Fanfic / Here In My Arms

Sometimes, what people don't realize is that by trying to defy Fate they are actually falling into its plan. And Fate was not yet done with Tsukune Aono.
Closing Sentence of Chapter 1

Here in My Arms, which can be read here, is a Rosario + Vampire fanfiction story by Plantinumsabr. One faithful day, Tsukune finally takes the plunge and admits his feelings to Moka (both of them). However, Inner Moka turns him down on the account of their different races (he's human, she's vampire), or at least can never be her equal. Tsukune feels alone and rejected, Moka is ashamed of herself, and the other girls are alternating between pity and rage over what has happened. Days later, Tsukune makes a 'do or die' ultimatum, as it's the only way he can make himself Moka's equal; become a Vampire.

The result was unlike anyone had expected, as he gained the unique powers of a Blood Sage; the ability to use the powers of Ayashi through the blood they drink. Tsukune spends the next few days trying to adapt to this change and Moka gives him a chance for reciprocate his feelings; to beat her in battle.

The story is well received of being one of the best Rosario + Vampire stories out there, as many reviewers agree the buildup, character interpretation, and genre elements are strong and amazing. The most noteworthy feat of this is the colorful and emotional romance segments.

See Rosario + Vampire for tropes surrounding the original story, anime, and manga.

This fanfic provides examples of: