[[AC: FridgeBrilliance]]

* You'd think that the auto-lock is just a system to help less skilled players but it actually makes sense since Niko had finished a war and smuggled people over the Adriatic, he would have to have sharp aiming skills.
* Why are all of the cops fat and out of shape? Because all of the fit cops were promoted to N.O.O.S.E or the FIB thanks to the rising panic of terrorists!
** If N.O.O.S.E is what most people think it is, that would typically be seen as a demotion.
* Every borough has a different naming scheme for their streets. (Bohan-prisons and break-dancing moves, Algonquin-minerals and state capitals) At first, I thought this was just a small yet amusing side touch. Then I did Stevie's first two car theft missions and easily found the cars due to the directions given. I later realized that the street naming convention had a practical use: to narrow down the locations given in directions.
* Why is Niko unable to date Kate again if the Deal path is taken? Because he just lost his cousin, a family member. He is going to need time to mourn.
* Trying to entering the Civilization Committee (GTA equivalent of Real life United Nations) grant Niko a wanted level. In Chinatown Wars it doesnt. That's because Niko is a war criminal, so he will be wanted by the CC.
* At the end of the game, protagonist Niko's [[spoiler:cousin or girlfriend (depending on your choices) got shot, he's unemployed having left a life of crime behind him, in an unfamiliar place.]] All you can do is drive around aimlessly doing the odd little thing here and there, but after that there's nothing else. That's PRECISELY what Niko's life would be like in the same situation; empty, pointless.

[[AC: FridgeLogic]]
* The song "New York Groove" plays on the radio, even though Liberty City is an obvious Expy for New York. Said song also contains the lyrics "In the back of a Cadillac" even though this game introduced a FictionalCounterpart to the Cadillac brand called Albany.

[[AC: FridgeHorror]]

* Kind of a reverse version as you think Niko is talking about sexual slavery when discussing the fact he sold people. Later, he speaks about it as transferring illegal immigrants.
* Niko's description of a bunch of children mutilated during war never clarifies ''whether his unit did it or not.''
* Mikhail Faustin may be a coke-snorting sociopath but his daughter's boyfriend [[spoiler: is a pimp]] and [[spoiler: Dmitri is laying the groundwork for his takeover]]. It's possible he was a FunctionalAddict all along and this was all a set-up.
* During Jeff's first random mission, its mentioned that he and his wife had a son together. By the end of their storyline, [[spoiler:Jeff murdered his wife in a fit of jealousy and gets ran over by a car, leaving their son orphaned who will never know the truth...]]