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!! '''Background'''

Despite its status as Kanto's second largest city and its role as a major economic hub along with its sister city Saffron, Celadon City is relatively young as a settlement, with its formal founding dating back less than 400 years (though the Greater Celadon area has evidently supported human settlement well before Celadon's founding). Since its inception, Celadon has gradually expanded outward, with some of the most dramatic expansion occurring within the last 50 years, and has since formed a megalopolis with Saffron City via a contiguous bloc along the seaside. As of present a region of unurbanized land surrounding Route 7 presently separates the northern regions of Celadon and Saffron from each other. Like a number of other cities within Kanto and some nearby regions, Celadon has historically been plagued by calamities that have required massive reconstruction, which has resulted in an absence of dedicated historical districts within the city.

!! '''Geography'''

Celadon sits on a plain inland from the ocean, and is flanked by foothills to hilly regions along Routes 7 and 16 and plains in the other directions, including a thoroughly urbanized southern plain that contains structures that were primarily constructed within the last century. Within Celadon and its immediate surroundings, there are three primary sectors of settlement, the northeast, the northwest, and the southern portions of the metropolitan area. The northeast sectors of Celadon are the oldest continuously settled regions within the city, and are among the most extensively developed, with some districts hosting large numbers of high-rise buildings. The northeast sectors of Celadon were first settled extensively within the last 150 years, and due to the presence of large concentrations of local transportation facilities, quickly developed into a major entertainment and retail hub, a function that it continues to serve in modern Kanto. Lying outside of Celadon City proper, the southern districts of Greater Celadon contain a significant portion of Celadon's suburbs as well as a large number of manufacturing and port facilities.

!! '''Industry'''

Modern Celadon's economy is heavily service-oriented, with the northern sectors of the city thoroughly pervaded by retail and entertainment venues, which are one of Celadon's most prominent tourist attractions. Celadon also hosts a number of corporate offices, including among other things the headquarters of a number of media, retail, transport, IT, and food service firms. Despite this, Celadon maintains a significant industrial presence, as the industrialized area in the south of Greater Celadon hosts a large number of heavy manufacturing and distribution sites for a range of industrial corporations.

!! '''Points of Interest'''

As a well-established entertainment hub, it is entirely possible to spend an entire day within Celadon milling about its many restaurants and shops, which cater to every imaginable clientele and can be found in setting ranging from locales along broad streets and plazas, to dense amalgamations of venues in alleyways. Some of the more prominent landmarks within Celadon are explored in further depth below:

'''Celadon Gym'''

Celadon City has long maintained a tradition of supporting gyms focusing around Grass-Type Pokémon, a trend that has continued under the its present leader Erika ***. While the gym itself is relatively mundane compared to those of some other leagues, Celadon's gym has long built up a reputation for being infamously difficult to find, with the gym's main entrance lying in a back alley that is only distinguishable by rows of trees planted along its sides. In addition, Celadon Gym under Erika's leadership has become infamous for an erratic schedule, due in no small part to its leader's parallel pursuits as the owner of a prominent local perfume boutique and major figure in the world of floral arrangement.

'''Celadon Department Store'''

An extremely prominent retail outlet that has been active for over eighty years, the six-story Celadon Department Store overlooks the north of a prominent plaza in west Celadon that serves as a prominent local retail hub and gathering site. Despite the presence of many competitors within Celadon, the Celadon Department Store maintains a truly enviable inventory of offered goods, and has developed a reputation of being the premier retailer for goods pertaining to specialty training equipment within Kanto. The plaza that the Celadon Department Store sits next to also hosts a number of competing retail outlets, many of which also merit a visit in their own right.

'''Celadon Game Corner'''

Although Celadon as a whole is (in)famous for its concentration of gaming establishments, the Celadon Game Corner in eastern Celadon has developed a truly unparalleled following due in part to its history and it the clientele that it caters to. The Celadon Game Corner, initially founded as the Rocket Game Corner, was at one point the front for an extensive Team Rocket hideout, an element that makes it a minor point of interest to some visitors (the actual hideout has long been sealed, and attempts to enter the abandoned hideout will be met with a swift ejection from the premises). Since its inception, the Celadon Game Corner has overtly courted a clientele of active trainers, which is evident in its offerings of Pokémon and items such as [=TMs=] as prizes for its games. Due to a series of scandals involving the regular admission of underage clients to the Game Corner's slot machines, the establishment has recently begun experimenting with alternative forms of gaming along with slot machines, including the use of a minesweeper-esque game involving touch-sensitive tables.

A number of venues can also be found around major transport facilities in Celadon, three of the most prominent of which include two large local train terminals in west and east Celadon respectively, as well as a large bus terminal in west Celadon. The train terminal in west Celadon contains two prominent meeting locations, which provide a convenient point of reference for visitors. To the northeast of the terminal, there is a famous bronze statue of a Growlithe that has been lionized in Kanto's popular culture for its fealty to its trainer, to the southeast of the terminal, there is a statue of a Probopass that was presented as a gift to the residents of Celadon 30 years ago. Many of these locations are also major hubs for youth subcultures within Kanto, and present opportunities to immerse oneself in these subcultures.

!! '''Tips for Trainers'''

Trainers seeking to challenge the local gym are strongly encouraged to maintain flexible schedules when doing so, as it suffers from a leader with both an erratic schedule, as well as a large volume of potential challengers. The teams employed by the Celadon Gym, while periodically rotated to be composed of stronger or weaker Pokémon as per assignment by the Indigo League, are typically well out of the league of a fresh challenger, and is generally a poor choice for an initial gym challenge.

Despite significant improvement following a crackdown by the municipal government following the exposure of Team Rocket's hideout beneath the Celadon Game Corner, a number of establishments within Celadon are known to still be influenced by powers in the local underworld, and visitors should exercise caution in choosing entertainment venues to visit. One particularly infamous district is a dense collection of venues in a series of side alleys within eastern Celadon.

Some circles within Celadon possess a robust tradition of training Eevee, which may be of interest to visitors that are either training or seeking to train a member of the Eevee line. Trainers are known to periodically frequent the lobbies of apartment buildings near the Celadon Department Store, which are the site of periodic meetings of particularly prominent local Eevee breeders and trainers (One of the most frequented buildings also contains the offices of a developer of a prominent RPG series, which may be of interest to visitors with an interest in video games). Following an incident a few years ago involving an offhand remark by a prominent Kanto trainer regarding the origins of his Eevee that triggered a large influx of visitors to the buildings in this area searching for free Eevee, these meetings have become significantly more impromptu in nature, with organization tactics not wholly unlike that of those exhibited by flash mobs.

!! '''Native Pokémon'''

Barring a population of Grimer, Muk, and the occasional Koffing that reside around a polluted lake within Celadon along with small numbers of often sickly members of the Psyduck, Slowpoke, Magikarp, Poliwag, and Goldeen lines, there are no meaningful stable populations of wild Pokémon within Greater Celadon. The Celadon City Council recently approved a measure to clean the lake in question, and population distributions in this area may change dramatically in the future.

To the east of Celadon, along Route 7, there are large populations of creatures from the Pidgey, Mankey, Meowth, Ekans, Growlithe, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Snubbull, and Rattata lines. More nocturnal trainers traveling along this Route will be able to readily encounter individuals from the Houndour, Noctowl, and Gastly lines. Small populations of Pokémon from the Jigglypuff, Pineco, Combee, and Shinx lines, along with Plusle and Minun are also known to reside along this Route.

To the west of Celadon, along Route 16, large populations of Pokémon from the Doduo, Spearow, Rattata, and Grimer lines are known to exist. Other, stable populations of Pokémon along this Route include populations of Murkrow, Slugma, Heracross, and the Shinx line, along with Plusle and Minun have also been recorded. Snorlax are also occasionally sighted along this Route, though a stable population of creatures from its line has yet to be documented along this Route.

!! '''In Popular Culture'''

While not featured as prominently in fiction as its larger sister to the east, Celadon City and its skyline occasionally make appearances in a wide range of media. More extensive representations of Celadon in fiction also exist, which include a short-lived television drama focusing upon a small number of youths that find themselves trapped within a virtual representation of Celadon, a similarly-premised RPG published by the owners of the Last Legend franchise (which coincidentally, has its corporate headquarters in western Celadon) revolving around youths attempting to survive a week-long "Spectres' Tournament," and a thinly-veiled use of Celadon as the setting of a cult platformer series revolving around tagging.

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