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Shipping Fics

Through a Glass, Darkly
  • Author: valkyrie-alex
  • Status: Dormant
  • Recommended by Pitac 89, TheMollyZ
  • Summary: For every choice you make, every path you follow...there is always a what if Sometimes, there are thousands of them. Eventual slash, VR now with fresh pine R rating.
  • Comments: An epic, if unfinished and unlikely to be updated fic from the good old days of Static Shock fanfic. While technically a shipping fic, Virgil and Richie don't interact too much, because Richie get's kidnapped early on. Also, for a refreshing change of pace, it's Virgil who's pining after Richie rather than the other way around.
    • Seconded wholeheartedly, but please be aware that this is a rather dark fic. It involves at least one graphic character death that has stuck with me even after having not seen it for more than a few years.