A 1967 comedy-drama film, directed by Creator/StanleyKramer and starring Creator/SpencerTracy, Creator/KatharineHepburn and Creator/SidneyPoitier, about the struggles of an outwardly-liberal San Francisco couple coming to grips with the fact that their daughter is suddenly (as in after meeting him just ''10 days earlier'') engaged to an African-American doctor.

The film was the most successful of Kramer's films, and Tracy's last film. It was so successful that it even killed the old bugaboo of fearing the loss of Southern state cinemas for any film starring an African-American. It was remade (with a [[InvertedTrope twist]]) in 2005 as ''Film/GuessWho'', with Creator/AshtonKutcher, Creator/BernieMac and Creator/ZoeSaldana.


* TheAce: John is a very accomplished and well-respected doctor.
* BlatantLies: The scene of Chris firing her racist employee is immediately followed by Joey telling Chris that she should fire the woman. Chris says that seems a bit harsh and that Joey gets her ruthless streak from her father.
* CallingTheOldManOut: Near the end of the movie, John gives his father a serious tongue-lashing.
* DatingWhatDaddyHates: Both halves of the couple.
%%* {{Dramedy}}
* DutchAngle: There is a very random one in the scene where the maid, Tilly, tells John that he shouldn't marry Joanna.
** Almost an example of HitlerCam: John is very taller than Tilly and the angle is chosen so that they appear to the viewer as if they have the same height. The reason? Probably to show that Tilly isn't impressed by John (not even physically) and has no qualms and no fear to be harsh with him.
* ExtremelyShortTimespan: Everything happens over the course of a single day and evening.
* FlatCharacter: A fairly common criticism of both John and Joanna: see below. Joanna originally had a passage of dialogue that could've potentially given the character a bit more depth, but it was ultimately cut.
* FourthDateMarriage: John and Joanna who fell in love within 20 minutes and were engaged after knowing each other for a little over a week.
* HappilyMarried: Matt and Christina Drayton. It's what gives Matt his eventual insight into why he shouldn't stand in the way of John and Joanna's marriage, and stands behind every line of his speech at movie's end.
%%* IrishPriest: Monsignor Ryan.
* MalcolmXerox: John is not an example, but Tilly accuses him of being this.
%%* {{Mammy}}: Tilly, through and through.
* MalignedMixedMarriage: John is black, Joanna is white. Their parents don't approve, at least at first, because of the dangers they would face as a mixed couple and that their children would face as mixed race people.
* MeetTheInLaws: A white woman brings home her black fiancee to meet her parents. His parents later show up as well. The film came out in 1967 when it was a very controversial subject.
* PositiveDiscrimination: Poitier's character is so ridiculously perfect in every conceivable way that he hardly seems human. He's a medical doctor. He graduated ''Summa Cum Laude'' from one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. He had a wife and son who died in a tragic accident, thereby proving he had what it takes to be a good father. He's a managing director of the World Health Organization, who's saved the lives of thousands of African citizens. The only thing he's missing is a Nobel Peace Prize, and you can be sure he's on the short list for ''that'', too. This was deliberate (if a bit Anvilicious) on the part of the filmmakers, so that the only possible objection to his marrying Joanna would be his race (and the fact she had only known him for ten days). The point is {{Lampshade|Hanging}}d by Matt after he has someone check up on John: "I can certainly understand why he didn't have much to say about himself. Who the hell would believe him?!"
* RealSongThemeTune: An easy-listening choral rendition of the standard "The Glory of Love".
* RousingSpeech: Matt Drayton's closing monologue is a picture-perfect example of one.
* TitleDrop: What Christina does when informing her husband that John's parents would be joining them for dinner.
* TomboyishName: Joey (Joanna) and Chris (Christina)
* WhereDaWhiteWomenAt: John gets accused of the more negative stereotype of this by the maid.
* WideEyedIdealist: What Joanna comes off as. As John said, "Itís not just that our color difference doesnít matter to her. Itís that she doesnít seem to think there ''is'' any difference."