Fanfic / Total Drama Remake Fanfic Series

"This is an alternate universe, which Stinkfly3 created as a result of Gwen's 'unfair' eliminations, Ezekiel turning into a Gollum-like creature, Cody getting tricked by Heather and Alejandro into not getting in the final two, Gwen hooking up with Duncan instead of Trent, Courtney becoming what a lot of fans are calling 'The New Izzy', Heather winning the third season, an incident involving Noah and Cody that started a lot of crazy rumors that I can't describe, me apparently 'playing favorites' with Owen, and the elimination orders that Stinkfly3 wasn't too happy with. She got the idea to create her own universe after reading someone named Gabby's version of TDI."
Chris, TDA: My Version, Chapter 2

This fanfic series, written by Stinkfly3, is the author's version of the Total Drama series, Seasons 1-4. The series is divided into separate fanfics for each season. These works were previously available on, but have been taken down.

This story provides examples of:

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     Whole Series 
  • Fix Fic: The entire fanfic series is based on what the author wanted to happen on the original show.
  • Meaningful Rename: Due to a name mix-up with Zoey Crystals, the actual Zoey on the show was given Dawn's name and the actual Dawn ended up as Kira's human form.
  • No Fourth Wall: The characters know they're in an alternate universe fanfic.
    • Chris: (to Dakota) You know how you boarded the Boat of Losers in chapter four? That means you're done! FOR-EV-ER.

     TDI: My Version 
  • Captain Obvious: The author reminds the fans Duncan lost the Awake-A-Thon for his team when he fell asleep on the toilet, Owen was unable to win the dodgeball challenge for his team, and DJ's team would have won the blind toboggan race if he didn't take off his blindfold by having them eliminated because of those reasons.

     TDA: My Version 
  • Development Gag: Zoey Crystals, an OC who debuts in this fanfic, looks just like Zoey's original design.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Cody Anderson is revealed to be the son of the lengendary Pokemon Groudon.
  • Human Subspecies: This fanfic introduces the concept of Pokemon as aliens who want to be seen as equals among humans.
  • Product Placement: In Chapter 8, the contestants eat food delivered from Pizza Nova, an actual pizza company from Canada.

     TDWT: My Version 
  • Character Development: Kira goes through this process as more of her personality is revealed.
  • Pardon My Klingon: Apparently "treason" is considered a curse word in the Pokemon language.
  • The Intern: Instead of being a contestant, Alejandro is an intern who's in charge of flying the Total Drama Jumbo Jet.
  • The Musical: Unlike the original show, the contestants burst into song without any cues.
    • Alejandro: Letting a famous singer join the cast...worst idea ever! Chris is complete and utter buffoon to let Cody return if he and the other contestants are going to randomly burst into song every [censored] time! Wait, why's PA light still on- Oh shoot.
  • Translator Collar: Kira can't speak English, so she needs a special translator so humans can understand her.

     TDR: My Version 
  • Blackmail: Kira does this to Chris to get on the show. ("Put me on the show or you're dead meat.")
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Mike is the son of legendary Pokemon Suicune.
  • It's Personal: Kira returns as a contestant to show Chris Pokemon are just as strong as humans.
  • Lady and Knight: Anne Maria and Brick.
  • Puberty Superpower: Mike goes through Poke-Puberty, a process that Pokemon hybrids go through when they mature.
    • Although maybe eating all of those Rare Candies was a bad idea if he wanted to keep his powers a secret...
  • Rousing Speech: Kira says one when she explains why she's participating in the show this season. note