Fanon Pokedex / Pidgey

Pidgey Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Pidgey [016]
  • Pidgeotto [017]
  • Pidgeot [018]

The birds of this line are usually rather plump looking, with brown coloring on the top side to creamy on the bottom side. A black line extends from their eyes down to their necks. They start with a small crest, but as they evolve, will become one of their largest distinguishing charachteristics along with the later colored tail.

Pidgey start off quite small, 1' on average. The last stage, Pidgeot, edges around 5' and can easily carry Trainers.


Forests mostly, and swamp edges where insect prey is numerous, later moving to larger lake areas and fields to hunt for larger prey. Usually lined with forests or near cliffs and mountainious areas.


Pidgey starts out as mainly an insectivore, but after evolving, it becomes a rather all around predator. Pidgeotto and Pidgeot mainly eat Exeggcute or fish such as Magikarp.


Pidgey pose few dangers to any Trainer with common sense, but a Pidgeotto and Pidgeot are fully cabable of breaking bones with wind attacks when startled. Pidgey may come in swarms, but is not as easily angered as Spearow.


Mating consists of a test of endurance for the males, having to chase down the somewhat larger females. Fights will break out as the chase goes on, and minor injuries do occur. The winner gets the female.

Social Structure

Live in flocks of 10-17, with the Alpha Pidgeot in charge.

Written by Skorpio

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