]]'' Ann's brother, that means Blue is his grandfather!
** Nina pairs up with Basil, who looks just like Popuri's father from ''[[VideoGame/HarvestMoon64 HM64]]'' (also named Basil). Since Popuri looks so much like Nina, she's probably her granddaughter, which would make ''MM'' Basil and ''64'' Basil father and son.

* In ''More [=FoMT=]'', since Claire bought the farm from a newspaper ad, it implies that Jack (for [[RefusalOfTheCall one reason]] [[LockedOutOfTheLoop or another]]) never [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming took over the farm]] (which is a Fridge Tearjerker [[DyingAlone for the old man]]).
* In ''HarvestMoon'' Karen is a HardDrinkingPartyGirl. Most people might think she just happens to like wine. If you look back at her source game, ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon64'', she is a BrokenBird from a broken home. She's ''[[DrowningMySorrows drowning her sorrows]]''.
* [[ValuesDissonance To western fans]], marrying a sixteen year old girl (who looks like a preteen) and having children with her when she's seventeen or so is this. Did we mention you're in your early twenties?
** Or worse--in AWL you can marry ''fourteen-year-old'' Lumina. Now you're allowed to be a ''real'' babynapper.
*** For the PS2 version of AWL, Lumina was aged up to 18, though.
** Only in English translations. In Japan she is 16.
* In ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon64'' the main character is the grandson of the protagonist in ''HarvestMoon'' for the SNES, and each of the five eligible bachelorettes are implied to be the granddaughters of the eligible bachelorettes in that game. If we assume the main caharcter in ''HarvestMoon'' married one of the bachelorettes in that game, then when playing ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon64'' you have a 1 in 5 chance of marrying your cousin.
* You know, the infamous NonStandardGameOver in DS in which you grow a 99 level poisonous mushroom and put it in the soup during the Harvest Festival so everyone in the village dies, including yourself? Forget-Me-Not-Valley is now a mysterious GhostTown, and if discovered (by shall we say the Mineral Town residents), they will find skeletons or rottening corpses scattered across the beach.
* One of the [[NonStandardGameOver Non-Standard Game Overs]] ends with letting your dog attack Thomas and the credits roll after a horrifying fading into red sequence. '''Your character just let his dog bite Thomas into a gory mess.'''
* In Tree of Tranquility you have the option to play as your child, this give you bonuses at the start of the new game, but you are still essentially controlling that character, have you just taken over that child?

* In ''Hero of Leaf Valley'' (and possibly ''Save the Homeland''), you need to raise a certain ammount of money to save the town. The townspeople act like this is an impossible task for such a small town, so the task falls onto the player to get the money... but the thing is, the game has no shipping bin. Money is made entirely from selling goods to NPC shops. [[GameplayAndStorySegregation Where exactly does that money come from? Why don't they pool their resources and raise the money from the beginning?]] [[ApatheticCitizens Do they just not want to save the town that badly?]] It boggles the goddamn mind.
* In ''Magical Melody'', when a typhoon comes in the middle of summer (or snowstorm in winter), you are stuck in the house with your pets until the storm escalates once you return to bed the next day. When you check your records, Jamie somehow managed to deliver crops that previous day despite ''time does not pass when you're indoors, and you cannot go out, rendering you to have to skip the day''. Jamie must be one hell of a {{Determinator}} just to ship his/her crops.