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Slateport City


Slateport City is one of the largest cities in Hoenn. Believed to be the first settlement built when the region was colonized, Slateport remains as the region's primary import and export centre, as well as a hotbed of commerce and trade between nearby cities and regions. Slateport also proves to be a popular vacation spot for non-trainer travellers from regions like Kanto and Sinnoh. The large stretch of coastline to the south is almost always clogged with sunbathers and umbrellas.


Slateport is a coastal city, sitting at the southeastern tip of Hoenn. The regions surround it are open grassland, and many farms have been set up here. Most of their crops are shipped to Slateport where they are either purchased in the city or loaded onto ships.


Slateport has very little resembling primary industry. Most goods are shipped in, and most jobs in the city revolve around the distribution and selling of such goods. Builders and workers are also common here, as ship-building is the second largest industry in the city. Less notably, there are small teams of scientists, researchers, and engineers working here as well; not only to help design ships but to study marine life that is just off the coast, often with the help of bathyspheres.

Tips for Trainers

Slateport, despite not having a gym of it's own, is an excellent centre of commerce and a good place to pick up inexpensive goods like Potions, Antidotes, and PokÚballs in bulk. In addition to numerous duty-free shops and warehouse outlets, the large market stall to the east of the city boasts a startling variety of hand-made items- many of which can be useful to an enterprising trainer. A large soft drink conglomerate has also set up shop here; they will often give away free samples. In addition, the city boasts the largest harbor in Hoenn and provides a ferry service to and from Kanto and Johto. The S.S. Anne has been known to dock here and host one of her exclusive Trainer parties; indeed, she was built and launched here ten years ago. Tourist attractions include a museum chronicling the history of oceanic exploration. Recently, a Battle Frontier tent has been set up here in lieu of a gym.

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