Fan Fic / Liberty Rock

Liberty Rock is a Zelda Fan Fiction written by Sergeant Conley. It's set after The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and tells the story of the Siege of Liberty Rock, a fortress located near the border of Hyrule and its neighboring country of Calatia. When Calatia erupts in civil war, Hyrule supports the Loyalist faction after General Vael, the man behind the attempted coup d'etat, threatens to invade a part of Hyrule if it means ensuring his victory in the war as a whole. Zelda sends troops of Hyrule's best cavalry to various forts on the border to prevent such an invasion, one of which is Liberty Rock.

Before one of the troops heads out, Zelda sends its leader, Captain Rhodus, to Ordon Village with the task to convince Link, who has become a traveling hero for hire, to partake in one last adventure for her. Link accepts, planning to use the reward to make a new home for him and his pregnant wife. Rusl volunteers to come along as well, wanting one last adventure and recognizing the need for more experienced warriors. The troop then heads out to Liberty Rock, where they join a disturbingly small garrison of Loyalists lead by Colonel Gavelston and includes Gavelston's assistant Turo and Calatian hero Bargus. The day after arriving at the fort, they're surrounded by a Rebel army personally lead by General Vael.

The story alternates between the Survivor's Account, written five years after the events of Twilight Princess and three years after the siege itself, and flashbacks to the days in the fort.

This fic was completed on July 5, 2010 with an Author's Notes chapter posted on July 30, the one year anniversary of the story's posting on Fan Fiction.Net.

Liberty Rock provides examples of:

  • Battle Butler - Turo, Colonel Gavelston's assistant who doesn't actually fight, but assists him in reloading his twin crossbows during combat.
  • Colonel Badass - Colonel Gavelston, who has twin crossbows and knows how to use them.
  • Framing Device - The Survivor's Account and the flashbacks it leads into.
  • Mythology Gag - Calatia is the name of the land Link is actually from in the non-canon The Legend of Zelda comic published in Nintendo Power.
  • Shout-Out - The line "Welcome to the Rock" and the fort's nickname are a shout out to The Rock.
  • The Big Guy - Bargus, of the Burok Province.
  • The Captain - Captain Rhodus, the Troop 2 Commander of the 1st King's Royal Cavalry Squadron.
  • The Siege - The center-point of the story.
  • Whole Plot Reference - This fic is heavily inspired by the Siege and Fall of the Alamo.