''Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay'' is the 2008 sequel to ''[[Film/HaroldAndKumarGoToWhiteCastle Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle]]''.

Picking up right where the last movie left off, [[Creator/JohnCho Harold]] and [[Creator/KalPenn Kumar]], fresh from their trip to White Castle, have decided to follow Harold's neighbor Maria to Amsterdam. On the plane Kumar and the bong he brought on are mistaken for a terrorist and a bomb, and Kumar, along with his "North Korean accomplice" Harold, are thrown in Guantanamo Bay. The two escape and head to Texas, pursued by an overzealous Deputy Security of Homeland Security. An old friend of theirs, Colton, is getting married to Kumar's ex-girlfriend Vanessa, and has invited president UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush to the wedding. Harold wants to get a pardon; Kumar wants to ruin the wedding.

Another sequel, ''Film/AVeryHaroldAndKumar3DChristmas'', came out in 2011.

!!This movie contains examples of:

* AngryBlackMan: Subverted. Harold and Kumar's car breaks down in a neighborhood that the two think is filled with angry black men and run off before a bunch of guys roll out equipment to help fix their car.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Beecher. After being forced to do all of Fox's dirty work, he betrays him.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Colton, Harold's old friend. Just when it seems as if he is going to have them pardoned, he sells the duo out to keep them from ruining his wedding.
* BrickJoke/ RunningGag: The giant bag of weed from Kumar's fantasy.
* BurnTheWitch: It doesn't take much to accuse the two of being terrorists.
* CallBack: Neil Patrick Harris leaves Harold and Kumar in ''White Castle'', claiming to be going "wherever God takes me." When they meet again in ''Escape From Guantanamo Bay'', the following exchange occurs:
--> '''Kumar:''' What are you doing here?
--> '''NPH:''' [[DeusExMachina This is where God took me.]]
** Another one is [[spoiler:when NPH bungalow-ed their night in the brothel, and when Harold and Kumar take his car, Harold notes out they're stealing his car, with Kumar reminding them NPH stole Harold's car]], which happened in the previous movie.
* ChekhovsGun: Kumar's "Square Root of 3" poem and Neil Patrick Harris' cans of mace.
* CompletelyUnnecessaryTranslator: Harold's parents have been American citizens for over 40 years, and frankly they find Fox's treatment of them insulting.
* CreepyBasement: Harold and Kumar end up hiding in an [[DeepSouth Alabama couple's]] dark, dingy basement; earlier the couple had been joking about keeping their deformed incest baby locked up in there, which doesn't help: [[spoiler: [[DoubleSubverted Turns out they weren't joking.]]]]
* DarkerAndEdgier: Somewhat. The duo are [[MistakenForTerrorist mistaken for terrorists]], sent to Guantanamo Bay, [[PrisonRape nearly]] [[DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale raped]], and watch [[spoiler:Neil Patrick Harris shot, though that last one is moot since he comes back from the dead]].
* DartboardOfHate: UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush has one of these with a picture of Osama Bin Laden on it.
* DeathByRacism:
** Ron Fox, an evil white-supremacist government agent [[spoiler: falls out of an aeroplane ''without'' a parachute after 90 minutes of]] brutalizing and terrorizing ethnic minorities.
** Also, a Klansman pursuing Harold and Kumar trips and his burning torch gets tangled in his robes. It's not confirmed whether or not he dies.
* TheDeepSouth: Most of the action takes place here.
* DiggingYourselfDeeper: Kumar trying explain that the "bomb" is actually a bong.
* DisneyDeath: [[spoiler:Neil Patrick Harris.]]
* DisneyVillainDeath: The BigBad jumps out of a plane [[TooDumbToLive without a parachute]].
* DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale: A marine at Guantanamo Bay attempts to force the characters to give oral sex.
* DrunkDriver: Creator/NeilPatrickHarris. Except with shrooms...and a bottle of whiskey.
* EagleLand: ''Escape From Guantanamo Bay'' seems to have been made to ridicule post-9/11 paranoia and xenophobia.
* FanDisservice: Raza, at the "bottomless party", with an EXTREMELY hairy private region.
* {{Flanderization}}: Harold gets a lot more uptight, Kumar became more of an idiot with a big drug problem. In a flashback to their earlier days in college, it's shown that their personalities used to be reversed.
* FloweryInsults: Kumar calls an AmbiguouslyBrown security guard "Matthew Perry" and the guard seriously takes offense to that.
-->'''Kumar''': Compared to me, you look like Matthew Perry.\\
'''Security guard''': Hey, who you calling 'Matthew Perry,' [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch bitch]]!\\
'''Kumar''': I'm calling YOU 'Matthew Perry,' [[BuffySpeak you Matthew Perry-looking bitch]].
* FreeFallFight: [[spoiler: Agent Fox leaps out of an airplane without wearing a parachute just so he can shoot at the title heroes on the way down.]]
* GagBoobs: Neil's prostitute.
* GeniusDitz: The unnamed DHS translator that Ron Fox uses to 'translate' to Harold's parents: he speaks fluent Korean and English, but he can't understand that Harold's parents are also fluent in English. He just says that "they're using some strange dialect [he's] never heard before".
-->'''Ron:''' They're supposed to be in prison! That is where terrorists belong! These fuckers are going down. Dead or alive. [to the translator] Tell them that in their fake ching-chong language.
-->'''Translator''': [[''in Korean'']] Your son..?
-->'''Harold's Dad''': [snaps] Oh, shut up! You're an idiot!
-->'''Translator''':...I don't know what you're saying buddy, fuck you.
* HeelFaceDoorSlam: [[spoiler:Dr. Beecher]] states his intention to protect Harold and Kumar just as he slips on some marbles and accidentally ejects himself, Harold, Kumar, and [[spoiler:Fox]]. [[spoiler:Beecher is killed within seconds.]]
** [[spoiler:Though unknowingly, he takes Fox with him]].
* HollywoodTourette's: Stronly implied with the KKK's Grand Dragon.
* HypocriticalHumor:
-->'''Kumar''': You get high and then you put other people who smoke weed in jail?\\
'''George W. Bush''': Duh.\\
'''Kumar''': That's so hypocritical.\\
'''George W. Bush''': Oh yeah? Let me ask you something, Kumar. You like giving handjobs?\\
'''Kumar''': No, sir.\\
'''George W. Bush''': You like getting handjobs?\\
'''Kumar''': Yeah.\\
'''George W. Bush''': Well, then that makes you a fucking [[{{Malaproper}} hypocriticizer]] too.
** Ron Fox claims to be a brazen patriot... and at one point in the film he [[spoiler: literally wipes his ass with the Fifth Amendment.]]
* ImprovisedMicrogravityManeuvering: When Harold and Kumar are in freefall, and Kumar has to "swim" to Harold.
* InterchangeableAsianCultures: Averted, for once, but for the worst possible reason: The plane passengers recognize Harold as a Korean... unfortunately, they think he's a ''North'' Korean. Oops.
* {{Jerkass}}: Ron Fox and Colton.
* LethallyStupid: Someone as dumb as Ron Fox should not have that kind of power.
* {{Malaproper}}: Ron Fox.
-->''Look chief, I ain't gonna argue sublantics with you.''
** Also, President Bush. Doubles as a TakeThat.
-->''They thought you guys were terrorizers!''
* ManChild: George W. Bush. And Kumar, as usual.
* TheMillstone: Kumar. Starting with bringing a bong on a plane, and not getting any better from there.
* MisaimedFandom: In-universe example: agent Ron Fox tells Creator/NeilPatrickHarris that ''Film/StarshipTroopers'' is what inspired him to work for the government hunting terrorists; however, ''Film/StarshipTroopers'' is actually a ''satire'' of jingoistic fearmongers like Fox (the book isn't, but the movie is).
* MissingWhiteWomanSyndrome: When questioned agent Fox picks up a picture of a little blonde white girl and questioning Beecher if he wants any harm to come to her; even so, he states that she is a Christian and white, which in his eyes is the only kind of people who matter.
* MistakenForTerrorist: What kicks off pretty much the whole plot.
* MuggedForDisguise: Harold and Kumar beat up two Klansmen and steal their uniforms so they can sneak through a rally.
* NotQuiteDead: [[spoiler:Neil Patrick Harris's SequelHook.]] Wait for the credits to finish.
* OnlySaneMan: NSA Vice Chairman Dr. John Beecher seems to be the ''only'' member of the Department of Homeland Security that's actually thinking ''sensibly''.
* OurPresidentsAreDifferent: Harold and Kumar [[spoiler: accidentally land via parachute on the Crawford Ranch and meet real life, then-US President UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush who is portrayed as President Buffoon but also reveals himself to be President Personable as well]].
* PantsFree: The two seek assistance from a friend of theirs, who is hosting a bottomless party upon their arrival.
-->'''Raza:''' I'm sick of all the hype over topless.
* PlatonicProstitution
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Ron Fox.
* RaceTropes: Ron Fox tries to use these to get witnesses to talk, wasting [[TrademarkFavoriteFood grape soda]] for a black guy and [[GreedyJew spilling a bag of coins]] for Jewish people. These tactics only serve to make people more affronted by his outright racism.
** The movie takes it to another level when the stereotypes turn out to be somewhat true, A random black guy watching the grape soda be spilled says "Ask if he got any kool-aid!" and Goldstein starts grabbing the coins off the table after Fox leaves.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: George W. Bush(!) sees that the two aren't terrorists, and pardons them since they were wrongfully convicted.
* RefugeInAudacity: The only reason Ron Fox's ''exceptional'' racism won't make you leave in disgust is just how earnest and over the top he is about it. [[TooDumbToLive That and he's as dumb as a fence post]].
* SameStoryDifferentNames: Kumar and George W. Bush - their relationship with their dads being similar. Of course they were both high when they were making the comparison.
* ScaryBlackMan: Subverted. Harold and Kumar run off the road right by a group of tough looking black guys playing basketball. The guys take off as the black guys come towards them with tools...and a spare tire. Turns out they were just offering to help the guys with their car. One of them is an orthodontist.
* TheStarscream: [[spoiler:Dr. Beecher to Ron Fox]].
* TheStinger: Reveals that Neil Patrick Harris is alive!
* StopBeingStereotypical: Subverted; Kumar is reluctant to become a doctor as he thinks it's an Indian stereotype. He later decides that he wants to become a doctor regardless of whether or not it's stereotypical.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Airport security pulls Kumar aside for a random check.
-->'''Airport security guard''': It's our job as airport security to search for all possible weapons or illegal drugs.\\
'''Kumar''': So just because of the color of my skin, you assume that [[SarcasticConfession I have illegal drugs]] on me?
* SweetHomeAlabama: The movie has its fair share of negative DeepSouth stereotypes, most notably the Ku Klux Klan, but there is also a sophisticated, sympathetic Southern couple that helps Harold and Kumar hide from the government. The couple is still pretty stereotypical. They're an [[BrotherSisterIncest incestuous]] couple with a deformed son.
* TakeThat: "It'll be like ''Film/{{Eurotrip}}'', except it won't suck".
* TheStoolPigeon: Colton sells the duo out to Fox so they won't interfere with his wedding to Vanessa. And earlier, the old lady in the plane who mistakes Kumar for a terrorist.
* ThreeWaySex: Kumar fantasizes about this with his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, and [[CrowningMomentOfFunny a giant bag of weed]].
* ToxicFriendInfluence: Kumar. The film goes out of its way to point this out.
* VillainSong: "Mr. Shadowmaker" plays during the KKK scene.
* WellDoneSonGuy: There is a touching conversation about how the convictions of the father are passed on to the son, resulting in [[spoiler:George W. Bush calling up his dad to tell him off.]]
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: In universe: The DVD shows several scenario with "Dude Change the movie" feature. The most different "Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam" which is initiated by Kumar not lighting a bong: it is a short film with the duo narrating while no one speaks. Harold finds Maria and Kumar [[spoiler:ends up marrying a girl named Ellie whose boyfriend was murdered. The two end up staying in Amsterdam, while Harold and Maria leave]]