Fridge / FreakAngels

  • Fridge Brilliance: The recurring 'k' sounds in their names make sense for a group of psychics with some level of Hive Mind - they were broadcasting the sound from the womb.
    • At the beginning of the comic, Arkady is the strongest of the Freakangels, and a cuckoo due to a near-lethal drug overdose in her backstory. Later, we learn that the Freakangels have resurrective immortality and get a significant power boost every time they revive... what if the reason Arkady is strongest is because she'd actually died of the drug overdose and Came Back Strong?

  • Fridge Horror: In Episode 61, Jack says that when the Freakangels first came to Whitechapel, they found a baby farm - for food. At first thought, this makes no sense - starving mothers can't complete pregnancies, but consider this(which I'm actually ashamed and horrified that I could think of); by feeding the mothers stuff like pet chow, the animals who ran the place could turn crap food into meat.
    • Secondary Horror: Jack segues into Sirkka keeping the sole survivor of the farm from killing herself by erasing all physical and mental evidence of the experience, but he doesn't say exactly what they did to the guys who ran the farm. Probably better that way.

  • Fridge Logic: So, where do all the clothes with "FreakAngels" screenprinted on them come from?
    • Screenprinting just isn't that hard - you can do it with a ruler and a pair of stockings if you want... but it's probably easier still if you're all psychically powerful and all. Y'know, like the FreakAngels are?
    • How the hell are they generating steam?
      • I think there is water and things to burn in abundance around Whitechapel. As for the technology itself, it is easily found in many books....or minds. That giant ferris wheel stuck in the river is a nice hint there.
    • How in all the years they've been in Whitechapel has no-one figured out they're all psychic? They're not exactly quiet when holding their telepathic conversations to each other, aren't particularly subtle with their telekinesis and openly discuss their powers.