Fan Nickname: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

  • The series itself is sometimes referred to as Sea Cats/Kittens/Kitties, a pun on the Japanese word for black-tailed gull: Umi -> sea, neko -> cat. Numerous characters also have nicknames, which can be found on the character sheet.
  • Jessica is known to some as Moon-chan, due to her being The Moon in the Tarot deck.
  • After her awesome moment in EP2, Rosa is known as Musou Rosa ("musou" meaning "invincible").
    • She's also been given the title of BEST MOM EVER after Beatrice calls her that in the Tea Party of Episode 2.
  • Magical Gohda Chef, which derived from misinterpretation of the engrish ''Happy Maria!' song.
  • Beatrice is also known as Beatroll, due to one of her expressions looking suspiciously like 4chan's Trollface, and because she trolls Battler. A lot. And since Episode 3, Moetrice.
  • Trollkastel. Or, Bernkastroll.
  • Borrowing from her previous incarnation, you'll still see Lambdadelta called 34. Or Super Paper.
  • Eva-Beatrice is Evatrice. Later used in one of the episode previews for the anime.
  • Due to Ronove's callous speech against Beato and good relationship with Battler, he's been frequently called Bronove.
  • Featherine Augustus Aurora is Au Au by the fanbase.
    • And apparently canon, as Bern calls her that.
  • Lion was called "Zeppeki-san" (Cliff-san) by fans before Episode 7's release, following the train of thought that if Lion were female, her chest must be either bound or, well, flat as a cliffside.
  • Natsuhi tends to be given the Affectionate Nickname of "Nappi" by Japanese fans − since "ppi" (っぴ) is the result of contracting "tsuhi" (つひ) in Japanese.
  • Rokkenjima Prime is a common term used by fans in order to clarify when they are talking about the events on the real Rokkenjima.
  • While the location where Battler fights against witches in battles of logic is presumably called Purgatorio, it's more commonly known as the Meta-World by fans.
  • Shkannontrice and Rosatrice for the two main conflicting culprit theories.
  • George is un-affectionately called "JOOJI" in the West, to go with his Scrappy status.
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