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[[folder:Authors and Websites]]

[[ Cursed Detective]]
* Recommended by: [=Shadewolf7=]

[[ Candyland]]
* Recommended by: @/{{Huilisti}}, Dame-Amaryllis

[[ DireSphinx]]
* Recommended by: Rabidrabbit, Dame-Amaryllis

[[ s2lou]]
* Recommended by: @/KariGray

[[ Ellen Brand]]
* Recommended by: prussianredknight, Dame-Amaryllis, whimsyful

[[ blinkblink]]
* Recommended by: Tsukireiko

[[ justjoy]]
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis


[[folder: General Fics]]
''Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't completely focused on romance.''

''[[ Fallout]]'' by The Silversage
* Recommended by: Mimizuku, Dame-Amaryllis, Tsukireiko, whimsyful
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: A post ''The Raven Chaser'' story. Because ''The Raven Chaser'' opened many doors…and Kaito worries. Animeverse/Movieverse.
* Comments: This read is very, very intense. An amazing read for anyone who likes the plot segments dedicated to the Black Organization, and Shinichi/Conan's struggle against them. Has the extra credit of being extremely well researched both within canon-material as well as for outside real-world information, and of involving a large number of the adult cast alongside the more prevalently featured teenagers. WIP - and likely a dead fic.

''[[ Fanfic 100: Detective Conan]]'' by Candyland
* Recommended by: @/{{Huilisti}}
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A hundred short (or a bit longer) stories, mostly one-shots, about the main cast of Detective Conan and Magic Kaito.
* Comments: This is really well-written and good. The characterization is great and the AU chapters (like The Apartment with Heiji and Kazuha) are perfect. One of the few fanfictions I've read multiple times.

''[[ Inconceivable]]'' by [=JoIsBishMyoga=]
* Recommended by: ranichi17, Dame-Amaryllis, whimsyful
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: In the face of a DNA analysis Kaito can't deny, he begins uncovering the rest of his family's secrets. Too bad he's not the only one looking.
* Comments: Quite possibly one of the longest-running fics in existence, this fic explores the cliche of Kaito and Shinichi being twins, but with a refreshing twist to it. Also, finally completed after seven years, and a sequel is planned.

''[[ The Truth]]'' by [=BridgetWolfe=]
* Recommended by: ilikecats
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Ran is tired of waiting for Shinichi and she tries to move on, but Shinichi ends up telling her the truth.
* Comments: A drama/angst with a hint of romance of a canon pairing that makes you have a rollercoaster of emotions. The story is finished but it has a sequel that is on-going.
** I don't think this is good enough to be here. The grammar isn't very good and there's no sense of pacing. This troper is a big fan of stories where Shinichi tells Ran the truth, but this story just doesn't have the quality of the others here.

''[[ The Mystery of Conan Edogawa]]'' by funvince
* Recommended by: @/LoveIsWeird, @/RobotechMaster, Dame-Amaryllis, Tsukireiko,
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Ran Mouri is tired of the lies and evasions. She is determined to get to the truth behind her little house guest once and for all. But is she really prepared for what she may find?
* Comments:
** This is the best DC fic I have ever read. Instead of Conan telling Ran his identity, it's Ran who takes the initiative and investigates, like a true detective! It's well-written, as if this author knows exactly how it feels to be Ran and be so curious about your guest. I can't sum it up. It's just that good. —@/LoveIsWeird
** Concur. The author has an excellent grasp of the characters involved, and writes them extremely consistently with their on-screen portrayals. It resolves the FailureIsTheOnlyOption problem referenced on the Conan Headscratchers page extremely well, and as far as I'm concerned ''ought'' to be canon. If Aoyama ever comes out with the reveal himself, I can only hope it is managed half so well. —@/RobotechMaster

''[[ Sorrowful Soul]]'' by Candyland
* Recommended by: @/LoveIsWeird
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: They named him for the shadows that hung behind the unusual blue color of his eyes. Even he knew nothing of his past. The only clue was a stone found in his pocket...
* Comments: This is what happens when Kaito discovers Pandora. Top-notch writing, all are in-character. I loved the flashback sequences, and there's nary a spelling error! Why are you still here?! READ IT.

''[[ About Edogawa]]'' by Ellen Brand
* Recommended by: bissek, lampyridae, whimsyful, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Division One is celebrating the successful closing of a major case, and while they're at the bar, they decide to brief the new guy about the most mysterious thing they have to deal with: the boy detective known as Edogawa Conan.

''[[ The Moriarty Gambit]]'' by Kat Morning
* Recommended by: Mimizuku, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: What do you do when you find what you're looking for and the finding paints an even larger target on your back? You find a way to do the impossible. And in the right company, impossible is just an illusion.
* Comments: Two people from opposite sides join forces to take down a common enemy; a non-yaoi Shinichi-Kaito fic that handles their friendship, trials and relationship to the Black Organization rather well. Has mainly canon-ships touched within the narration, but they are not the main focus of the story.

''[[ Psychology Revision]]'' by mangaluva
* Recommended by: bissek
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Not an actual fic per se, but a series of psychological profiles of major cast members. It's surprisingly insightful.

''[[ An Unprofessional Opinion]]'' by Ellen Brand
* Recommended by: @/SamCurt, @/{{Animenutcase}}, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Similar to ''Psychology Revision'' above.
* Notes: Has a sequel, ''[[ Unprofessional Opinion Gaiden]]''.
* Comments: I recommend this due to its impact to the fandom, not to say being the first ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' work by this prolific writer. It should be noted that I do not necessarily agree with the writer's views.
** The key difference between this and ''Psychology Revision'' is that ''Psychology Revision'' is an analysis based on information about the characters that is known to the readers (Such as the fact that Shinichi and Conan are the same person), while this one bases its analysis solely on information that a character within the ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' universe would plausibly be able to obtain.
** The POV character is an OC and quite frankly, it works very well. The character drops a couple details of his own backstory, but not too much. Just enough to make me curious about him. His analysis of the characters also give some AlternateCharacterInterpretation into the characters that the reader might not see in the actual manga. Definitely worth a read.

''[[ Forget Me Nots]]'' by Luna-Kitsune-Blu
* Recommended by: Kittastrophe
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: 'There has been a carwreck leaving the Doc in a coma and Conan with amnesia. Slowly bits and pieces come back to him but without the Doc he can't tell the difference between Conan's life and Jimmy's. Will his memory return before his cover's blown skyhigh?'
* Comments: Unfortunately a deadfic, but it's still just so good. The confused characterization of Conan is really cute and very nicely done. Still worth a read, despite its unfinished status.

''FanFic/WhenPandorasBoxIsOpened'' by mangaluva ([[ link]])
* Recommended by: Vonikay, @/RanMouri
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: After two long years as Conan, the time has finally come for the ancient battle to come to an end, and fate will determine whether the Silver Bullet will survive the shot, unless Shinichi can put his faith in the enemy that was destined to be his ally...
* Notes: Has a companion story, ''[[ The First Woman In The World]]''.
* Comments: This is one of the most epic, and heartwrenching Detective Conan/Magic Kaito fics ever. It brings the entire series to a close, giving a very well-thought-through explanation of the Black Organisation and the Pandora gem, and giving fans some adorable romance and epic fight scenes. The author did her research and produced an amazing fic (not a deadfic!!). WARNING! It is over 350,000 words in total, including the companion fic 'The First Woman in the World'. Only read if you have a good three days to spare, because you won't be able to put this fic down. Highly recommended.
** Seconded. [[@/RanMouri I]] cannot recommend this fic highly enough.

''[[ It's Raining Men, Hallelujah]]'' by Asuka Kureru
* Recommended by: @/{{Animenutcase}}, lampyridae, whimsyful, Melody Rose Gold, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Conan already has some kind of corpse magnet power, but when Heiji is in his orbit the corpses actively come to them. From above. Witness.
* Comments: I'm sure we've all noticed that Conan Edogawa just attracts corpses. And many of us here at TV Tropes have noticed when you put Conan together with Heiji Hattori, the bodies literally start falling out of the sky. In this story, Conan and Heiji have noticed it, too. As they try (and fail) to find a way to hang out ''without'' dealing with dead bodies dropping in, the incidents slowly start escalating. A delightful one-shot that is definitely worth your time if you're interested in a good laugh.

''[[ Sense & Sensitivity]]'' by [=KosagiNoLegion=]
* Recommended by: [=TheDCG=]
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: So many in the Detective Conan universe have secrets. What is Hattori Heiji's?
* Comments: The first story in the excellent "Chounoryouku Hattori Heiji" series. [[NarratingTheObvious Heiji-centric]], although Conan features prominently in the first two stories. There are three, each well written, with mysteries(!) and everything. Some cannon couples, especially in the final story, but not to the point where romance becomes the focus. They are basically speculative fiction with Heiji's character- IE, given an odd power, what will Heiji do, and how will it change him. Well, I say that, but then take that thought exercise and turn it into a full multi-chapter story, or three, with interesting plot-lines and well written characterization. Also, as I mentioned earlier, the actual mysteries are good as well, something that is sometimes oddly hard to find in DC fan-fiction.

''[[ Nightmares]]'' By Ellen Brand
* Recommended by: oceanlover4evr
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Hakuba Saguru has nightmares sometimes.
* Comments: A great look inside Hakuba's head regarding a certain white-clad thief.

''[[ Ten Commandments of Detective Conan]]'' By [=DireSphinx=]
* Recommended by: oceanlover4evr
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: I'm expecting to be struck by lightning any second now for this blasphemy...
* Comments: A honest-to-goodness great read if you're looking for humor. I almost busted my sides from trying to keep the snickers in.

''[[ Filing in Triplicate]]'' By [=JoIsBishMyoga=]
* Recommended by: oceanlover4evr, whimsyful
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Alternatively, "Hakuba Saguru's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day". Saguru has a raging headache, a mountain of late homework waiting, and hours left before school lets out... and then Tokyo's littlest trouble magnet arrives at the door.
* Comments: Great with the action, and allows Hakuba, Conan, and Haibara to interact with amazing action-filled plots while keeping them in-character.

''[[ Heartache's Child]]'' by [=WolfWarriorWoman=]
* Recommended by: ladyofthelibrary
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A rather disturbed woman shows up at the detective agency mistaking Conan as her long lost son. Unable to accept any other reason, she ends up kidnapping and imprisoning him. Can Conan escape from this insane woman?
* Comments: While the author initially struggles with whether or not to include GratuitousJapanese and never actually manages to handle it, the rest of the story is well done and feels like it could fit into the world of the series. Also the author handles the characters and their relationships well. Well worth a read.

''[[ Observations]]'' by [=DireSphinx=]
* Recommended by: Rabidrabbit, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: ''"It's amazing the things you discover when people think you aren't paying attention."'' Mitsuhiko becomes suspicious of Conan and Haibara and decides to go snooping.
* Comments: A very interesting read featuring a much-neglected character, Mitsuhiko. The revelation at the end that [[spoiler:Mitsuhiko's father is Anokata]] may or may not be shocking, depending on how observant you are, but it is extremely ''terrifying''.

''[[ Truth, Trust and Promises]]'' by Orla
* Recommended by: Rabidrabbit
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The truth is out, The Black Org closes in, Ran has to run and Shinichi is forced to act.
* Comments: A fic that nicely wraps up the fight with the Black Organization. This was written in 2002, so [[spoiler:Jodie Starling]] and [[spoiler:James Black]] are still suspected to be members of the Organization.

''[[ The Case of the Hidden Epidemic ]]'' by Mirror and Image
* Recommended by: Jillie_chan, lampyridae, Tsukireiko,
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Conan has stumbled across a mystery. This time the victims are much closer: the students of his elementary school. With Genta and Ayumi hospitalized, Conan will need to solve this case quickly. But then Ran gets hospitalized.
* Notes: Has two sequels, ''[[ The Magic Bullet Murder Case]]'' and ''[[ The Case of the Haywire Heist]]''.
* Comments: This story kicks off a trilogy by the two writers and you'll want to read all three by the end of this story's first chapter. Great characterization and character interactions, and the research shows.
** Can't be seconded enough. This troper would like to add that they almost wish all three of these stories were canon with the way interactions and revelations occur between the cast even in the midst of the main mystery cases. This is the kind of stuff much needed in series proper.

''[[ Relative Truth]]'' by Becky Tailweaver
* Recommended by: Catstorm
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: When your highest goal is the pursuit of the truth, what do you do when you find out your whole life is a lie? Kudo Shinichi must face the mystery of his past, but its secrets may shatter all his hopes for the future. And what of Kaitou Kid...?

''[[ Meitantei]]'' by [=JelpHasNails=]
* Recommended by: @/LuciaMalpense
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: There are several things that make a detective a meitantei. Part of it entails thwarting thieves, unravelling secret identities, solving murders, and proving a person's innocence or guilt. Having to prove the innocence of one infamous phantom thief while dealing with psychopaths like the one out to harm anti-Kid detectives, is also a part of it for the Heisei Holmes, Kudou Shinichi.(Set a few years after Conan returns to being Shinichi)

''[[ The Window]]'' by Ysabet
* Recommended by: Catstorm
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A story of dilemmas and promises, of truths and lies and stolen flowers.
* Other: Has three sequels, ''[[ The Longest Hour]]'', ''[[ Second Wind]]'' and ''[[ Windfall]]''.

''[[ The Case of the Missing Detective]]'' by Krista Perry
* Recommended by: lampyridae, Dame-Amaryllis, Tsukireiko,
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: A former member of the Black Org wants the secret of eternal youth and immortality, and he thinks he can get it by kidnapping Conan. Conan begs to differ.
* Notes: Alternate link [[ here]].
* Comments: Great ongoing fic, suspenseful and feels very well researched. Lots of characters, including parents and other adults getting involved with revelations following. A great example of the peripheral cast working together in an event where Shinichi/Conan is unable to make all the calls. Worth the read despite the dormancy.

''[[ For Want of a Dress]]'' by yukitsukihana
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Ran tries to get a summer job. HilarityEnsues.

''[[ Black Feather]]'' by kakashikrazy256
* Recommended by: Faliara
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: ''It's not real. He repeatedly told himself, almost in a desperate manner. There was no way. His father was dead-has been dead for eight years. There's no way that the man in front of him was Kuroba Toichi.'' MK Corbeau Arc spoilers.
* Comments: Someone had taken the part where Corbeau used Toichi's face as a 'disguise' and ran with it. Kaito's breakdown was heartbreaking. I may not have an Website/ArchiveOfOurOwn account but I'll certainly be checking on it regularly, just to see if Kakashikrazy decides to continue it.

''[[ Oh, Shoot]]'' by Lady Mirror
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Ever wanted to know what runs through the stereotypical ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' murderer's head during a case? Today's your lucky day.
* Comments: Never before have the words "brevity is the soul of wit" been more appropriate.

''[[ Deduction by Fusae]]'' by ichthyophobia
* Recommended by: @/dogfish44
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Suzuki Sonoko is a detective, sometimes, and Ai-chan doesn't quite act her age.

''[[ Lucid Dreams]]'' by Cursed Detective
* Recommended by: princessofthedeadsheep
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Because sorcery and science don't always cover everything, and legendary artifacts of power have their own twists within reality. 35-year-olds Kaito and Shinichi find Pandora and in exchange, gain an opportunity they never thought they'd have.
* Pairing: Kaito/Shinichi (though it's platonic, they do get married)
* Notes: Has a sequel, ''[[ Waking Dreams]]''.

''[[ Miracle]]'' by Mangaluva
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus, @/EtherealZephyr, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' retold as a horror story. Sorta. Saying more would be spoiling.
* Notes: Alternate link [[ here]].

''[[ To Steer the Stars]]'' By [=JoIsBishMyoga=]
* Recommended by: oceanlover4evr, Y.S. Jennis
* Status: Complete
* Pairings: Hakuba/Kaito
* Synopsis: "There are more things in heaven and earth..." As Kuroba Kaito is about to discover, when he overhears an odd conversation between his detective and a mysterious little girl.
* Comments: ''Manga/Magic Kaito'' with a twist on Hakuba, who is next in line to become King of Faerie. When the fey discover that Kaito has befriended Hakuba, they debate on whether or not they should kill him. An honestly good read, with a sequel as well.

''[[ We're Sorry]]'' by [=DireSphinx=]
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: ''To keep our son alive, to ensure that he would live to see tomorrow, we would do anything. Even if that meant condemning ourselves to Hell.''

''[[ (Not) Supernatural]]'' by Cursed Detective
* Recommended by: @/patternleap
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Because experimental poisons and antidotes HAVE to have issues when combined. Post-series, an adult-sized Shinichi survives a gunshot wound through the lung and visibly begins healing, in full view of the Kaitou Kid Task Force. Misunderstandings and assumptions abound. Humor fic, with eventual light Kaito/Shinichi romance.

''[[ Detective Killer]]'' by [=3DPhantom=]
* Recommended by: Melody Rose Gold
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Kaitou Kid has a number of crazed fans; some are less benevolent than others. Edogawa Conan, sometimes known as the "Kid Killer," is widely regarded by the media as being Kaitou Kid's number one enemy. When one of Kid's more insane fans tries to 'help' Kid by publicly ridding him of his "natural enemy", who will come to rescue the Little Detective? (Duh, Kid, of course!)

''[[ Schrodinger's Detective]]'' by scratchienails
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis, Tsukireiko,
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: After overhearing an ominous conversation between some suspicious attendees of a heist, the KID Capture Brigade decides to investigate the bizarre disappearance of Kudo Shinichi. But as their attempts to unravel the mystery of his apparent murder progress, and enemies and allies alike close in, they start to realize that some cases should be left closed. Just how can a detective be both alive and dead?
* Comments: A very entertaining, realistic romp painting a picture of just how ''bizarre'' Shinichi's status would look to outsiders actually caring to look into his situation, while also slowly bringing the rest of the main Magic Kaito gang into the fold of Detective Conan. The most recent update took a year to come, but it was worth it.

''[[ Heavy Silences]]'' by blinkblink
* Recommended by: Tsukireiko
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: "We would like Kid delivered by the 24th. For every day you're late, one bright face vanishes from the world." Children kidnapped, Nakamori has only one place to turn for help. Kaitou Kid.
* Notes: Is a central fic among several shorter fics that are all also highly recommended on their own and help further flesh out the happenings and relationships of this story: ''[[ Slip and Fall]]'', ''[[ Pride Goeth Before]]'', and ''[[ Philanthropy]]'' come chronologically prior. ''[[ Never Here, Never Far]]'' and ''[[ Shades of Grey]]'' come chronologically after.
* Comments: Amazing fic showcasing a dire situation where Kid works alongside parties that usually try to put him in jail, namely Inspector Nakamori and his Kaitou Kid Task force, and of course, Conan Edogawa. Very well written, and shows how this cops and robbers relationship isn't completely antagonistic.

''[[ Switched]]'' by boogum
* Recommended by: Tsukireiko
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Shinichi turned his head so fast that he almost gave himself a crick in the neck. Conan sat not far from him, holding a shining gem up to the moonlight. Except that kid wasn't Conan. It was Kid with a capital K, otherwise known as Kaitou 1412, the jewel-stealing phantom thief. Oh, hell. He was so screwed. [BODY SWAP]
* Comments: Bodyswap fics are a bit dime-a-dozen in the fic world but this one deserves a rec for taking things a step further than most by actively using the concept as a vehicle for inducing various cast interactions, and even touching on canon plot points in the process. And delightfully, it doesn't pull punches in detailing the crazy trials of trying to inhabit a different body either.

''[[ Perdition]]'' by [=AngelicSentinel=]
* Recommended by: Rubber_Lotus
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Seiji ''burns'', and still the melody plays.
* Comments: In which a one-shot killer's last moments are made so much more. Cold, unforgiving, and as beautiful as the Sonata that lent this case its name.

''[[ Afterlife]]'' by dreamingfifi
* Recommended by: [=SilverSkyWolf=]
* Status: Dormant
* Synopsis: Shinichi doesn't go to his house and meets the professor, but instead ends up in hospital with substantial injures.
* Comments: An alternate version of ''Detective Conan'' with a more realistic take of events. It was good writing and Shinichi trying to hide who he is from compitant police. Highly recommend.

''[[ Going Down]]'' by Enchanted Hats
* Recommended by: [=MadhipsterAj=]
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: For once a homicide occurs that Conan cannot solve, because he's one of the victims. It's up to the Moore's to follow the clues Conan left behind.
* Notes: Has a sequel, ''[[ Missing You]]''.
* Comments: A great fic, showcasing the result of the Moore's being the ones who have to solve a case, when Conan is unable. Full of laugh and tear provoking moments, I won't spoil much here you should just check it out.

''[[ Vindicated]]'' by Enchanted Hats
* Recommended by: [=MadhipsterAj=]
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Conan has started the hunt for the black crows that destroyed his life... Not even detectives are safe from the callings of vengeance.

''[[ Written in blood]]'' by Dissenter
* Recommended by: [=MadhipsterAj=]
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: The Apotoxin didn't work cleanly. That night the police found enough of Shinichi to declare him dead.

''[[ don't let me be the last]]'' by justjoy
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus, Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Because when all comes to naught, we start off back at one.
* Notes: Part of the ''[[ 4869 // 1412]]'' series.
* Comments: Quite possibly ''the'' most depressing Conan fic this troper's ever read. The author's command over both language and length ensures that it's a punch to the gut that doesn't overstay its welcome.

[[folder: Shipping Fics]]
''Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.''

''[[ I'm Already There]]'' by Becky Tailweaver
* Recommended by: @/MakiP, Tsukireiko,
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: On the night before Ran's 22nd birthday, Shinichi gives her a call. He's still Conan, only now there's something else...
* Pairing: Shinichi/Ran
* Comments: Oh my God! This story is so, so sad! It makes me wanna cry, and I never cry! It's so marvelously written, you can really feel the pain; and the situation Shinichi is in ''has'' to be worst possible. There's 2 sequels (1 incomplete unfortunately), I recommend them to heal the heartache you get after finish reading this. Also I recomend to read it while listening to Lonestar's ''I'm Already There'', nothing will stop the tears.

''[[ Three Thieves]]'' by Ysabet and Rednightengale
* Recommended by: Selina Catz
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Adversaries can become acquaintances and acquaintances can become friends; it takes time and it's difficult, but anything is possible- especially for Kudo Shinichi and the Kaitou Kid.
* Pairing: Ran/Shinichi/Kaito
* Comments: With 839,456 words (and counting: it's a WIP) ''Three Thieves'' is an epic story and while the romance makes up too much of the story for it to be classified as gen, ''Three Thieves'' also has some wonderfully complex cases and the writers put a lot of effort in ensuring that none of the characters are in anyway flat.

''[[ Mayonaka]]'' by Dragoon-sama and White Mage Koorii
* Recommended by: kyrilu, @/EtherealZephyr
* Status: Dead
* Synopsis: Midnight; the hour of the dead. Time ticks ever backwards. You and I, we're trapped together in this endless dance, where the sky is awash in red. There's nothing left but the light of hope, so let's scrape the bottom together.
* Pairing: Kaito/Shinichi
* Comments: A beautiful fic. Still in progress, hasn't received updates in quite a while.

''[[ A Phantom Thief]]'' by mangaluva
* Recommended by: kyrilu, @/EtherealZephyr
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: A heist goes wrong, so badly wrong, and Kaito finds himself a ghost, but that won't stop him fighting, especially when he finds a new ally in a certain chibi-tantei who knows more about death than anyone had ever guessed...
* Pairing: Kaito/Shinichi
* Comments: Brilliantly written, featuring a Series/GhostWhisperer!Conan and back-and-forth bodyswitching. A great read, the first of a fic series with a not-yet-published companion.

''[[ Fish]]'' By Kaitou Ann
* Recommended by: oceanlover4evr, Y.S. Jennis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: An alternate take on Icka's ''Mad Dogs and Englishmen'' with less slapstick, more angst, and mild hottness. Like Pepperjack Cheese.
* Pairing: Very mild, almost imperceptible Hakuba/Kaito
* Comments: Some humor, mixed well with mild angst. Ligh-heartedly funny yet serious at the same time.

''[[ Spandex, Seven Possible Uses Of]]'' by s2lou
* Recommended by: Rabidrabbit
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: This is not a story about love. It's not, really. Or: the true--in parts, anyway--story behind Kuroba Kaito's existence.
* Pairing: First!KID/Phantom Lady
* Comments: Absolutely hilarious.

''[[ a study in scarlette]]'' by kittebasu (chanyeol)
* Recommended by: Licyan, @/EtherealZephyr
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: There are people who want to live forever, and then there is Shinichi, who just wants to live a little longer than this.
* Pairing: Shinichi/Kaito
* Comments: Incredibly well written, in character and with high doses of mystery and action worthy of the canon. I can't recommend this enough. A must read.

''[[ Partners]]'' by Mayonaka-no-Sasayaki
* Recommended by: Melody Rose Gold
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Kudou Shinichi and Miyano Shiho. Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai. Holmes and Adler. They are powerful by their own, unmatched when together. This is their story.
* Pairing: Shinichi/Shiho
* Comments: So far a well written fic that focuses more on Shinichi and Shiho's entertaining and sweet interactions with one another rather than plot.

''[[ Moonlight Magician]]'' by [=Uxie22=]
* Recommended by: rana2001
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: KID knows that Christie Edogawa is different from other children, but just how different? And what does she know about Pandora?
* Pairing: Fem!Shinichi/Kaito
* Comments: Well written and funny, one of the best this troper knows. It also doesn't hurt to have read/watched ''Manga/MagicKaito'' before reading this.

''[[ Trophy Magnet]]'' by Rikkamaru
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Post-Canon. Kuroba Shinichi, most well-known as Kuroba Kaito's husband, is rather happy with his lot in life.
* Pairing: Shinichi/Kaito

''[[ Let's Go Get Lost]]'' by Rikkamaru
* Recommended by: Dame-Amaryllis
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Post-Canon. Shinichi always knew he’d leave when no one needed him anymore. He just hadn’t expected anyone to chase after him.
* Pairing: Shinichi/Kaito



''[[ Casework]]'' by Basser
* Recommended by: @/{{odafangirl}}
* Crossover with: ''Series/{{House}}''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: When the improbable becomes the impossible, House and team find themselves struggling to treat a mysterious boy with an equally baffling ailment. Of course we all know how appearances can be deceiving...
* Comments: A truly fantastic read that keeps everyone involved in character, and sounds very plausible, as far as Medical Jargon goes.

''[[ The Case of the World's Greatest Detectives]]'' by Mithen
* Recommended by: @/RubberLotus
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/{{Batman}}''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: The Conan gang head over to Gotham for a criminology convention. Kaitou Kid is involved. Hijinks ensue.
* Comments: Light, fluffy, fun, and sadly shorter than it ought to be. Bar none, the greatest DC/Batman crossover fic on the net... which isn't really saying much. Watching Conan's interactions and inner thoughts is worth the price of admission alone.

''[[ Promenade]]'' by Ocianne
* Recommended by: Faliara, whimsyful
* Crossover with: ''Franchise/KingdomHearts'' (MassiveMultiplayerCrossover)
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: "There are more things in Heaven and Earth..." and Kaito's on a trip through all of them. Can he deal with a broody black-cloaked stranger, a stubborn detective, and his world repeatedly turning upside down and still keep what's left of his sanity?

''[[ Viper's Den]]'' by dblanc
* Recommended by: whimsyful
* Crossover with: ''Literature/AlexRider''
* Status: Complete
* Synopsis: Alex Rider may be out of MI6, but his troubles are far from over. Secrets are brewing, danger is gathering, and Fate throws him into the path of a teenage detective and a strange little girl. Can the sleuth and the spy work together to solve a seemingly impossible murder?
* Notes: Alternate link [[ here]].

''[[ Kira vs the Black Organisation]]'' by kinzies
* Recommended by: [=MadhipsterAj=]
* Crossover with: ''Manga/DeathNote''
* Status: Ongoing
* Synopsis: Conan is forced with a impossible choice: Turn Kira over to the Black Organization or the Black Organization to Kira. Meanwhile Light tries to fake a meaningful relationship. Kaito is displeased.