Fan Fic / Troll Cops

Sollux and Terezi. They Fight Crime!.

An Alternate Universe branching off of Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. As the title suggests, it uses Hussie's characters and mythos to create a police vs. criminals setting. Hilarity Ensues.

There is little consistency in canon, with the same troll having portrayed as a beggar, a biologist, and a petty criminal in separate works. Usually, the stories take place in Alternia City, a metropolis with sizable Troll, Human, Consort, and Carapace populations. Usually, the Homestuck canon's Woobie is a criminal mastermind with a copy of the Evil Overlord List, Vriska is a Dirty Cop, and Rose is in charge of her very own SCP Foundation pastiche. There are, however, two very different and distinct "mainstream" canons: the RP canon on DeviantArt and the general fanfic canon on the forums.

This AU also generates a slew of Fan-Art, much of which is indexed on the thread's first page.

Can be found here, with a newer thread here, where it has inspired a currently running radio show that is planned to last for several years, using stories collected from both the old and new threads. The deviantART RP is here. A Tumblr for the deviantArt RP is available here.

Troll Cops provides examples of: