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Authors and Websites
According to Plan by (blueberrymuffinsandtea)
  • Recommended by katy
  • Synopsis: After finding out that Nagihiko was Nadeshiko all along, Amu starts acting weird. Fearing that their friendship is ruined, Nagi seeks the help of Rima.
  • Comments: this fic is about the friendship between amu/nagihiko, and rima/nagihiko

Cat Bells by (Earth Star)
  • Recommended by katy
  • Synopsis: Amu thinks of a way to get back at Ikuto for teasing her all the time.
  • Comments: although this fic only contains the characters amu and ikuto, it's not romantic in nature

Why Tadase and Rima Went To Vegas by (SeeingXxViolet)
  • Recommended by katy
  • Synopsis: Amu is freaking out, Kukai and Nagi are fighting, Yamabuki Saaya is famous, and as for Ikuto... well, be scared for Ikuto. Rima's and Tadase's solution? Vegas!
  • Comments: this fic is a crack fic.

DEVIL MAY CRY: Deviant Bedlam by (Le loup de Kaiser)
  • Recommended by 4seasons, ghoohg
  • Synopsis: Even devils cry. The red trenchcoat wearing anti-hero knows this well. But what makes Dante the person he is? Who knows? But one thing is for sure…as long as there are demons plaguing our society, he'll be there, guns blazing and swords swinging while he wreaks mayhem upon them in style. For the stylish hunter for hire, the words 'chaos' and 'an army of demons' ring only one thing in mind…jackpot!
  • Comments: Multi-crossover with five titles: Devil May Cry, Shugo Chara!, Zettai Kareshi, Negima, and Rosario Vampire. Even though it may focus of Dante, but it also focus on Amu as well, and maybe some other characters in the crossover. Wanna read a fanfic of Amu becoming a Little Miss Badass gunslinger, battling against demons while teaming up with the Devil Hunter and other crossover characters? Here it is.
    • This troper still can't stop laughing from the Charas calling the gun "Desolator-san"... Sorry, but I can't. Other than that and some minor grammar/spelling mistakes it's a fairly good read.

  • Amuto
Chocolate: Unclichéd by (Arisadonna)
  • Recommended by katy
  • Synopsis: Valentine’s Day—such an overly cliché holiday of chocolate-giving and confessions. White Day—an even more annoying day where girls became even worse than they were before. But there's still one girl Ikuto's willing to give a return gift to. One-shot.
  • Comments: this fic is a cute amuto oneshot. the author did a good job keeping amu and ikuto in-character.

    • Rimahiko 。This fanfic is a story in archieveofourown by Tsuki No Kimi. Mainly focuses on Rimahiko and written in Rima's POV. What amazes me is how the writer throw Shugo Chara's world around her kept most of the character plot intact (The Tsukiyomi problem, Nagi's crossdressing problem, ect) and keeping their relationship steady. Definitely a story worth checking out.