Fanon Pokedex / Cinnabar Island

Cinnabar Island


Prior to the late 1999 eruption, Cinnabar Island was a town located on the same-named island. It was a center of biological research.


Cinnabar Island is an active volcanic island located off the southern coast of Kanto, to the west of the Seafoam Islands. Though dormant for several decades, the volcano has become active again.


Cinnabar was once known solely for its agriculture, assisted by the rich volcanic soil. Upon the development of steamliners, it became a world-class port for a time, until the dredging of the Vermillion Channel in 19XX enabled large ships direct access to the heart of Kanto.

The island quickly fell by the wayside commercially, but became a hotbed of marine biology due to its relatively undisturbed waters, coral reefs, cheap geothermal power, and easy access to the open ocean.

Faced with several critically endangered populations of marine fauna, a cooperative research program into rapid breeding began. The program was ambitious in its efforts, even pursuing cloning techniques- and succeeding. This attracted geneticist talent from around the globe, spinning into the development of fossil-revivification technology.

Mansion Incident

A special project team researching Pokémon hybridization was established under the authority of Prof. Blaine Katsura and Mr. Fuji, with additional backing from a yet-unknown donor. The team's headquarters and primary lab were located within Blaine's own family manor.

In 199X, the lab and much of the house were ravaged by an at-the-time unknown force; several researchers died in the attack, with others physically or mentally injured. Blaine was reticent about the events for some time, barely acknowledging them beyond taking up residence within his Gym. Eventually, he admitted that a genetic chimera christened "Mew 2" had been successfully created and unsuccessfully restrained.

Since then until the Cinnabar Eruption, the mansion was condemned and abandoned and its various levels of floors tempt thieves and treasure hunters to loot its items and scientists who go to study the effects left by the event. Few papers are left in the mansion that document the "Mew 2" experiment.

Tips for Trainers

Historical Tips:

Following the Cinnabar eruption, Trainer facilities have been all but wiped out. The Cinnabar Gym has been relocated to the Seafoam Island cavern.

A skeleton Pokémon Center remains to service Trainers traversing the Sea Routes between Seafoam and Pallet Town, but Trainers are not advised to remain for long.


The island's volcano is once again active, and still streams lava on occasion. While the volcano is under constant seismic observation, warning prior to another large eruption may come very late. Trainers should be aware that unexpected conditions may render the Pokémon Center inaccessible, and pack accordingly.

The waters to Cinnabar's immediate east can be treacherous, and anomalous incidents have been reported. (Ś do urban legends really have a place here?)