Proof that [[SturgeonsLaw the remaining 10% are worth taking a Killing Curse for]] here.

You think ''FanficRecs/{{Naruto}}'' has it bad? ''Franchise/HarryPotter'' fanfics number at over ''700,000'', and that's just from Fanfiction.Net alone. It got so bad separate pages were needed.

The series does have about [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters 30 billion characters]], so it's to be expected, perhaps.

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* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterAuthorsAndWebsites Authors and Websites]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterGeneral General]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterPeggySue Peggy Sue]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterForWantOfANail For Want of a Nail]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterHumorCrack Humor/Crack]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterSoBadItsGood So Bad, It's Good]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterCrossover Crossover]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterDayInTheLimelight Day in the Limelight]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterContinuation Continuation]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterShipping Shipping]]
* [[FanficRecs/HarryPotterOneshots Oneshots]]