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Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A Sky Full of Stars by Aces
  • Recommended by: Lucy Zephyr
  • Synopsis:
    Fitz died.
    Looking back on this later, he decided that was probably the stupidest thing he'd done in a fairly respectable career of doing really stupid things.
    On the other hand, since he was still around with the opportunity to surpass even his own record, he decided on the whole to take his death philosophically.
  • Comments: A gorgeously realized crossover between Dead Like Me and the Eighth Doctor Adventures, in which Fitz is a grim reaper. It's in turns funny, sad, and bittersweet with several gut-punchy moments. Anyone who knows who Fitz is and has basic knowledge of Dead Like Me will love this.

Doctor Who and the Board Game of Death by Nostalgia and Edithmatilda
  • Recommended by: Lucy Zephyr
  • Synopsis: Anji, Fitz, and the Doctor play Monopoly.
  • Comments: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. To say Hilarity Ensues would be a massive understatement. Anji's an ethical capitalist, the Doctor's a hippy socialist, and Fitz would like to stop playing now.

Sidera Vagari by AceOnGallifrey
  • Recommended by: genisgone
  • Synopsis: When a stranger holds out their hand and asks "Come with me?" sometimes you just have to take the chance.
  • Comments: Compassion appreciation. There's never enough of that.

The Painting by Suzanne
  • Recommended by: genisgone
  • Synopsis: Sometimes, a little culture can be a bad thing.
  • Comments: A nice, low key fic; a little rambling in places but Suzanne writes a very good Sam, which is unusual.

, said the nightmare by guardingdark
  • Recommed by: genisgone
  • Synopsis: The story goes that before there was anything, there were the Outer Gods. This is not that story.
  • Comments: Absolutely the Doctor Who for you if you like very, very inhuman Time Lords, eldritch creatures, daemons, and aliens not beholden to human gender binaries. And Fitz/Eight, sorta. In the background.

Twenty True Stories: A Translation from the Aja'ib by kindkit
  • Recommended by: Lucy Zephyr
  • Synopsis: Twenty true stories of what happens after the Doctor meets a traveller. Set in the Obverse.
  • Comments: Taking a cue from the questions listed at the end of The Blue Angel, this is a series of what ifs related to the Master visiting the Obverse Doctor. Short but sweet and very much in the spirit of TBA.

And I Will No Other To Follow Me Where I'm Going by Aces
  • Recommended by: Lucy Zephyr
  • Synopsis: "Hang about," Fitz had asked once, very early on when this whole thing started. "Didn't you already destroy your planet, once?"
  • Comments: A brutal and stunning look at the Doctor and Fitz during the Time War. Dark, but extremely believable, and leads up to an (in my opinion) even better sequel, Face Another Day. Many people have written Fitz in the Time War, but this one is among the best.

come to me with remedies by Lucy Zephyr
  • Recommended by: Lullabee
  • Synopsis: A year's time in a blue house in a tiny English town. The ups and downs of the lives of a not-so-perpetual slacker, a daydream believer, and a terribly sensible trader.
  • Comments: If you've read The Blue Angel (and can find the time to read a fanfic that's almost as long as one of the actual EDAs!), you really have to read this.
  • Seconded by genisgone. This is a wonderful, comfortable story to curl up with on a snowy afternoon. Definitely one of the classic of the EDA fandom and a must read for any Doctor/Fitz fan.

Dissonant by Aces
  • Recommended by: genisgone
  • Synopsis: The Guitarist and the Violinist were arguing in their music.
  • Comments: This is a fic set during and after Kate Orman's The Year of Intelligent Tigers, and it contains a few small but vitally significant spoilers. It's a sweet piece that makes excellent use of the extended music metaphors within the novel, and Aces captures the Doctor, Karl and Fitz very well.

with apologies to richard siken by Lucy Zephyr
  • Recommended by genisgone
  • Synopsis: Let's say the Devil is played by two men. We'll call them Fitz.
  • Comments:This is an absolutely incredible piece by the insanely talented Lucia Zephyr. As the name implies, it's a poem written in the style of Richard Siken, and it's heartbreaking. Complex and well-woven, containing subtly emphasized themes and a rich command of language and stylistic technique, this is an immensely great pleasure to read, and is one of the best works of fanfiction this troper has ever had the pleasure of reading. It's very spoiler-heavy and new fans may suffer from Continuity Lockout but by far worth it.

Four Words by Schildkroet
  • Recommended by genisgone
  • Synopsis: The day started so well. For Fitz, at least.
  • Comments: A sweet little thing that turns sad at the end, as Schildkroet's work tends to.