->''Whoa whoa, I gotta go...Back to School...AGAIN!''

The new kid Michael is a nerd. A hopeless nerd! And furthermore, he's in love with Stephanie, who as a Pink Lady can only go with a T-Bird. Naturally, the solution is to find out what she wants in a man and become it, regardless of cost or effort. But Michael succeeds so wildly he ends up upstaging the T-Birds, impressing the whole school, and becoming so awesome that Stephanie [[{{Wangst}} starts to question]] whether she wouldn't rather just have the [[BeYourself normal nerdy guy]] who keeps helping her with her essays. When Michael finally [[TheReveal reveals]] his [[BadassBookworm true identity]], he gets the girl and the acceptance he so craves. Hooray!

Even those who took [[Film/{{Grease}} the original]] seriously might have trouble with this one. Song topics include plant reproduction (which is really sex), going off to war to become a man (which is really sex), and the moral flexibility of the women one meets at the grocery store (which [[IntercourseWithYou isn't even disguised]]). Also features a talent-show act with [[ErectionRejection girls trying to act sexy while dressed as Christmas trees and jack-o'lanterns]], and [[InformedAttribute almost]] [[InformedEmotion every]] [[InformedFlaw instance]] of informed or [[DesignatedHero designated]] [[DesignatedVillain anything]].

This was Michelle Pfieffer's breakout role, but the only other actors you will recognize are Christopher [=McDonald=], [[Film/EmpireRecords Rex Manning]] as the male lead, Creator/PamelaAdlon, Adrian Zmed, and the actors who reprised their roles from the first movie.
!!This provides examples of:
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: "Cool Rider". Stephanie somehow resists the charms of the sweet British boy, because she's "...lookin' for a dream on a mean machine / With hell in his eyes / I want a devil in skin tight leather..."
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: Even more numerous awesome songs than in the first film.
* BadassBiker: What Stephanie wants in a man, therefore Michael aims to become one.
* BlackSheep: Davey of the T-Birds. He rides on the sidecar of Goose's motorcycle. He is the only one of the T-Birds who does not have a girlfriend. Also, during the "Prowlin'" song, he is looking at the others as if he is looking for their approval. Davey is also the shortest of the T-Birds. He only gets a girlfriend at the end with becoming the boyfriend of Paulette's little sister.
* BookDumb: The T-Birds, especially Louis when he states that he was unaware that the Roman Empire fell. Some of the Pink Ladies could be this as well.
* BritishStuffiness: Michael comes to the first day of school with a suit. His dressing style becomes more casual as the movie progresses.
* CreatingLifeIsAwesome: "Reproduction" song during biology class.
* DisneyAcidSequence: The "Turn Back the Hands of Time" number, which takes place when Stephanie apparently spaces out in the middle of the talent show and imagines singing a duet with the spirit of her MysteriousProtector in what we can only take to be Biker Heaven. Except that when Stephanie returns to reality at the end of the number, the audience is applauding and she's won the talent show, leaving us to wonder if they all somehow experienced the whole sequence with her. And, if not, then who was really singing the male part of the duet while she was tripping out?
* DynamicEntry: Michael's appearance at the Bowl-a-Rama, at the beginning of "Who's That Guy?"
* EvilCounterpart: Leo Balmudo to Johnny. Leo was also in the first Grease film. He is the leader of the Scorpions who are this trope respectively to the T-Birds. They destroy many of the luau structures near the end of this film.
* ExplosiveBreeder: The bunny that Louis holds during the "Reproduction" song.
* ForbiddenFruit: Pink Ladies can only go with a T-Bird. Anyone else better not even look.
* ForeignExchangeStudent: Michael who is from Britain and is the cousin of Sandy from the first movie who was from Australia.
* GreaserDelinquents: The T-Birds.
* GuiltyPleasures: Wholly guilty.
* ''Theatre/{{Hamlet}}'': The English class reads Hamlet and Stephanie writes an essay about it. Michael helps Stephanie with it. Michael is also referred to as Shakespeare.
* ImAManICantHelpIt: The attitude of many of the men in the film.
* IWantSong: "Cool Rider," complete with TitleDrop.
* JewishAndNerdy: Eugene, who was also in the first film. Based on this, he must have been a freshman in the first film.
* MalAProper: Johnny Nogerelli, whose verbal garbling produces gems such as turning "menstruation" into "mentalstration".
* MustNotDieAVirgin: Intentionally invoked and set to music, with the song "Let's Do It For Our Country". Louis brings Sharon down to the bomb shelter, where a confederate sounds the bomb siren to make her think it's TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt. Cue an incredibly [[{{Narm}} Narmful]] song where she sings about volunteering for the war, contrasting with his rather less patriotic intentions. Then she realizes the siren has stopped, opens the shelter door, and trips over his friends listening at the door.
* PinkMeansFeminine: The Pink Ladies
* SecretIdentityIdentity: "Charades" is this trope in song.
* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Michael and Johnny. Played straight until Michael gets a cycle, then inverted as Stephanie has eyes only for him, while Johnny tries to deal with it.
* SmartPeopleSpeakTheQueensEnglish: Michael is a straight A student from Britain. He helps the T-Birds with essays on The Fall of Rome and William the Conqueror. Michael also helps Stephanie with a Shakespeare essay. He is shown to be one of the only people paying attention in biology class.
* TheFifties: The feel of the film despite that it starts in 1961.
* UsefulNotes/TheHouseOfNormandy: One of the T-Birds pays Michael to write an essay on William the Conqueror.
* UsefulNotes/TheRomanEmpire: Louis pays Michael to write an essay on the fall of Rome.
* TheSixties: When the film actually takes place. It starts in 1961. Similar to ''Series/MadMen'', the early 1960s feel and look like the 1950s.
* TagalongKid: Paulette's little sister Dolores.
* TookALevelInBadass: Michael takes one. Naturally.
* TwoTeacherSchool: Ms. Mason and Mr. Spears who is then replaced by substitute teacher Mr. Stuart. There is also the secretary and the principal along with the gym teacher. There is also that female shop instructor who was in the first film but not in this one.