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[[caption-width-right:342:Three ''Violent Shits'' in one convenient package.]]

->''"Prepare for the worst!"''

'''''Violent Shit''''' is an [[NoBudget ultra low-budget]] SlasherMovie directed by Andreas Schnaas in 1987, and [[DirectToVideo released on video]] two years later. It was [[BannedInChina immediately banned]] in UsefulNotes/WestGermany due to its graphic violence.

It follows the story of a young man named Karl "TheButcher Shitter" Berger who goes on a heinous killing spree. It was followed by three sequels featuring Karl's son, Karl Jr., entitled ''Mother Hold My Hand, Infantry of Doom'' and ''Karl the Butcher vs. Axe''.
!!This series contains examples of the following tropes:

* TheSeventies: When the events of the first film take place.
%%* AfterTheEnd: Setting of the fourth film.
* {{Angrish}}: "Fucking dammit shit! Shit! What am I doing here, anyway? Shit! This bullshitting job is fucking me to shits!"
%%* AnArmAndALeg
* AwesomeMcCoolname: K. The Butcher Shitter. ''He shits butchers.''
%%* AxCrazy
%%* BackFromTheDead: Karl Sr. in ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* BeardOfEvil: Karl Jr. in ''Infantry of Doom''.
* {{BFS}}: Big Fucking Cleaver.
* BodyHorror: The Karls' rotting skin.
* BullyingADragon: ''Mother Hold My Hand'':
-->'''WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob:''' Why do people keep confronting him?! He looks like the word murderer, and he has a weapon! For God's sake Germans, walk away!
* TheButcher: The nickname of the VillainProtagonist.
* CoolMask: Karl Jr.'s face plate, which his followers have replicas of in ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* DecoyProtagonist: Everyone.
* DolledUpInstallment: ''Nikos the Impaler'', another Andrea Schnass project, is sometimes known as ''Violent Shit 4''.
%%* DontGoInTheWoods
%%* EverythingsDeaderWithZombies: ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin
%%* GainaxEnding
%%* {{Gorn}}: And ''HOW''.
%%* GoryDeadlyOverkillTitleOfFatalDeath
* GroinAttack: A series trademark.
* GunsAkimbo: Karl Jr. shooting up a theater in ''Mother Hold My Hand''.
%%* HalfTheManHeUsedToBe
* HooksAndCrooks: A fishing hook, to the balls, in ''Mother Hold My Hand''. Ugh. And tons of mutilations via hooked chains in ''Infantry of Doom''.
* HuntingTheMostDangerousGame: ''Mother Hold My Hand'':
-->''"My boy, the time has come for you to hunt humans instead of animals."''
%%* ImAHumanitarian: Karl Sr.
%%* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice
* IntentionallyAwkwardTitle: One that can't be said on network TV.
%%* KillEmAll
%%* KnifeNut: Meat cleaver.
* LeaveTheCameraRunning: During driving scenes in the first film.
* ALoveToDismember: Severed head blowjob in ''Mother Hold My Hand''.
* MacheteMayhem: Karl Jr.'s main weapon, extending to his followers in ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* MadeOfPlasticine
%%* MadScientist: Doctor Senius in ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* MalevolentMaskedMen
* MisterSeahorse: Karl Sr. gets pregnant... somehow.
* {{Mooks}}: The Karls' followers in ''Infantry of Doom''.
%%* MurdererPOV
* NailEm: After being sliced across the face in ''Mother Hold My Hand'', Karl Jr. just seals the wound with a staple gun.
* OddlyNamedSequel2ElectricBoogaloo: ''II: Mother Hold My Hand'' and ''III: Infantry of Doom''.
%%* OffWithHisHead
%%* PsychopathicManchild: Karl Jr. in ''Mother Hold My Hand''.
%%* RandomEventsPlot
* SelfMadeOrphan: Karl Sr. killed his mother at the behest of a demon, possibly {{Satan}} himself.
%%* SerialKiller
* SequelEscalation: After two films with a killer slicing up random people, the third film introduces an army of MalevolentMaskedMen, zombies created by a MadScientist and ninjas.
* ShovelStrike: A victim is partially decapitated with a shovel in ''Mother Hold My Hand''.
* SpitefulSpit: Leads to character getting run through with spears in ''Infantry of Doom''.
* TraumaticCSection: A pregnant Karl Sr. lets his son out by ripping himself open.
* TrilogyCreep: End credits for the third film tells that it's the end of the trilogy. Cue the fourth film in 2010.
%%* VersusTitle: ''Karl the Butcher vs Axe''.
%%* VillainProtagonist
* YouDontLookLikeYou: Karl the Butcher Sr was a fairly normal looking person with normal attire (Though granted, his face started to decay as the film progressed), but in the third film, his appearance is so radically different (An undead looking guy clad in armor and a cape) that you have to read the films synopsis to know that its him.
** Same goes to Karl the Butcher Jr who looks like a barbarian (And surprisingly looks like [[Series/GameOfThrones Rory McCann's Sandor Clegane]].