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Fan Fic: Black Rock Shooter Stars Through Darkness
Black Rock Shooter: Stars Through Darkness is a multi-crossover fanfiction set after the events of the OVA in which the world goes to hell in a delicious breadbasket of apocalyptic proportions. Kurisaki blends together many elements from Darksiders in addition to other minor references to create a tale with many beloved characters, all of whom have donned their red shirts with pride.

Note: This page is still under construction.

[STD] contains examples of:

  • Hell on Earth: The initial plot. It gets worse.
  • Mood Whiplash: Christmas parties are the best time for middle school students to be slaughtered by a hoard of nightmarish creatures from the abyss. Yes, they certainly are.
  • Layered World: There's Earth, Otherworld, Hell, assumably Heaven, and possibly several others. Considering the author has a derivative one-shot set in Gensokyo, this is probably likely.
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