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Physical Descriptions

Regice is a bipedal, vaguely humanoid, golem-creature made of what appears to be light-blue ice. Its main body is composed of a wide rectangular prism tapering off into a pyramid shape at the top of its head. Similar structures extend out of the Pokemon's back and make up its arms, including its rudimentary "fingers". At its base are two cone-shaped "feet", these feet are actually immobile and Regice moves by levitating itself 4 mm off the ground. Further study of Regice's body has revealed that the "ice" is actually an incredibly complex crystalline compound; this compound is thought to be impossible to synthesize, at the very least with current technology, and thus will likely forever be held in the realm of theoretical chemistry. The properties of the compound, dubbed Regicite after the Pokemon itself, exhibited many bizarre properties, such as being magnetic and being an extremely good conductor of heat and electricity, despite obstinately being a non-metal. Stranger still is its ability to react with water to regenerate its crystal structure. Researchers are baffled at how exactly such large amounts of Regicite were formed, much less why a Pokemon is made out of it.

Next to its unique body structure, the most noticeable thing about Regice is the array of yellow dots arranged in a cross-shape on its "face". This mark is known throughout the world as a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment, often called "The Symbol of the Second Giant" in both Hoenn and Sinnoh. Most famously, it is found on the coat of arms of The University of Hoenn.

Lore and History

Regice, and its brethren Registeel and Regirock, appear several times in legends in Sinnoh and Hoenn mythology. In the former, it is said that Arceus created the world and the heavens from its seat at the top of Mt. Coronet. He sent his emissary, Regigigas, to tame the newly created world. The King of Giants did so by pulling the ground itself into place with great vines, creating continents themselves. As it walked into the barren world, the plants that inhabited its body spread and brought life to wherever it went. Regigigas then took the raw elements of the new world and forged the giants, its children, out of them in its image. It took water from the ferocious oceans and froze it to form an undying avatar of Frost. Underestimating its own power, Regigigas accidentally froze everything around it, creating the ancient glaciers of Snowpoint.

Hoenn mythology, however, makes no mention of Arceus or Regigigas. Instead, they claim that the Regis were created entirely by human hands. A popular story says that they were created as weapons by ancient alchemists and smiths for the legendary King Hoenn. He used the Regis to conquer all of the known world under his banner. After Hoenn was overthrown, the Regis were sealed away, as the people grew to fear the destruction they caused under Hoenn's reign.

Another story has it that Regice was created by a Sorcerer that summoned an Ice Spirit from the World of Frost and tied it to a block of Nevermeltice. The credibility of this story is in question, as this is also the mythical origin of Froslass as well.

Known Sightings

Regice is one of the few Legendary Pokemon with confirmed multiple specimens. At least 3 sets of Regis have been discovered, and many archeologists believe that there are more out there, 2 in Hoenn and 1 in Sinnoh. The first set was discovered by archeologist and Battle Frontier Brain Brandon ***. The second set was discovered by a certain Pokemon trainer along with mysterious deep-sea ruins located to the west of Pacifidlog Town. The third set was discovered by a Sinnohan trainer approximately 1 year after the second set was discovered. So far, every Regi specimen has been found inside a small, near-identical room located inside otherwise unremarkable ruin sites. The second Hoenn set was unlocked, supposedly, by bringing a Wailord and a Relicanth to the aforementioned undersea ruins. The Sinnoh set was unlocked with the presence of Regigigas itself. Frontier Brain Brandon has refused to comment on how his set was unlocked. Much debate has been going on in the scientific community as to what this means.

Diet (if any)

Regice does not "eat" in the conventional sense. But it can react with water to bolster its Regicite body.


As its name indicates, Regice has control of ice based-abilities rivaling those of Articuno. It also has rudimentary control over electricity, magnetism, Aura, and psychic abilities. Experiments conducted on Regice (with League authorization and its Trainer's permission, of course) have shown that despite its typing, it is remarkably resistant to heat. It was exposed to Flamethrower attacks from 4 Charizards at once with only minimal damage. This seems to only apply to special attacks, as its brittle Regicite form has been shown to be vulnerable to high-powered Fighting, Rock, and Steel physical attacks. It is equally vulnerable to Fire-based physical attacks, as remarkably demonstrated by one instance of a Blaziken severely damaging it with a Blaze Kick. Thus, it can be said that Regice has the same strengths and weaknesses as any other pure Ice-type Pokemon, though its defense against special attacks is great enough to allow it to easily shrug off even those that it is weak to.

During one notable experiment, Regice was dipped into molten steel and came out mostly intact. Stranger still is when it was placed into an empty room; within two hours, the temperature of the room came close to -244 degrees Celsius, yet it was safe for humans and Pokemon to enter. In fact, Regice has remained only cool to the touch at all times despite all thermometers reading temperatures of well below zero. This has lead to the theory that Regice does not simply have Ice based abilities, but total control over heat.

Moreover, Regice's unique body structure and machine-like mind renders it immune to performance-hindering attacks such as Leer, Sand Attack, Growl, Screech, Tail Whip, Intimidate, Cotton Spore, etc.


Like its brethren, Regice usually stands motionless towards all stimuli unless given a specific task by its trainer. The exception is when it is attacked directly, in which case it activates a so-called "defensive-matrix" and proceeds to eliminate apparent threats with frightening amounts of force and efficiency. Unlike Regirock and Registeel, Regice prefers to stay at long range and summon freezing winds, snow, and ice at its opponents. If those prove ineffective, it switches to electric, psychic, or Aura based attacks. As a last resort, it can detonate itself, sending glass-like shards of Regicite in all directions. It reforms itself slowly afterward.

If one is foolish enough to engage Regice, it is imperative to send in highly trained Fighting, Steel, Rock, or Fire Pokemon with powerful physical attacks, as Regice is nigh-invulnerable to special attacks. It is also recommended to use Pokemon with strong defense against special attacks, such as Mantine and Blissey, as Regice can use fairly powerful Special attacks, but lacks significant physical force.


Like Regirock, Regice has very machine-like behavior. However, it seems to be a little bit more intelligent than its stony brethren. When ordered to move forward, it did so until it hit a wall, where it stopped and waited for further orders. It also appears to be able to understand body language, as it has responded to pointing and other hand gestures.

Article written by Neo_Crimson