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Art by Marcoasalazarm]]]]-]

->''Having been conceived by donor sperm, Asuka never knew who her biological father was, but she assumed he was someone extraordinary. She had no idea how right she was, but she's going to find out.''

Shortly before arriving on Tokyo-3, Asuka discovers her body is developing weird abilities: she has great strength, great speed, is all but invulnerable, has different kinds of vision...

Initially the popularity of the super-women of Tokyo-3 bothers her and drives her to create a super-heroine identity and earn extra praise. However, things do not go as planned: her vast powers are a huge burden and a great responsibility; she earns praise and admiration but it feels hollow and undeserved, and she hates getting something without working for it; and she realizes many people -including her donor sperm- had great expectatives upon her. And it feels as if she is letting them down. It feels as if she needs maturing further and becoming a different, better kind of heroine...

"Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton" by Mike313 is a ''Fanfic/SuperwomenOfEva'' story that casts everyone's favorite boastful and brash FieryRedhead, Asuka Langley Soryu, as the FlyingBrick ''Comicbook/PowerGirl'' and later ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''. The story follows Asuka from her first discovery of her powers, her pitched battles against supervillains, and beyond... as she deals with her growing attraction towards Shinji Ikari.

It can be found [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5061292/1/Superwomen_of_Eva_2_Lone_Heir_of_Krypton here]].

Go to ''Fanfic/LastChildOfKrypton'' to read another story where an Evangelion character gains Superman powers. Go to ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'' and ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'' to see darker takes on the concept of Evangelion characters gaining powers.





* ActionGirl: In this story Asuka becomes ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' and Rei is ''Comicbook/WonderGirl''. They kick {{Robeast}} butt when they are piloting their giant robots and slap criminals, aliens and {{Eldritch Abomination}}s around when they are off duty.
* AdaptationalBadass: Asuka was the best HumongousMecha pilot in the original story, but she was still a physically fit thirteen-years-old human. In this story she has kryptonian DNA with all it entails: she is super-strong, faster than a speeding bullet, nearly invulnerable... and she can fight giant {{Eldritch Abomination}} with her bare fists.
* AdaptationalCurves: Due to being half-kryptonian and exercising Asuka’s body becomes more muscular, stronger and curvier. Shinji can not take his eyes off her because he thinks she is beautiful and gorgeous.
* AliensSpeakingEnglish: Asuka, who [[spoiler:is half-kryptonian]] talks English, German and Japanese. Several ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' alien enemies show up [[spoiler:like Brainiac]] and play the trope straight.
* AlmostKiss: Kaji ruins the moment.
* AmazonChaser: Shinji feels is very attracted to Asuka, who is a superb fighter, an excellent HumongousMecha pilot, and ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} a super-heroine can pulverize a mountain with her bare fists and is faster than a speeding bullet]]''.
* AmazonianBeauty: The story makes an emphasis on Asuka gaining an impressive muscle build and Shinji being attracted to her.
* AncientConspiracy: As Supergirl, Asuka must fight against giant monsters, alien beings, an evil cult and an ancient secret society comprised of old madmen whose goal consists in killing everybody and merging their souls to give birth a new god. Said secret society is not happy with the unforeseen appearance of a super-powered girl coming along out of nowhere and interfering with their plans.
* AngerBornOfWorry: Shinji is on the brunt end of this from Asuka after [[spoiler:instinctively running to try and save a little girl from a collapsing building, only to be saved by Supergirl.]]
* AnythingYouCanDoICanDoBetter: The whole reason Asuka becomes a superhero is so that she can upstage [[Fanfic/SOE2AmazingAmazon Wonder Girl]] in the headlines of the local tabloid.
* ApocalypseCult: [[spoiler:The Light of the Divine, who believe the Angels are God's judgment.]]
* AttentionWhore: Asuka, [[CharacterDevelopment at the beginning]].
* {{Badass}}: Asuka has kicked butts of giant alien monsters, extra-terrestrial humanoid supercomputers, armed criminals, superpowered criminals... riding a giant robot or with her bare hands.
* BackToBackBadasses: Asuka and [[Fanfic/SOE2AmazingAmazon Wonder Girl]] team up a few times in the story.
** Once when fighting off Brainiac.
** Again when facing down Parasite.
* BattleCouple: Shinji and Asuka till [[spoiler:Asuka got taken out of the roster of active pilots.]] Until that moment they had fought many battles together against {{Eldritch Abomination}}s.
* BeautifulDreamer: In chapter 19 Shinji gazes at Asuka as she sleeps and he marvels at how peaceful she looks and thinks he could spend hours watching her.
-->''Turning his head, he saw that he and Asuka were mostly still in the same position they'd fallen asleep in; her head wasn't on his shoulder anymore, but her arm was still draped across him.''\\
''She looked so peaceful, a far cry from her state during most of her recent waking hours. He felt like he could've watched her for hours.''
* BecomingTheBoast: Asuka often boasted about being the best pilot ever and the greatest fighter against the [[{{EldritchAbomination}} Angels]], but in reality [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex her confidence and her self-esteem were very fragile]] and she was not sure her skills and training were good enough. However ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} she gradually discovers she has powers she was unaware of]]'', becomes a ''[[Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} heroine]]'', and thanks to personal growing she shows she can take down anything and anyone.
* BecomingTheMask: Asuka decided to pretend she was a super-heroine... and throughout the story she becomes one.
* BeneathTheMask: During a heart-to-heart talk with Shinji, Asuka says she has worn so many masks since she was a little chlid sometimes she is not sure of what her real self is: when she was a scared, lonely child she created a mask of an arrogant, hostile genius and fearless pilot to protect herself; later when she became Power Girl she wore the mask of an heroine; and a short while later she became Supergirl and tried to be a real heroine. However it drives her crazy trying to be the paragon of morality and virtue everyone thinks she should be, so that she asks Shinji becoming her confidant because he saw beneath his mask and did not run away.
* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:Shinji]] when he uses an Eva power cord to rescue [[spoiler:Asuka and Unit 02 from Leliel.]]
* TheBigDamnKiss: Shinji and Asuka kissed for first time in chapter 19 after he confessed, as they were floating in the night sky above the city.
-->''Kaji didn't interrupt them this time, and their lips touched. The moment he'd dreamed about for what had felt like an eternity had finally come, in the night sky above Tokyo-3, and it was even better than he could've imagined.''
* BizarreAlienSenses: Asuka's first hint that her senses were not normal either was when she accidentally saw through her home's walls... [[AccidentalPervert right when Shinji was changing clothes]]. Later she discovered her senses were exceptionally sharp and she had many different kinds of vision... including heat vision.
* {{Blackmail}}: In chapter 8's omake Touji tells Asuka he knows she is Power Girl and he will tell everyone unless she puts a skimpy bikini on and models while Kensuke takes pictures. However Asuka did not react as he thought she would do (cue violence).
* BlackmailBackfire: In chapter 8's omake Touji tells Asuka he will tell everyone she is Power Girl unless she puts a skimpy bikini on and models while Kensuke takes pictures. Touji thought the next step would be profit, but the only step was him getting beaten by being a pervert.
* BlueIsHeroic: Asuka’s Supergirl costume is mostly blue.
* BrokenPedestal:
** [[spoiler:Kaji to Asuka]] when she finds out that he was willing to let himself get murdered after [[spoiler:discovering the secrets of Project Eva]] and he never ever thought about [[spoiler:Misato and Asuka's reaction to his death.]] After she calls him out on it he apologises for disappointing her.
** Asuka finding out that she's very close to becoming one to Hamilton (without him even knowing it) [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone is one of the factors]] [[ComesGreatResponsibility in her decision to become a heroine without looking for glory.]]
* BullFightBoss: Supergirl and ''[[Fanfic/SOE2AmazingAmazon Wonder Girl]]'' defeat [[spoiler:Parasite]] using this tactic to cause a [[spoiler:PhlebotinumOverload.]]
* BulletCatch: Asuka does it several times -one of them with her ''teeth''- but she finally proves that she truly is faster than a speeding bullet by [[spoiler:going from flying above the city, through all of the Geofront's armor layers, and into the Geofront to save Kaji in the time it takes for the bullet to get from Chiron's gun to him.]]
* BullyingADragon: Many people try to strike or hurt Asuka despite of knowing they are way out of her league.
** In chapter 8’s omake Touji finds out Asuka is PowerGirl and tries to blackmail her. He realized it was a stupid idea when he saw her grinning and cracking her knuckles.
* TheCape: The real point of this story is Asuka growing out of being a self-centered girl and into this trope and as well as an IdealHero.
* CatapultNightmare:
** In an omake Asuka does this after having a nightmare where she is wearing a Supergirl outfit onlt can be described like a tiny bikini.
** Subverted in chapter 14's omake. Shinji is actually having an excellent dream (Asuka is about to kiss him right after she and Misato have agreed to share him), and all of sudden Pen-Pen warks and he jolts awake. He did not take the penguin's interruption well.
--->''Shinji jolted awake, finding himself sitting in his bed. Dazed, he cast his gaze around the room, soon finding Pen-Pen at the foot of his bed.''
* CharacterDevelopment: Asuka gets this. Lots of it. In spades.
* ChefOfIron: Shinji is good making meals, pilots giant robots and he can fend for himself in a fight to help Asuka or someone else in danger.
* ClarkKenting: Subverted. Asuka takes an effort into masking her identity, including using a blonde wig and a mask when she's in her superhero persona. [[spoiler: [[SecretSecretKeeper Misato and Rei may have figured things out, though]].]]
* CleavageWindow: During her ''Comicbook/PowerGirl'' phase, Asuka's costume had a very large cleavage and a cord stretching across her neck, shaping a triangular cutout above her breasts.
* ComboPlatterPowers: Asuka gets whole Kryptonian package, including:
** EyeBeams
** FlyingBrick
*** {{Flight}}
*** NighInvulnerability / ImmuneToBullets
*** SuperStrength
** SuperBreath
** SuperSenses
*** XRayVision
** SuperSpeed: Faster than a speeding bullet, literally proven.
* ComesGreatResponsibility: [[spoiler:After being shown [[{{Film/Superman}} Jor-El's message]] Asuka strives to live up to the ideal of hope that Kal-El could have been.]]
** The responsibility of being a superhero is also one of the major overarching themes of the story.
* ContinuityNod: An interesting one: When Asuka is testing her powers, she comes across the scrapped wreck of the [[{{BFG}} rail-mounted mortar]] that the Fifth Angel destroyed during his rampage. Her surprise when she's able to lift it up is palpable.



* DeadpanSnarker: Shinji, in one {{omake}}.
--> '''Shinji''': "Oh, gee, I'm so sorry. I don't know why I'm reacting like this. It's not like I'm surrounded by beautiful women who are ''tearing their own clothes off'' or anything."
* DefrostingIceQueen: Shinji gradually defrosted aggressive, unsociable Asuka by being nice, being there for her and proving he was dependable, honest, and he could see her on her worst without looking away.
* DesignerBabies: Asuka is born via artificial insemination from ''[[{{Franchise/Superman}} an unknown father]]''. She begins to figure out what her genetic makeup had been tinkered with when she starts bending titanium with her bare hands and seeing through walls.
* DistractedByTheSexy: Happens to Shinji a few times during the fic, and ''to Asuka'' when she notices how much the weight training has helped Shinji.
* [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength Does Not Know Her Own Strength]]: Naturally, Asuka has no clue how strong she is once she starts developing her powers. Her first attempt to ''find out'' [[HilarityEnsues ends in fire and destruction]]. And that's ''before'' she gets [[EyeBeams heat vision]].
* DominoMask: What Asuka wears as both PowerGirl and [[spoiler:{{Supergirl}}]] to prevent someone from figuring out who she is. Also [[DyeOrDie wears a blonde wig]].
* DontYouDarePityMe: In chapter 19 Asuka has just been {{ Mind Rape}}d, her career as pilot (which has defined her whole life since her mother's death and was all she had lived for) is pretty much over and her career as ''Franchise/{{Supergirl}}'' might be gone too because she believes she is unworthy. When Rei and Shinji try to help her, she replies she does not want their pity.
-->'''Asuka''':''"I don't want your pity,"''
* DyeOrDie: [[FieryRedhead Asuka]] wears a blond wing as super-heroing to protect her secret identity.
* EarnYourHappyEnding: Asuka must go through many hardships, face giant monsters, aliens, super-powered beings, criminals, an evil cult, an AncientConspiracy, mature and learn the true meaning of the word "hero" to have a happy end.
* EnemyMine: The first time that Asuka and Wonder Girl are on the same battlefield is during the Brainiac crisis. The first time they have to ''work together'' is when Parasite kidnaps them both to use as "power chargers". Asuka finds a lot of respect for Wonder Girl on that day-time will tell if they become FireForgedFriends.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: [[YesMan Fuyutsuki]] has several moments showing this throughout the fic, such as chewing out Gendo over not even ''trying'' to feign concern over his son, [[spoiler: and almost having a heart attack when Gendo tells him he's starting to crack the Scroll's intel on the Anti-Life Equation]].
* FantasyKitchenSink: This is a crossover between a SuperRobotGenre show and ''Franchise/TheDCU''. You have a genetically engineered HalfHumanHybrid superheroine and HumongousMecha pilot that fights {{Eldritch Abomination}}s, {{Robeast}}s, aliens, super-computers, has teamed up with an Amazon, has met space gods...
* FirstKiss: Shinji and Asuka kissed in chapted 19 after Shinji confessed.
* FlyingBrick: Asuka is ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'', with all it entails: she flies, she has super strength, super speed, invulnerability, heat vision and freezing/super breath.
* FlyingFirepower: Asuka has kryptonian DNA, so that her powers include flight and heat vision.
* ForWantOfANail: Several nails influence this fic: The first one is a minor miscalculation on Jor-El's part, which results in Kal-El's ship crash-landing in Germany, killing him, and STAR Labs taking it for analysis; the second one is STAR Labs's funding being cut heavily by Seele as part of their EvilPlan, eventually turning it into a glorified sperm bank; the third one is Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu wanting to have a baby and so going to STAR Labs to get an in vitro fertilization; and the fourth and most important one is her being good friends with Emil Hamilton, who does the procedure... and as the former head of the Kryptonian retrieval project and knowing how powerful Kal-El would have become (and seeing [[CrapsackWorld how screwed up the world is becoming]]), takes a brief dip in the (benevolent) MadScientist pool and fertilizes the ova that will be Asuka with Kryptonian DNA.
* FriendOrIdolDecision:
** [[spoiler:Brainiac]] tempts Asuka with a knowledge orb of Krypton. [[spoiler:She doesn't gives as much of a damn about it as Brainiac thought she would have, but she does try to save it when Brainiac's ship starts to explode. She fails to but manages to save a knowledge orb with recordings of Kyoko when she was sane, instead.]]
** Later on she has a similar moment when Leliel starts to swallow Evangelion Unit-02 and she tries to decide whether to eject from the Eva and be [[spoiler:''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' all the time or not. Shinji saves her before her Evangelion completely falls into the Dirac Sea,]] rendering it (temporarily) moot.
** Finally, when Armisael struck she had to choose between [[spoiler:getting into her giant robot to or donning her Supergirl identity to fight it. She had got better odds of winning if she used her super-powers, but then she would be fired and stop being a pilot. She chose being Supergirl, quitting being an Eva pilot for good.]]
* FusionFic: Between Evangelion and ''Franchise/TheDCU''. Asuka is ''Comicbook/PowerGirl'' and later ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'', Rei is ''Comicbook/WonderGirl'', another Eva characters have powers of DC super-heroes, and several ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' villains show up such like Brainiac or Parasite.



* GiantEqualsInvincible: Subverted. The regular army is useless when it is time to fight [[{{Robeast}} Angels]] or even [[HumongousMecha Evas]]. No weapon of theirs can damage them. However, Asuka -who in this setting is ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''- can fight them more effectively with her bare hands than with a giant robot despite of being an average-sized human. In fact she manages [[spoiler:taking Armisael down and surviving, something no Eva could do.]]
* HalfHumanHybrid: Asuka. Half-human, half-Kryptonian.
* TheHero: Asuka. After discovering her powers she decides to use them to help people and earn a bit of extra praise. However she realizes before long her powers entail obligations and responsibilities, helping others actually feels good, and people actually expects a lot of her. She begins trying to live up to everybody's expectations, starting out the path to become a true hero.
* HeroesWantRedheads: Shinji is infatuated with Asuka.
* HeroicBuild: Asuka develops one in this story, partially because her developing powers (super-strength, super-speed) altering her build and partially because her training.
* HighAltitudeBattle: Asuka got one when she fought Brainiac's space-ship located at the stratosphere.
* HowDoIShotWeb: Asuka's powers start to manifest during the battle with the Sixth Angel. Some HilarityEnsues during the next couple of chapters as Asuka tries to find out her capabilities.
* HumansNeedAliens: [[spoiler:Asuka was conceived by donor sperm, and her biological father was ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} Kal-El]]''.]] She is half-kryptonian, and thanks to her alien heritage she gets inspired to become an heroine and saves the world over and again.
* HumongousMecha: The Evas, giant cybernetic robots.Asuka pilots one to fight giant alien monsters. However the super-heroines of Tokyo-3 -including Asuka herself- are kind of rendering the Evas obsolete, and villains like Brainiac actually have technology can nullify their force fields. As the history progresses, Asuka has to choose between being a mecha pilot and a super-heroine.
* IHaveNoSon: [[spoiler:An illusion masquerading as ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' tells Asuka this during the MindRape illusion.]]
* IdealHero: As she undergoes CharacterDevelopment Asuka begins to truly try to live up to this lofty ideal.
* InterspeciesRomance: Asuka is half-kryptonian half-human and Shinji is human. Shinji really liked her and Asuka gradually fell in love with him due to Shinji being always there for her. Finally in chapter 19 they got together.



* KingpinInHisGym: A heroic version. Knowing that becoming stronger (even if she's holding back ''a lot'') and [[AmazonianBeauty the muscles she's developing]] because of her powers triggering will look suspicious otherwise, Asuka starts to spend a lot of time on NERV's gym, doing weights. Shinji starts to exercise alongside her for the company, and the results [[DistractedByTheSexy draw]] [[EatingTheEyeCandy Asuka's eye]] during some downtime.
* KryptoniteFactor: Asuka discovered she was half-kryptonian at the same time she found out about her weakness towards kryptonite. Shortly after [[spoiler:Gendo stole the piece of kryptonite and he threatened her with it several times.]]
* LeotardOfPower: Asuka's uniform as PowerGirl (little change from the 'canon' design is Asuka having a V-shaped cut which shows her cleavage instead of the classic "[[CleavageWindow boob window]]"). As [[spoiler:{{Supergirl}}]] she uses the Pre-New52 "cheerleader" outfit, with plenty of BareYourMidriff. Needless to say, both can be pretty {{Stripperiffic}} at times (and this is pointed out in the fic and the {{omake}}).
* LivingEmotionalCrutch: Shinji became this to Asuka. He had always tried to help her when she had any trouble or was going through a hard time, and he could understand her better than anybody due to being a pilot ditched by his parents when he was a kid. In chapter 19 she asked him if he could be the one she could lean on and rely on.
-->'''Asuka''':''"I think I can keep being the Supergirl that everybody believes in, the one that inspires people, but only if I have somebody I can show the real me to. Somebody I can talk to, and tell about the times when I was really tempted to do something cruel or selfish, without horrifying him, [...] You've seen the worst parts of me. You've seen me at my nastiest, and you've seen me as a broken mess. And you're still here, practically bending over backwards to help me through a rough time. Still caring about me. So, I'd like that person to be you, if you think you can stand it."''



* MeaningfulRename: When people stop calling Asuka ''Comicbook/PowerGirl'' and start calling her ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}'' you know there's been a significant change in her character. Specifically, she has stopped using her powers to seek glory and she is using them to help people because it feels the right thing to do.
* MechaShow: Even if the fic focuses on Asuka being a super-heroine the mechas and are still a primary plot element.
* MercyKill: [[spoiler: Done to Kaworu by Asuka at his request]].
* MindRape: [[spoiler: Happens like in canon, and [[BreakTheCutie completely smashes Asuka]]. [[YourWorstNightmare Her worst nightmare becomes "true"]] as the Angel pulls an ''{{Film/Inception}}'' and [[DreamWithinADream has her think]] [[NotHisSled that she broke out of the canon]] MindRape by [[UnstoppableRage going berserk]] and [[TheseHandsHaveKilled killing]] [[NiceJobBreakingItHero everybody she loves (and the Angel]], [[HeroKiller and]] [[Fanfic/SOE2AmazingAmazon Wonder Girl]]) ''with her bare hands'', plus an appearance by ''{{Superman}}'' to give her [[WhatTheHellHero a rather scathing speech]]. Shinji also was affected, but turns out that what remained of his ExtremeDoormat tendencies gave him some amount of resistance.]]
* MythologyGag:
** ''[[Film/{{Superman}} Like]]'' ''[[ComicBook/TheManOfSteel many]]'' ''[[WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries versions]]'' ''[[Film/SupermanReturns of]]'' ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'', Asuka makes her debut rescuing a falling aircraft.
** Later on, she saves a teenage girl from a mugger and then helps her find her cat. The cat's name? [[http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Streaky Streaky.]]
* NegativeSpaceWedgie: When black-and-white-striped sphere-shaped Leliel invades Tokyo-3 Asuka nearly falls into its shadow (a Sea of Dirac), [[spoiler:but she gets rescued by Shinji. To kill him the three Eva pilots surround it with their energy barriers while the army drops almost thousand nukes on it.]]
* NiceGuy: Shinji is the nicest guy in the story. In fact he is maybe the only nice guy in the cast. It is one of the reasons Asuka is drawn to him.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain:
** [[spoiler:Bardiel inadvertently shields Supergirl from the [[KryptoniteFactor kryptonite radiation]] coming from Unit 01's kryptonite reactor when Gendo engineers a slight radiation leak.]]
** Arael fixes a lot of things. [[spoiler: Its MindRape and BreakingSpeech make Asuka abandon the rest of her negative character traits and to truly try to become TheCape and IdealHero.]]
* NonActionGuy: Shinji has no relevant fighting skills or combat training, he is a tad meek and sometimes he needed to be rescued. In contrast his LoveInterest is Asuka, an Ace Pilot has trained since she was four to pilot HumongousMecha and fight alien monsters... and is Supergirl.
* ObliviousToLove: Shinji fits in the [[SelectiveObliviousness "deep, deep denial"]] variety. Although he spends half story thinking of ways to ask Asuka out he has no idea that she is falling in love with him. Likewise, Asuka takes a long while until she notices Shinji likes her.
* OfficialCouple: Shinji and Asuka.
* OneManArmy: Asuka. If she is riding her giant robot there is no conventional man-made weapon capable to hit her or stop her and she can trash whole armies easily without having even one scratch. If she is ''not'' riding her giant robot, she is the most powerful and most dangerous human being in the planet. Not even ''nukes'' would damage her.
* OutsideContextVillain: NERV was made to fight the [[{{EldritchAbomination}} Angels]], not ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' villains. So what happens when Brainiac -a living, conniving humanoid super-computer that hails from a more technologically advanced alien civilization- comes along? They are completely helpless. His computers could hack into the Magi easily, his machines could nullify an A T Field, and his base was a space-ship that drifted out of NERV's reach. If ''[[Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} Asuka]]'' had not stopped him, he would taken everything he wanted and left.



* PantyShot: Happens to Asuka in an {{omake}}. Much to the continued good health of [[AccidentalPervert the poor bastard who gets a view while she was saving him from a burning building]], Asuka is GenreSavvy enough to not kick into ([[MegatonPunch superpowered]]) PervertRevengeMode.
* PatchworkFic: The Superman aspects of the fic are taken from many different sources, including the comics, the ''{{Franchise/DCAU}}'', and the various live action films.
* PitbullDatesPuppy: Asuka is fiery, hot-blooded, aggressive, hard-headed, impatient... and she is ''Comicbook/{{Supergirl}}''. Shinji is a NonActionGuy passive, quiet and meek. However, Shinji fell in love with Asuka precisely because he admired her strength, willpower, courage and determination, and Asuka fell in love with him precisely because he was gentle, caring and dependable.
* PowerCopying: Asuka and Rei fought the Parasite, a mutated human copied his victims' powers and stole their memories and energies by touching them.
* PowerParasite: Parasite, a mutated human stole their victims' powers and memories when he touched them, leaving them weakened and powerless. Since his power came with a time limit, he had to continuously drain a person's power to have it. So that [[spoiler:he kidnapped Asuka and Rei, intending to keep them locked forever, serving him as an endless power supply, but they managed to find a way to fight him withouh touching him.]]
* RedHeadedHero: Asuka, who begins like a HumongousMecha AcePilot and becomes TheCape.
* RedIsHeroic: When she is acting as HumongousMecha pilot, Asuka wears a red tight suit and red hair clips (and pilots a red robot). When she is acting as Supergirl she wears red cloak and boots and a red S-shield on her chest.
* ReplacementScrappy: After [[spoiler: Arael]] Asuka begins to see ''herself'' as this InUniverse to the dead Kal-El, thinking that he is far more deserving of their powers.
* RightInFrontOfMe: Shinji does this every time he talks about Power Girl or Supergirl in front of Asuka.
* RoaringRampageOfRescue: When [[spoiler:Shinji was kidnapped by a terrorist organization,]] Asuka went very, very mad. She searched, found and stormed into their headquarters, trashed everybody in there and pummelled the leader for daring to hurt ''and'' badmouth Shinji.



* SecretKeeper: Emil Hamilton to Asuka. [[spoiler:Also Kaji. And now Shinji.]]
** [[spoiler: Asuka reveals her identity to Hikari]].
* SecretSecretKeeper: During the Parasite arc [[spoiler:both Rei Ayanami ''and'' Misato Katsuragi]] figured out Asuka was Supergirl. [[spoiler:Misato]] because the Parasite barged into his apartment demanding to know where Asuka was and later he was defeated and fought by Supergirl. And [[spoiler:Rei]] because she fought the Parasite alongside Supergirl and did not miss how familiar was her face.
* ShootingSuperman: It works about as well as you'd expect.
** In chapter 8:
--->''Surprised, he let out a small cry and reflexively pulled the trigger. The noise was deafening inside the cramped alleyway.''\\
''Kiku released a small shriek, the already terrified girl unable to keep herself from keeping quiet as the frightening sound filled her ears.''\\
''For just a moment, one horrible, heart-pounding moment, the sixteen-year-old girl somehow managed to forget everything she knew about Power Girl, and she believed that the superwoman would die for trying to help her.''\\
''From her position behind Power Girl, Kiku didn't see the slug that erupted from the barrel of the mugger's weapon strike the Girl of Steel right between the eyes. She didn't see the bullet crumple up upon impact like an empty soda can, and she didn't see how the force of that impact failed to so much as blanch Power Girl's skin.''\\
''But when the bullet fell to the ground, landing with the distinctive tink! of metal hitting pavement, Kiku's shoulders slumped in relief.''\\
''Unsurprisingly, the mugger was feeling anything but relief at the moment. He released a sort of strangled cry of surprise and terror. Then, acting out of sheer desperation, he reversed his grip on his weapon, grabbing the barrel, and struck the blond superwoman in the head as hard as he could with the butt of his pistol.''\\
''There was a loud thump that made Kiku wince, but Power Girl's only response was to sigh in annoyance. The thug moved to hit her again, but the blond superwoman reached out, her movements inhumanly quick, and almost casually wrenched the weapon from his grasp. Then she squeezed down on it, the metal contorting in her gloved hand like it was no firmer than wet clay, leaving the gun quite worthless.''\\
''"Honestly, why do you people do that?" she demanded of the mugger, exasperation coloring her voice. "You must be the tenth loser to try that. Do really think pistol whipping me is going to do anything when the bullets bounce off?"''
** In chapter 14 Asuka melts with her heat vision because she is tired of idiots checking she is bulletproof:
--->''Not that she gave him the chance; it was a lot easier for her to hit the weapon with a blast of her heat vision, and she was tired of seeing the shocked expressions on idiots' faces as they realized she really was bulletproof.''
** Subverted in chapter 15. A guy shoots once and gives up when he sees Asuka has caught the bullet with her teeth. Asuka praises his intelligence:
--->''Supergirl approached Nobu, picking up the gun from the floor. "You know," she began, as she absently crumpled the weapon into a ball as easily as he could've done the same to the newspaper she'd been holding a minute ago, "you're the first person who surrendered to me so quickly."''\\
''"I am?" he asked, surprised. Did regular people actually try to fight the Girl of Steel?''\\
''"Oh, yeah," she replied. "Usually when the bullets don't work, most crooks try pistol whipping me, believe it or not. You're much smarter than they are, obviously."''\\
** Chapter 18 gives a different version: a thief is trying to cut Asuka over and again despite of doing nothing to Asuka (other than annoying her):
--->''"You do know that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, right?" Supergirl asked.''\\
''The would-be thief that the Girl of Steel had caught trying to mug a young woman in the middle of the night ignored her and continued trying to stab and slash her with the short but wickedly sharp knife he held.''\\
''This was going about as well as could be expected.''
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: The Eva setting is dark. So what happens when you throw elements of the Superman canon in the mix? A character was a BrokenBird and a ChildSoldier and whose AbusiveParents had broken her and turned into a terrified, lonely, fragile, angry little child that drove people away to not be hurt again and thought she was worthless unless she was the best at everything gained super-powers, learnt to be a real heroine and better person and set to make her world a better place.
* SoftGlass: At one point, a [[spoiler:Seele commando]] smoothly ''breaks a car window and knocks out the driver with the butt of a rifle in one stroke.''
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Both of her superhero outfits. PlayedForLaughs in an {{omake}} where Asuka has a CatapultNightmare concerning wearing a Supergirl outfit that can only be described as a very tiny bikini (ItMakesSenseInContext).
* SuperFic
* SuperpowerfulGenetics: It kicks off the entire plot. Long story short, [[spoiler:baby Kal-El dies when his rocket crash-lands on Earth,]] and his DNA is used to fertilize one of the Kyoko's eggs when she got an in vitro fertilization. When Asuka was a teenager she started to develop kryptonian powers.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial:
** In chapter 7's omake Shinji catches Asuka playing with dolls:
--->'''Asuka''':''"What did you see?!"''\\
'''Shinji''':''"Nothing! [...] I didn't see you playing with your dolls!"''
** In chapter 11 Asuka thinks it is disgusting as Misato is taking advantage of Shinji's caring nature to get him taking care of her. She is angry because it and definitely not because Shinji is paying a lot of attention to Misato:
--->''Not that he minds, Asuka thought dourly. Honestly, the boy took to the task of playing nursemaid with far more gusto than she felt a man should. It was almost sickening how Misato was taking advantage of Shinji's caring nature while she was ill. Asuka wasn't the least bit jealous of attention he had been lavishing on Misato.''\\
* TemptingFate: During a power outage, [[BridgeBunnies Bridge Bunny]] Makoto has this to say:
--> '''Makoto''': "And I thought it couldn't get any worse than having to pick up Misato's dry cleaning for her. Honestly, could this day possibly get any worse?"
* ThouShaltNotKill: [[AvertedTrope Averted]]. Asuka holds back when facing common criminals, but when going up against the Angels or a supervillain like Brainiac or Parasite she shows no compunctions about killing.
* {{Tsundere}}: Asuka. Since she was a kid she fabricated a mask of a tough, self-reliant girl did not need anybody so nobody realized she was very vulnerable deep-down and hurt her. However, when she rooms with Shinji she starts trusting him and showing him her softer, nicer side gradually.



* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Hurting Shinji is not merely idiotic. It is downright suicidal. His girlfriend is a hot-tempered fiery red-head with ''[[Franchise/{{Superman}} Kryptonian powers]]''. Usually Asuka holds back, but threatens Shinji and you will find out how funny is being punched by someone strong enough to lift a mountain. [[spoiler:A cult's leader certailny found out;]] alas, he did not deem the experience funny.
* WhamEpisode: Several.
** [[spoiler:[[AlienInvasion Brainiac attacking]]]] and her finding out about [[spoiler:Krypton.]]
** Going to meet [[spoiler:Emil Hamilton and [[ComesGreatResponsibility seeing Jor-El's message]] (and, oh yeah, Nerv kidnapping him for information on PowerGirl).]]
** Being attacked by [[spoiler:Kalibak from the future [[TerminatorTwosome and helped by]] the ComicBook/{{Legion of Super-Heroes}}, given an incentive by [[KidFromTheFuture one of her descendants]] to become a better superheroine (although [[LaserGuidedAmnesia the Legion makes her forget the details]]).]]
** [[spoiler:[[PowerParasite Parasite]] [[BroughtDownToNormal absorbing her powers]] and her destroying her PowerGirl outfit in the ensuing TenMinuteRetirement (the Supergirl outfit is too tough for her to destroy without powers),]] then [[EnemyMine teaming up]] with Wonder Girl on the second round and gaining more respect for the Amazon.
** The near-loss of [[spoiler:Unit-02 to the Dirac Sea [[FriendOrIdolDecision almost forcing her to abandon it so she could be Supergirl constantly]].]]
** Nerv obtaining [[spoiler:kryptonite and using it to power the Evangelions...]]
** [[spoiler: Asuka's canonical MindRape still happened, only that now Shinji got (mildly) affected... and oh, yeah, [[OhCrap Gendo now has information from the Dead Sea Scrolls concerning the existence of the Anti-Life Equation]]…]]
** [[spoiler: Asuka has quit being an Evangelion pilot for good, and ''was'' going to quit being Supergirl… except that The Light Of The Divine decided to kidnap Shinji, putting the snowball that would have her [[HesBack getting back on the Supergirl saddle for good]] rolling.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: Unintentionally given by [[spoiler:Jor-El's recording]] to Asuka. [[spoiler: {{Superman}}, of all people, gives her a much more brutal and direct one during her MindRape illusion, which [[BreakTheCutie completely breaks her]].]]
* WhenSheSmiles:
** When Shinji smiles he makes Asuka's heart race.
** In chapter 16 Asuka beams at Shinji, and he feels his heartbeat speeding up:
-->''Then, to his considerable surprise, she smiled at him, something she hadn't done since before the last Angel battle. Shinji felt his heartbeat accelerating as he looked at her.''


->'''Asuka''':''"You know, I tried to live my whole life being the best at everything and never showing weakness to anybody, [...] I thought nobody would ever give a damn about me if I wasn't always top dog."''\\
'''Asuka''':''"Then I became Power Girl and Supergirl after that. I enjoy being a superwoman a lot; it's great to be able to help people. But at some point I realized that everyone expected me to be this…moral paragon. In fact, everybody thought I just naturally was one, and if I ever showed them otherwise, tons of people would be disappointed. [...] I was trying to be perfect all the time, and it was exhausting, [...] Even without the Fifteenth Angel, I think it might have eventually shattered me. Just driven me crazy or something."''\\
'''Asuka''':''"I picked being Supergirl over being an EVA pilot, [...] I'm sorry that I'll probably never use Unit Two again, but I'm glad that I finally made the decision, and I can definitely accept it. But the part where I have to constantly be this perfect symbol of justice and morality… I don't want to disappoint any of the people who look up to Supergirl, but that's a really tall order."''\\
'''Shinji''':''"Of course, [...] It would be for anybody."''\\
'''Asuka''':''"I think I can keep being the Supergirl that everybody believes in, the one that inspires people, but only if I have somebody I can show the real me to. Somebody I can talk to, and tell about the times when I was really tempted to do something cruel or selfish, without horrifying him, [...] You've seen the worst parts of me. You've seen me at my nastiest, and you've seen me as a broken mess. And you're still here, practically bending over backwards to help me through a rough time. Still caring about me. So, I'd like that person to be you, if you think you can stand it."''