Tropers / Lucy Zephyr

Long time troper, relatively new contributor, adding a few examples and some Wild Mass Guessing here and there.

Fan of various video games (especially Metal Gear, Mass Effect, and Insomniac Games' work), music (Janelle MonŠe, Arcade Fire, and Andrew Bird above all else), and telly. Her current fandom is The Dresden Files. Fanfic writer, fanvid enthusiast, and big advocate for meta and over-analysis.

Possibly a Patron Saint of Fanmixes in disguise. Cannot be part of a fandom without making a mix or two for it, even if they go unposted.

Helped create the Eighth Doctor Adventures page with Lullabee.

Has had her life taken over by The Matter of Chicago, a Dresden Files AU, looking at how the entire series would change if Harry had been forced to sign on with Marcone in the middle of Fool Moon. The first book is over 130,000 words long.

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