Fridge / Halloween (1978)

Fridge Horror:

  • Annie was planning to let Lynda and Bob fool around in someone else's house. With their young daughter downstairs. Isn't that just incredibly sick.
    • Not to mention Bob's "joke" about ripping Lindsay's clothes off.
      • They didn't do anything other than make out until they knew Lindsay was "gone for the night".

Fridge Logic:

  • There are several things about the opening POV sequence that don't really make sense:
    • Why was Michael across the street from his own house?
      • Michael was six years old at the time and it was obviously Halloween that night. Add the fact that he was already wearing a clown costume at the time and it's clear that he was most likely out trick or treating before returning home. Or if you wanna go by Curse's logic, he was being babysat by Mrs. Blankenship who lived across the street from the Myers House.
    • Why did Michael have to sneak around his own house? Yes, he had a knife with him, but no one seems to question hiding a weapon behind one's back in other movies, and no one at this point suspects Michael of being a killer.
      • Because he was trying to avoid detection from Judith and her boyfriend, Daniel in order to get the drop on Judith better. With neither knowing he was in the house and too busy having sex upstairs, it allowed him the perfect opportunity to grab the butcher knife from the kitchen and sneak upstairs after waiting for Daniel to leave. If either teens happened to catch sight of Michael in the house, with or without the knife, the element of surprise would've been lost.
    • Judith might've been surprised and embarrassed about her younger brother barging into her room while she was topless, but she was still a teenager and he was still a little kid - she should've been able to recognize that he had a knife in his hands quickly enough and been able to push him away, disarm him, etc.
      • Michael didn't exactly give her much time to react any further as the moment she noticed him in her room, he immediately started stabbing her. Her surprised reaction ("Michael!") is precisely what allowed him to attack her so easily. With her caught off guard by his sudden appearance, Michael used that to his advantage to start stabbing her before she could register what he was doing.