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Film: Belle de Jour

"It is possibly the best-known erotic film of modern times, perhaps the best. That's because it understands eroticism from the inside-out—understands how it exists not in sweat and skin, but in the imagination."

Belle de Jour is one of the most famous films directed by Luis Buńuel. Released in 1967, it starred then-débutante Catherine Deneuve.

Séverine (Deneuve) looks outwardly like the perfect Housewife. Beautiful, demure, well-mannered and impeccably groomed, she is the very image of bourgeois propriety. In fact she is a masochist who likes to fantasize about being humiliated and treated like a sex object. On the recommendation of a friend, she acts out on these fantasies by becoming a part-time prostitute in an upscale brothel. Since she only turns tricks during her husband's business hours, she is given the moniker Belle de Jour, "daytime beauty".

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