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Sharra's Exile

Fridge Brilliance
  • In the novel "Sharra's Exile" from Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series, there is a part when Lew Alton goes into the Hali chapel searching for the Sword of Aldones. While he is there, he sees a woman - he doesn't know if it is the corpse of an actual person or merely something like a wax figure - with long red hair. He also notices something odd - the woman appears dead (and "as if she had been dead for many years"), but seems to be breathing somehow. Well, at the end of the book "Stormqueen!" set hundreds of years before these events, the red-haired character Dorilys was laid to rest (though she was still technically alive) in that very same chapel, so that her powers wouldn't be a danger to anyone anymore. It was not until I reread "Stormqueen!" after reading "Sharra's Exile" that I realized that the woman/corpse/figure Lew saw was Dorilys. -Jo Thirteen