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Fridge: Blacksad

Fridge Horror:

  • At the beginning of the first , Natalia's corpse sports one exposed breast. Presumably, her nightgown slipped before or after her death. Later, when we see her murder at the hands of Statoc, we see that her nightgown is closed and couldn't have slipped all by itself. According to Word of God, it was meant to imply that Statoc played with the corpse.
  • Ribs the gavial is wearing what skin boots?

Fridge Logic:

  • Wait a minute. Huk is an arctic fox whose coat changes from snowy white in the winter to brown in the summer months. What happens to his position in the Arctic Nation when summer comes around?
    • He dyes it?
    • Speaking of the Arctic, polar bears have white hair that covers their black skin.

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