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  • Regirock [#377]

Physical Descriptions

Regirock is a vaguely humanoid golem-like creature composed of rocks. On its "head" is a series of yellow dots forming a capital "H" shape. This symbol, known as the "Symbol of the First Giant", is found in the languages of several ancient civilizations and is considered the universal symbol for fortitude. The rocks of each Regirock vary wildly in composition and age. Some dating back thousands of years. The "head" stone, in particular, dates well before the earliest human civilization.

Lore and History

Regirock, and its brethren Registeel and Regice, appear several times in legends in Sinnoh and Hoenn mythology. In the former, it is said that Arceus created the world and the heavens. He sent his emissary, Regigigas, to tame the chaotic earth. The King of Giants did so by pulling the continents themselves into place. As it walked into the barren world, the plants that inhabited its body spread and brought life to wherever it went. Regigigas then took the raw elements of the new world and forged the giants, its children, out of them in its image. It took the earth itself and molded it into an undying avatar of stone. Regirock, the giant of stones and the first child of Regigigas, was to be symbol of the strength and fortitude of the newly created world. For generations Regirock has been considered just that by the people of Sinnoh. It is Sinnoh tradition to pray to an idol of Regirock or the Symbol of the First Giant for good health and long life.

Hoennese writings, however, make absolutely no mention of Regigigas. They instead claim that the Regis were instead created entirely by human hands. Some claim that they were idols to greater gods. Others claim that they were weapons that were eventually sealed away after humans grew to fear the destruction they could cause. Historians are very curious about how the two cultures have almost identical depictions and associated symbols of the Regis but wildly different origin stories.

One particular Hoennese story has it that Regirock was created by a Priest to defend his city from invaders. Similarly, it was traditional for soldiers to invoke Regirock's name to give them the strength to protect their homes and families.

Known Sightings

Regirock is one of the few Legendary Pokemon with confirmed multiple specimens. At least 3 sets of Regis have been discovered, and many archeologists believe that there are more out there, 2 in Hoenn and 1 in Sinnoh. The first set was discovered by archeologist and Battle Frontier Brain Brandon ***. The second set was discovered by a certain Pokemon trainer along with mysterious deep-sea ruins located to the west of Pacifidlog Town. The third set was discovered by a Sinnohian trainer approximately 1 year after the second set was discovered. So far, every Regi specimen has been found inside a small, near-identical room located inside otherwise unremarkable ruin sites. The second Hoenn set was unlocked, supposedly, by bringing a Wailord and a Relicanth to the aforementioned undersea ruins. The Sinnoh set was unlocked with the presence of Regigigas itself. Frontier Brain Brandon has refused to comment on how his set was unlocked. Much debate has been going on in the scientific community as to what this means.

Diet (if any)

Regirock has no organic body and does not "eat" per se, nor does it have a visible mouth. However, it has been observed attaching rocks to its body to repair itself. What holds its patchwork body of stone together is an utter mystery.


Regirock appears to have complete control over stone and earth. It is capable of molding rock into any shape it wishes, and can even levitate rocks and manipulate them in the air. Some scientists theorize that it uses magnetism to levitate, as Regirock does emit some sort of electromagnetic field and is capable of rudimentary electro-projection abilities. Others are quick to point out that Regirock can levitate non-magnetic materials just as well as anything else. Others theorize that Regirock's abilities are of psychic origin or even from Aura, a poorly understood phenomenon often associated with Fighting Pokemon, as Regirock has been observed to have at least a rudimentary degree of control of both. Moreover, Regirock's unique body structure and and machine-like mind renders it immune to disabling attacks such as Leer, Sand Attack, Growl, Screech, Tail Whip, Intimidate, Cotton Spore, etc. As a last resort, Regirock can detonate itself, turning into a walking shrapnel grenade, in a desperate effort to eliminate any threats, shortly reforming to its original state afterward.


Regirock normally stands unmoving in the face of all stimuli unless ordered to act by its trainer. The only time Regirock has been seen taking autonomous action is when it is attacked directly. In that case, it automatically tries to remove the threat by any means necessary, using its tremendous strength, an arsenal of rock based weaponry, and even electric and Aura based attacks to destroy any perceived dangers. It is known to become particularly aggressive when its "head" stone is attacked or damaged. As a last resort, it can detonate itself and reform shortly afterward (though it will need to be taken to a PokÚmon Center or have a Revive used on it to battle again.)


Regirock, to put it simply, is like a machine. Human psychics that have attempted to probe its mind have been met with "cold, robotic sterility". It carries out orders with rigid precision. When ordered to "walk forward", it walked forward at a steady pace, through several walls, until it was ordered to stop. So far, it is unresponsive to hand or body gestures, but is able to understand at least 27 different languages without difficulty. The only time the creature is "smart" is during combat, where it autonomously employs several different tactics unless ordered otherwise.

Article written by Neo_Crimson