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  • Registeel [#379]

Physical Descriptions

Registeel is a vaguely humanoid golem-like creature made entirely out of metal. Its main body consists of a large sphere with a strip of black metal running down the middle. At the center of this strip is Registeel's "face", a hexagon-shaped pattern of red dots. This symbol is widely recognized around the world as "The Symbol of the Third Giant" — the universal symbol of the smith, offensive warfare, and conquest. Along the sides of its body are two half-spheres with a long, thin, flexible, but seemingly joint-less arm jutting out from each one. At the end of each of these arms is a set of four rudimentary digits; despite this, these hands display an extraordinary amount of dexterity.

Registeel's lower body consists of a small disk sitting at the base of its main body with another half-sphere attached to the bottom. With two cylindrical, again completely joint-less, legs extending from the half-sphere. Despite the odd shape of its legs Registeel is perfectly capable of walking, albeit rather slowly.

The metal that composes Registeel's body is a subject of immense curiosity among mainstream scientific circles. Initial investigations show that Registeel consists of approximately 99% Iron and 1% Carbon, consistent with conventional (if very high-quality) Steel. But upon closer observation, it was later discovered that the Iron component of Registeel consisted of approximately 84% pure Iron, 15% Nickel, and 1% Iridium; indicating that Registeel is made from Meteoric Iron. Later studies found trace amounts of Regicite as well. Metallurgists theorize that Regicite is the source of the metal's incredible strength and flexibility. While there is little evidence to support this claim, the properties of Regicite are so poorly understood that this is literally the only viable explanation available.

Moreover, the exact origins of Registeel are in question as well. The alloy that makes Registeel up cannot form in nature, not even inside the bodies of other Steel-type Pokemon such as Steelix or Aggron. The theory that Registeel is man-made holds little ground as well, since samples taken (with great difficulty) from the Pokemon date back to over 3000 years ago, when mankind was just crawling into the Bronze Age. In fact, Registeel's metal has been shown to be impossible to create even with modern smelting techniques. All attempts to produce so-called “Regicite Steel” have failed disastrously. Outside the realm conventional scientific theory, Hoennese believe that Registeel was created by magic or Alchemy, while Gigant Arceusists think that Registeel's body is divinely created and is forever beyond the understanding of mankind.

Lore and History

Stories and Legends about Registeel are primarily found within Sinnoh and Hoenn folklore. The most famous story in the former faith is the "Children of the Giant" tale from Gigantic Arceusism. When Arceus created the world, it brought the stars themselves down upon the new Earth. When Regigias roamed the Earth bringing life and order to the raw world, he came across one of the fallen stars. With his bare hands, Regigigas purged the star of its impurities, leaving only the finest metal. He then forged that metal into his third child, an invincible being of metal and the first child and master of the forge, Registeel. Centuries later, Registeel found a tribe of humans out in the snows of Sinnoh and taught them how to mine and work metal. That tribe used Registeel’s blessing to unite and conquer the wandering mountain tribes into the great civilization of Sinnoh. Because of this, Registeel became the patron god of Blacksmiths, and since ancient times, it was Sinnoh tradition for a smith to invoke Registeel’s name every time his hammer strikes hot metal. The Symbol of the Third Giant was even featured prominently on the coat-of-arms of the Sinnoh Blacksmith’s Guild for centuries — that is, until a recent petition was passed to remove it.

Hoenn mythology, however, makes no mention of Arceus or Regigigas. Instead, they claim that the Regis were created entirely by human hands. A popular story says that they were created as weapons by ancient alchemists and smiths for the legendary King Hoenn. Registeel, in particular, was said to be his most powerful and feared weapon. And before the Pokemon’s discovery, the most widely known depiction of Registeel came from the Liliycove Tablet — an artifact found 90 years ago near some then-recently discovered ruins west of Liliycove City. The tablet pictured Registeel standing among the wreckage of a destroyed city, raising its arm in salute to the sun emblazoned with Hoenn’s mark. This image of power and destruction forever colored Registeel’s image in the minds of the public, made worse when a certain political group took up The Symbol of the Third Giant as their own. Since then, a symbol that once belonged to the humble Blacksmith became associated with War, Fascism, and Genocide.

Known Sightings

Registeel is one of the few Legendary Pokemon confirmed to have multiple specimens. At least three sets of Regis have been discovered, and many archeologists believe that there are more, two in Hoenn and one in Sinnoh. The first set was discovered by archeologist and Battle Frontier Brain Brandon ***. The second set was discovered by a certain Pokemon trainer along with mysterious deep-sea ruin located west of Pacifidlog Town. Registeel itself was found inside a hidden chamber in the very same ruins that the Liliycove Tablet was discovered. The third set was discovered by a Sinnohian trainer approximately 1 year after the second set was found. So far, every Regi has been found inside a small, near-identical room located inside otherwise unremarkable ruins. The second Hoenn set was unlocked, supposedly, by bringing a Wailord and a Relicanth to the aforementioned undersea ruins. The Sinnoh set was unlocked with the presence of Regigigas itself. Frontier Brain Brandon has refused to comment on how he found his set. Since the discoveries, there has been surge of both professional and amateur archaeologists searching for similar ruins in hopes that more Regis specimens could be found.

Diet (if any)

Registeel has no conventional mouth, and thus does not seem to be capable of eating anything. And unlike its brethren, it has not been observed to absorb any material to restore itself. If damaged, Registeel’s body regenerates on its own, as if it was made of flesh and blood.


Registeel is capable of manipulating parts of its metallic body, changing its shape, growing and shrinking its limbs, and producing spikes from various parts of its body, and on one instance, it has been shown to be able to “melt” and turn its body into a Mercury-like substance in order to move quickly. This ability seems to extend to any metal it touches, as it has been able to do such things as turn a Steel girder into a 3x3x3 inch, super-dense cube or turn a Gold bar into 500 identical (blank) coins. The exception is the metal making up the bodies of other Steel-type Pokemon.

Like its brethren, Registeel has been shown to be able manipulate electricity, electromagnetic fields, psionic waves, Aura, and a myriad of other forces. Moreover, Registeel's unique body structure and machine-like mind renders it immune to disabling attacks such as Leer, Sand Attack, Growl, Screech, Tail Whip, Intimidate, Cotton Spore, etc.

The Regicite Steel making up Registeel’s body is very light, making the Pokemon itself very light, for its size, as well. Therefore, attacks reliant on the target’s weight, such as Low Kick or Grass Knot, are not as effective on Registeel as one might think.


Like its brethren, Registeel is completely docile and stands statue-like in the face of most anything and will continue to do so unless given a command. The exception is when it is directly attacked; then it activates a “defense-matrix” protocol to swiftly and brutally eliminate all threats.

If one is unlucky, or foolish, enough to encounter Registeel in combat, it must be said that Registeel can fire bolts of electricity, heat-leeching streams, and high-powered beams of plasma. It is also capable of launching waves of telekinetic energy, focusing light into powerful blasts, and manipulating Aura into massive spheres of energy. Up close, it can transform its arms into all manners of blades, claws, drills, saws, and other unpleasant things; all in addition to crushing melee attacks. Unlike Regirock or Regice, Registeel is not particularly vulnerable to special or physical attacks, respectively. However, despite the above, Registeel’s offense is not as strong as Regirock or Regice either, and it has weaknesses consistent with normal Steel-type Pokemon. So a highly-trained Fire, Fighting, or Ground type may be able to stand up to a Registeel.


Like the other Regis, Registeel has a machine-like mind. However, Registeel is by far the most intelligent of the three. When commanded to move forward, it did so until it hit a wall, stopped, then turned around to open a nearby door, and continued on its way. Registeel also seems to able to understand body language, figures of speech, and other nuances that the other Regis seem to miss.

Article written by Neo_Crimson