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YMMV: Blacksad
  • All Animation Is Disney: Inverted. Guarnido worked for Disney, but it's really hard to tell (except for some of the facial expressions).
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Karup is quite despicable in several ways, but is he really a pedophile?
  • Awesome Art: Guarnido's expertise as an animator really shows through; the characters are very expressive and full of personality, and the coloring looks fantastic.
  • Complete Monster: Ivo Statoc is the Big Bad of the first volume. Most of the other villains get tragic backstories in which they were shaped or currupted into evil, but Statoc is the only one who was unambiguously bad and depraved from the start. He made Natalia his mistress and when he found out she cheated on him, he personally tortured her lover to death, killed Natalia in cold blood, defiled her corpse afterwards according to Word of God, and threw money at it to make it all go away. He outright taunts Blacksad by saying that unlike his foe he isn't limited by such silly things like ethics and moral scruples, and is so succesful because of his coldbloodedness. The only thing that really interests him is pure, unadulterated power.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The lynx with the chest tattoo of mermaids who saves Blacksad from drowning in the fourth volume. He is not named and appears in only one page, but has already become quite popular.
  • Hidden Depths: Neal, a lawyer who practices narcissism and womanizing almost as a religion, is shown to be genuinely friendly with Blacksad's kid nephew.
  • LGBT Fanbase: John Blacksad is quite the Stupid Sexy Flanders. Some gay readers have discovered the series after first encountering its LGBT Fanbase.
    • In fact, the characters themselves get shipped a lot, particularly Blacksad and Smirmov.
  • Moe: The children in this series, Kylie especially. So cute that it hurts.
  • Tear Jerker: The end of album 2. That's all.
    • And the end of album 4. The entire fate of the town of Caldonia, in fact.
  • The Woobie: Kylie, her mother and her grandmother.

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