->''"[[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Beautiful people doing high-tech crime work? Might be a series in that]]."''
-->-- ''Series/{{CSI}}'', "Two and A Half Deaths"

Welcome to the United States of America, but not quite as you know it. In this world, forensic investigators have cool gadgets, look gorgeous and are allowed to conduct entire criminal investigations on their own. Crimes are solved far quicker than in your world, with snazzy flashbacks and re-enactments. Did we mention that lab work is done to funky music, with {{Real Song Theme Tune}}s by Music/TheWho?

May you die in a interesting way and leave a beautiful (or horribly mangled, whichever works) corpse.
The setting of six TV shows thus far:
* ''Series/{{CSI}}'' 2000-2015
* ''Series/CSIMiami'' 2002-2012
* ''Series/{{CSINY}}'' 2004-2013
* ''Series/CSICyber'' 2015-2016
* ''Series/ColdCase'' 2003-2010
* ''Series/WithoutATrace'' (seriously) 2002-2009

!!The Verse contains examples of:
* FairCop and HotScientist: virtually every regular qualifies in one or both of these categories. There's probably someone there for everyone's taste.
* ForensicPhlebotinum
* NoBadgeNoProblem:
** The original ''Series/{{CSI}}'' gets {{Flanderiz|ation}}ed into this in parodies but it's not as prevalent as it's made out to be. While the [=CSIs=] tend to do things that the police would be the ones to do in real life (like interviewing suspects or capturing them, though the latter tends to happen only when someone they plan to just speak to runs away), Grissom often reminds civilians he isn't a cop, and at one point was told to leave the scene by Brass when it became apparent that a suspect was still there.
** Averted for the most part in the spinoffs, as the characters actually ''are'' full-fledged cops or FBI agents. However one ''Series/{{CSINY}}'' episode had Mac do a technical one of these when he follows his stalker to Chicago, and tries to throw his badge to get into the Tribune building. Chicago PD had to remind him that badges only work in their jurisdiction and he had no power in Chicago.
* QuipToBlack
* RustproofBlood