''A Christmas Carol'' is a 2000 made-for-TV film adaptation of [[Literature/AChristmasCarol the novel of the same name]], giving it a SettingUpdate to the present day. Ross Kemp stars as loan shark Eddie Scrooge.

!!This film provides examples of:

* AscendedExtra: In the original novel, Scrooge is shown a brief vision of two metaphorical children representing the plight of the poor. In this version, Eddie Scrooge has visions of two actual street children freezing to death in an alley, and one of the components to him achieving his salvation is to find and rescue them before they perish.
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Jacob Marlay.
* CreepyChild: The final spirit. [[spoiler: Turns out to be Scrooge's son.]]
* DramaticallyMissingThePoint: After the second visitation, Eddie tries to help various people through simply shoving money at them, not realising it is the nature of the giving that's important.
* DrowningMySorrows: Eddie's widowed father in the Past sequence.
* GroundhogDayLoop: Eddie lives the same Christmas Eve four times, his behavior changing each time, until his final redemption.
* HellBentForLeather: Eddie wears a black leather jacket.
* HospitalHottie: Eddie's ex-girlfriend Bella is a nurse.
* ICanChangeMyBeloved: Discussed and subverted. Bella believed this during most of her relationship with Eddie, but gave up and left him. Her friend compares her former attitude to an abused wife's, and begs her not to take Eddie back. When he makes a show of compassion to impress her after the Ghost of Christmas Present sequence, she sees right through him and walks away. It's not until he commits a genuine act of altruism (bringing the children to the hospital without caring if Bella was watching), that she agrees to take him back.
* LoanShark
* SchoolyardBullyAllGrownUp: Eddie got his start beating up his classmates and taking their money, blaming his alcoholic father for his inability to provide for him and his sister.
* SettingUpdate
* TelevisionPortal: Eddie's father, in the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past, climbs out of the TV to talk to him.