!Chansey Line

!! Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

* Happiny [440]
* Chansey [113]
* Blissey [242]

!! Physical Descriptions

The entire line is egg shaped and covered in pink fur. Happiny has a pouch encompassing the entire lower half of its body that looks much like a diaper, and a pink pigtail on the top of its head. In Chansey, the pouch has shrunk to be only on the front of their body, and is now always occupied by an egg. The pink pigtail is replaced by pink locks of fur on the sides of its head, and it has grown a small tail. In Blissey, the tail has disappeared and the lower half of its body now has white fur instead of pink. It also has gained white frills sprouting from its waist and shoulders.

!! Notable Biology

Unlike Chansey and Blissey, Happiny are incapable of producing an egg of their own, and instead will instinctively look for any egg shaped object to fill their pouch with. In fact, it is necessary for a Happiny to find an egg shaped Oval Stone for it to actually evolve into Chansey.

Chansey and Blissey both seem to have a limited psychic ability to feel the pain and sadness of any being nearby. They are then instinctively driven to aid these suffering individuals. Scientists have yet to come to a conclusion as to why they partake in this seemingly altruistic behavior, though there are some theories; see "Diet" below. After giving their egg away, they will regrow it within 24 hours, assuming there is sufficient nutrition in the environment.

The eggs carried by Chansey and Blissey have the ability to make anything that eats it feel better, both emotionally and physically. In depth studies of the eggs have shown that this is due to a mix of compounds that are analogous to neurotransmitters in both Pokemon and humans associated with happiness and feeling good in general, as well a mild analgesic.

When used in battle, Chansey and Blissey are notoriously difficult to knock out without making physical contact with them. This is due to two factors. First, they have a very high natural healing factor. The compounds in a Chanseys egg mentioned above are also found throughout Chanseys body, meaning that they have a very robust constitution and high tolerance to pain. The second factor is their fur. Chansey fur is very insulating, and since most ranged attacks employ the elements in some manner, the fur provides superb protection against them. Indeed, even mental assaults have little effect, once again due to the chemicals found in the eggs ensuring that they are always happy and in a positive state of mind. Add to this the fact that Chanseys can re-absorb portions of their egg for quick healing boosts during combat, and you have an extremely robust creature. They only way to reliably harm them is to make physical contact: the fur may protect against the elements, but it won't do much to stop a fist or a boulder.

!! Habitat

The entire line is extremely rare in the wild; in fact, there is no record of a wild Blissey ever having been seen. Happiny and Chansey live in temperate regions where one can find berries, their food source. There has been an effort to repopulate them via introduction to the Safari Zone and other Pokemon reserves.

On the other hand, Chansey and Blissey are a very common sight in any medical institution, where their ability to feel the pain and sadness of others and the ability of their eggs to alleviate said pain is extremely useful. The Chansey and Blissey found in these institutions are all a part of the same family. All large medical facilities have their own Chansey "farms", where eggs are kept safe and Happiny are raised. Smaller medical facilities have trained Chansey sent to them from the nearest facility with it's own Chansey population.

!! Diet

The entire line is herbivorous, feeding on berries and nuts. However, some scientists claim that the amount eaten daily by both Chansey and Blissey should not be capable of maintaining them. They have suggested that Chansey and Blissey are actually capable of gaining sustenance from the emotion of happiness, in the same manner as some ghost types or the Drowzee/Hypno line do from other emotions or dreams. This would help to explain their behavior of trying to alleviate suffering in any creature near them; it's actually how they feed.

!! Hazards

There is only one possible danger involved in raising a Chansey or Blissey. Studies have shown that long term consumption of their eggs can lead to an addiction. Individuals with an addiction find themselves unable to feel happy without an egg, and often become chronically depressed. These individuals have been known to purposely injure themselves just to get into a hospital where they can get an egg.

!! Courting

Once a year, all the Blissey and Chansey in an area come together. They then perform an elaborate group courtship dance, which causes parthenogenesis to occur in the eggs of all present. The offspring are essentially clones of their mothers. This is based of reports provided by the Joy family on the line used in medical institutions; it is unknown if the same ritual takes place in the wild, due to their rarity.

!! Social Structure

Due to their rarity in the wild, Happiny and Chansey are solitary creatures. This works for them since very few predators can actually bring themselves to harm one, as they know how helpful a grown Chansey can be.

In the workplace, a Happiny will "imprint" itself onto a certain person, usually a member of the Joy family, and will always prefer to be with that person, forming a lifelong friendship.
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