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Fridge: Burnout
Fridge Brilliance
  • I was always wondering why Paradise City in Burnout Paradise had so many junkyards, which serve as the player's garages. Then, I scored over 2 million in a Showtime event, hitting 80+ cars, and everything became clear. - Adbot
    • Similar is the method of earning new vehicles; if you can cause them to crash, then you can claim them... from the junkyard.
  • Similarly, why are cars smashing the shit out of each other in traffic a seemingly common occurrence? Because the cars have no drivers and can be repaired instantly for free simply by driving through a drive-thru.
  • I once wondered why the Marked Man mode existed in Paradise. Then, I thought about it: Those chaser cars are somewhat bland, while a wide variety of liveries and colors are available to the player's cars. Also, how do you gain most of your cars? You smash 'em. Thus, the drivers of the chaser cars are either: A. rookie racers trying to get something more interesting than their current ride or B. the former owners of your stolen vehicle, looking to reclaim what's theirs while humiliating you in the process. -Dragon Geyser
    • The first possibility there isn't that likely. The chasers are in Hunter Civilians, a car which the player unlocks pretty late into the game.

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