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Lavaridge Town


Lavaridge Town is a small town in central Hoenn whose relatively remote location makes it an extremely tight-knit community. The village was founded after an expedition into the interior of the island revealed the existence hot springs at the foot of Mount Chimney. As such, Lavaridge Town became one of Hoenn’s foremost tourist attractions after Slateport's Beaches and Mauville’s Casinos.

Team Magma briefly threatened the safety of the town in an attempt induce an eruption that would expand Hoenn’s landmass. However, the combined efforts of Team Aqua and an unnamed trainer from Littleroot Town, thwarted Team Magma’s plan and force the group to retreat and regroup at Mount Pyre.


Lavaridge Town is accessible through Route 112 but trainers and visitors should beware the treacherous terrain that makes it far easier to climb down than to climb up. With the recent inactivity of Mount Chimney, the village council commissioned a gondola track to allow easier access to the town to the southwest via the Jagged Pass.


Tourism is the town’s most important source of income due to its renowned hot springs, which the Lavaridge Town Tourist Board aggressively promotes. While their claims of the springs being able to cure a multitude of ills from stress to financial troubles to bad luck are exaggerated, tourists from as far away as Sinnoh come to soak in them. Tour groups can go to Mount Chimney to view the lava lake from the crater and also purchase lava cookies that recover a Pokemon’s health in addition to tasting delicious.

Tips for Trainers

Pokemon Trainers are encouraged to visit the hot springs, which doubles as Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon and relax. Lavaridge Town, despite it tiny population hosts a Pokemon Gym converted from a sauna by a local businessman who recently retired and left the Gym to his granddaughter, Flannery Asuna. The town is lesser known for its Herb Shop, but it is advised that trainers instead buy potions and other healing items from the local Pokemart. While the herbs are less expensive, Pokemon highly dislike their bitterness.

Native Pokémon

Lavaridge Town proper has been cleared of most Pokemon but the Jagged Pass is home to Fighting, Fire, and even Psychic-type Pokemon.

Pokémon normally found at the Jagged Pass include: