Trivia: Shugo Chara!

  • Franchise Killer: Party! killed off all hopes of the rest of the manga being animated, and may have had a hand in the manga's abrupt and most likely rushed demise.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Utau's VA is Nana Mizuki, who voiced Fate Testarossa. It doesn't help that they both wear (prominently) black clothes and Utau also has twin-tailed blonde hair, plus they're Dark Magical Girls with family issues whom the protagonist tries to befriend.
    • Nikaidou's VA also plays Ryuuji, the protagonist of Toradora. Though its sort of hard to tell, because Nikaidous voice seems to be either high pitched and ditzy or deep and evil, whereas Ryuuji's voice is in the middle somewhere.
    • Also, Miki sounds just like Ahiru.
    • Tsukuyomi HOWARD MAAAAAAAAAAASOOOOOOOOON!!! Ikuto. That is all.
    • In his ditzier moments, Nikaido can sound quite a bit like Italy.
  • Trope Pantheon: Amu is in the House of Philosophy, and Utau is in the House of Music.