!Tropes found in [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess Sterling Archer's Twitter feed]]:
* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7970443122 There are 7 poisons Archer has developed an immunity to.]] [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7957217216 He doesn't have a favorite.]] He obviously can't reveal them, but his mnemonic device is CAPGURF.
** [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7970492105 "Actually, if you're a poisoner, that was probably too revealing."]]
* BilingualBonus: The [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7550026031 two phrases Sterling knows in Suomi]] are "[[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7549995600 Kuka täällä haluaa saada melaa jonka vakooja?]]" and "[[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7550039586 Älä ole huolissasi. Minulla on ollut Sterilisaatio.]]" They mean "[[OvertOperative Who here wants to get banged by a spy?]]" and "Do not worry, I have had a vasectomy," respectively.
* FakeAmerican: [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7933579112 "Don't you hate it when you find out some really cool actor you like is actually Canadian?"]]
** [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7934565236 "LORNE GREENE."]]
* TruthInTelevision:
** [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/8039010945 "Archer By The Numbers: it takes about 7 psi to break an adult human collarbone. (For children, this number is closer to 11 or 12.)"]]
*** [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/8039026202 "I assume because their collarbones are shorter."]]
** [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/8061280132 "Sprinkling your homemade guacamole with lemon juice and then smooshing Saran Wrap on top of it actually does keep it from turning brown."]]
** [[https://twitter.com/#!/codenameduchess/status/9244806485 "AJTTOTD: There's a little rhyme to help you remember the difference between the harmless Milk Snake and the deadly Coral Snake."]] [[note]][[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milk_snake#Description "If red touches black, you're okay Jack; if red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow." and variants.]][[/note]]
* UnEntendre: When [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7507278093 Archer says "Greek yogurt"]], he means [[http://twitter.com/codenameduchess/status/7507350740 yogurt from Greece]].

!Tropes found in [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals Krieger's Twitter feed]]:
* BigEater [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/277820513965969411 Apparently Pam is eating fog now]]
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/284179352172781569 "[Louis Pasteur] made milk and rabies safe for mankind. Wait... Rabies Milk?"]]
* {{Cyborg}}: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/278577765656166401 Cy-bear the cybernetic bear is his newest pet project]]
* HalfHumanHybrid: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/279114796778020864 "LOST: Caucasian Male age 40"]]
** [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/279116020306817024 "He also has a Shark Fin Growing Out Of His Back"]].
* ImAHumanitarian: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/287295328489721856 "Wulf-Monath was the month Saxons believed you were likely to be eaten alive. In my neighborhood, every day is Wulf- Monath."]]
* NobodyPoops: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/288003403471261697 He's working on it.]]
* OmnicidalManiac: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/277295276807553024 "With some simple tweaks, I can succeed where Skynet failed."]]
* {{Robosexual}}: [[https://twitter.com/KriegerSignals/status/284897896556527616 Clearly the Vagi-Tron 9000 is too advanced for [the Nobel Prize Committee's] feeble minds.]]
!Tropes found in [[https://twitter.com/pamsgossiptrain Pam's Twitter feed]]:

!Tropes found in [[https://twitter.com/CyrilFiggis Cyril Figgis' Twitter feed]]:
* {{Robosexual}}: [[https://twitter.com/CyrilFiggis/status/285137870593875968 Having access to the Vagi-Tron 9000 might have kept him from cheating on Lana]]