''100 Girls'' is a 2000 comedy written and directed by Michael Davis, starring Creator/JonathanTucker.

Matthew (Tucker) is a college freshman and a virgin. Leaving a party, he loses his virginity to an unknown girl during a blackout in an elevator. The next morning, he wakes up to find she isn't there. Thus, begins his search... HilarityEnsues, along with some interesting observations about the nature of romance, sexuality, interpersonal relationships between genders and female archetypes.

Davis wrote and directed a SpiritualSequel, ''OneHundredWomen'', in 2002.

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!!This film provides examples of:
* AlphaBitch: Subverted. Several characters, like Arlene and Cynthia, are set up as AlphaBitch[=es=], but are instead given interesting characterizations. Matt even sets up Arlene with his best friend, Wendy, who came out of the closet to him at the end of the film.
* AttractiveBentGender: After being taught the basics of dressing like a woman by Wendy, Matt gets hit on by ''both'' of the other male characters in the film.
* BigBlackout
* SpiritualSequel: ''100 Women'' by the same director is also set in the world of a college-age man tries to find the woman he fell in love with and grows by learning from a number of different women where she lives. Both protagonists have a male friend (roommate then cousin) who is sex obsessed and hooks up with one of the teaching women.
* StrawFeminist: Play horribly straight.
* SuddenlySexuality: GirlNextDoor Wendy reveals to Matt at the end of the film that she is a lesbian. He then sets her up with {{Tomboy}} Arlene. This brings almost nothing to the characterization of the two and seems entirely done to set up a LadyAndTheTramp style kiss between them.
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: Francesca is sexually assaulted and almost raped by Crick, but she bites off the tip of his tongue instead. When Crick comes back at the end of the film, Matt gets up the courage to admit that he was Francesca and proves it by showing that he kept the tip of the tongue preserved to be used as evidence and then reattached. It also inspires other girls from the dorm to come forward, so Crick is less worried about the fact that Francesca is a guy than by his impending arrest.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: When Matt discusses his trouble finding his mystery girl, his female best friend suggests crossdressing. He dives right into it with all the enthusiasm of the rest of his intergender musings. When he realised that "Francesca" could get far more emotionally close to the girls around than he could, he decides to keep doing it.