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* ''FanFic/DungeonKeeperAmi'' features the Unraveller of Mysteries, one of a pantheon of dark gods hostile to Ami (So far she has encountered the god of martial force, the god of undeath/necromancy, the god of vermin; the Unraveller seems to be the dark god of mad scientists). It should come as no surprise that the Unraveller has such a huge following: the author has admitted that she was written with the voice of [=GLaDOS=] in mind.
* Three background ponies from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' - Lightning Bolt, Cloud Kicker and Medley - had little screen time and almost no lines in the show. In ''Fanfic/AceCombatTheEquestrianWar'', they are a part of a [[TheSquad heroic]] [[BadassCrew squadron]] and become a CommunicationsOfficer, PluckyGirl and LittleMissBadass respectively.
* None can deny the glory that is Jim, from ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20405/Fluttershy%27s-Bad-%26quot%3BHare%26quot%3B-Day Fluttershy's Bad "Hare" Day.]]''. [[spoiler: He died for our sins.]]
** Someone even wrote an [[http://xtheredmagex.deviantart.com/#/d51xu61 epic ballad]] for him. Not bad for a random squid who shows up out of nowhere [[spoiler: and immediately gets killed off]].
* ''WebVideo/FriendshipIsWitchcraft'' gives us Sweetie Bot, who has become one of the most recognizable characters and even has her own Tumblr.
* Yawning Squirtle and Boulder-Dropping Whale in ''Webcomic/{{Sonichu}}'', and Mary Lee Walsh, who is frequently the protagonist in various fanworks, and is drawn deliberately with a [[MsFanservice different design.]] This is mainly because many find that her real-life basis is actually pretty awesome. Plus, it ticks CWC off.
** Bill the Scientist also qualifies for this, since he's also one of the Moon Pals.
* Most ''Franchise/MetalGear'' fans who've seen ''Fanfic/MetalGearSolidPhilanthropy'' report little interest in [[DesignatedHero Solid Snake's]] mildly OutOfCharacter behaviour, but absolutely love [[OriginalCharacter Pierre Leclerc]]. He has a decent-sized EstrogenBrigade, is popular with JournalRoleplay, and gets fanfic written about him.
* Brother-Captain Allen of ''Fanfic/TiberiumWars'' - stoic, calm, quiet, efficient, scary, and perfectly willing to [[spoiler:mutilate rapists and then hurl them out windows.]] Its no surprise that such a bit character has become so liked.
* ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5706942/1/MWDC_Harry_Potter_and_the_Guardians_Light Harry Potter and the Guardian's Light]]'' gives us THE INDOMITABLE ARGUS FILCH. In the novels, he's a slightly scary background character. In the movies, he ranges from [[LovesTheSoundOfScreaming creepy]] to disgusting or comic relief. But in this fanfic, his first scene involves him arming himself alongside [[spoiler:ComicBook/{{Hellboy}} and [[ComicBook/{{Hellblazer}} John Constantine]]]] to go into the black forest and fight an army of trolls. Turns out, while he's not a janitor he turns a profit selling enchanted weapons. After he helps demolish the trolls with ease, we next see him tracking Harry down in his invisibility cloak despite not knowing it's Harry, or that he's in an invisibility cloak. Recently, [[spoiler:Voldemort invaded the castle with an army of trolls]] and Filch was first on scene. His response was to ask them for a hall pass. He then ducked around a corner and they traded some fire. He was ordered [[spoiler:BY VOLDEMORT]] to surrender. His response to that was to blow a troll's brains out, and say; [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome "Alright, I surrender, now come a little closer!"]] [[BadassNormal It's easy to see why Dumbledore trusts this man to clean his school's floors.]]
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' has Nappa. In the actual series he was a bland GiantMook that was killed relatively expediently, but in ''Abridged'' he is quite possibly the funniest character in the series, and the fans loved him for it, to the point where [[spoiler:he got to reappear several times as a ghost]].
** There is also popularity upon Super Kami Guru, Nail, Dodoria, Zarbon and The Ginyu Force (Specifically Recoome - these guys even got their own opening between Episodes 19 and 23.).
* [[PintsizedPowerhouse Tempest]] is bar-none ''the'' most popular character of [[{{Fanfic/FuzzyMemories}} Fuzzy Memories]], due to her insane personality bringing a lot of laughs, her odd perspective on the world giving some interesting hindsight, her incredible strength and endurance bringing about some of the best fight scenes in the series, and her relationship with [[UnluckyEverydude Zetsu]] easily being one of the highlights of the entire series. She's become popular enough now to be recognized by people who haven't even ''read'' the story. Zetsu himself is also pretty notably popular.
** Other notably popular characters include the likes of [[CoolLoser Alfred]], [[BigEater Bari]], [[LovableJock Chad]], [[AntiHero Cynthia]], [[{{Troll}} Doc]], [[NobleDemon Droog]], [[CuteGhostGirl Juvia]], [[SassyBlackWoman Nazira]], [[DorkKnight Nedrick]], and [[FriendToAllLivingThings Quincy]].
* The moment Rocky and Adam stepped foot into ''Fanfic/OfLoveAndBunnies'', the story became almost as much about them as it did the ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' and ''Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder''.
* ''Fanfic/WarriorsTheAbridgedSeries'' (the abridged series of ''Literature/WarriorCats'', not something else), the most popular characters are Bluestar, Redtail, Matthias and Rainstorm. Redtail and Matthias each only appear in one scene. [[spoiler: Well, there is [[ShoutOut Ghost Redtail]], but then again, Redtail gained his popularity before that segment. And Ghost Redtail leaves when he realizes Tigerclaw doesn't like him.]]
* While she was included mainly to intentionally avert the RonTheDeathEater treatment the character often gets, Ember in ''Fanfic/TheLegendOfSpyroANewDawn'' has been very well received by readers for being a kindhearted, friendly version of the character. This is part of the reason she ended up having ADayInTheLimelight chapter were she [[spoiler:defeated TheDragon of Empresss Tyrania, the BigBad of the Gargoyle StoryArc, to save her father herself, instead of ending up a team boss fight as originally intended.]] This also enabled the writer to give her more character growth and an excuse to TakeALevelInBadass, so it worked out in more ways than one.
* [[MemeticBadass Brian Hahnel]] and Joan's dad (named [[{{fanon}} Hugo]] by those on TwilightSucks) were originally minor characters in ''Fanfic/BrewdeningLove'', a Literature/{{Twilight}} fanfic. Then the TS snarkers started [[HoYay shipping them]], and [[FanFic/BrewdeningLoveExpandedUniverse the rest is history.]]
* ''Webcomic/BeTheSeaDwellerLowblood'''s OriginalCharacter of Cuvier seems to be getting this treatment. It's pretty much become a {{meme|ticMutation}} among the forum fans to photoshop his [[IconicItem iconic half-glasses half-]][[CoolShades shades]] onto photo manips, avatars, etc.
* Bentley the crazy {{Adorkable}} hyena from the ''WesternAnimation/{{Rango}}'' fanfic Snakes With Guns is easily one of the most lovable [[OriginalCharacter OC]]s in the ''WesternAnimation/{{Rango}}'' fandom.
* ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'', by the same author as the below, has quite a lot of these thanks to the author's penchant for reimagining characters, as well as throwing in those characters at the last minute, later developing them into prominent figures in the story. The two main examples come in the form of Carol Danvers and Diana [[spoiler: of Themyscira]], both of which were added in at the last minute, apparently entirely on a whim and praised as original takes on the characters. They've both grown from fairly minor characters into two of Harry's closest friends, two of the more badass characters in the story and ''bona fide'' fan favourites - in a poll of favourite new or reimagined characters, Diana was the runaway winner, with Carol being joint third behind (unsurprisingly) [[spoiler: the Winter Soldier]], who's even more of a {{Woobie}} than usual thanks to the sections from his perspective, and sharing third place with [[ThoseTwoGuys Huginn and Muninn]]. Indeed, Carol's grown into a full on BreakOutCharacter, being close to a {{Deuteragonist}} with Harry, and she and Harry are now the FanPreferredCouple (with Harry/Diana being close behind).
** Huginn and Muninn barely appear at all in the comics and tend not to be all that interesting when they do. Here, they're characterised as ThoseTwoGuys who are [[ObfuscatingStupidity outwardly ridiculous]], incongruously Brooklyn accented [[KlingonsLoveShakespeare (apparently they heard the accent one and decided they liked it)]] and [[TrademarkFavouriteFood Marshmallow/Eyeball obsessed]] {{DeadpanSnarker}}s who are [[BewareTheSillyOnes repeatedly implied to be much more dangerous than they appear]] and take a liking to Harry. They provide a snarky, though sometimes serious, commentary on events.
** On the villainous side of things, Gravemoss started out as a minor, creepy {{Necromancer}} who was the villain of a minor arc in ''ComicBook/{{Excalibur}}'' and included simply for variety. He quickly grows into a major league villain and a character that fans love to hate.
** Jean-Paul Beaubier a.k.a. Northstar and Uhtred Ullrson. The former is a fairly minor member of the ''ComicBook/XMen'' and the latter began as a minor {{OC}} Asgardian who was apparently set up to be TheRival to Harry. Both become two of his closest friends, with the former developing into a [[ObfuscatingStupidity deceptively harmless]] CampGay flirt with considerable HiddenDepths, the ability to pull off an absolute absent minded SherlockScan and be [[BadassGay arguably the most]] [[CombatPragmatist ruthless of the kids in a fight]], as well as being the OnlySaneMan. Also, as of chapter 60 [[spoiler: he seems to be this world's version of the Flash.]] Uhtred, meanwhile, is developed from a fairly FlatCharacter whose primary motivation was resentment at the attention Harry got simply for existing, while his hard work barely got him any, to (one shared NearDeathExperience later) Harry's loyal ([[ServileSnarker if snarky]]) oathman and Sworn Sword, a major league badass who knows his way around [[AnAxeToGrind an axe]]. Also, he and Jean-Paul are pretty much a de facto BattleCouple.
** Sean Cassidy is added for the sake of variety to Peter Wisdom's Exalibur squad, but despite initial uncertainty by fans, grows into a popular mentor figure to Harry, something helped by his nature as an AdaptationalBadass [[BadassGrandpa Grandpa]], something helped by the way he gently reins Harry in when he looks to be going too far and the bond he has with Luna Lovegood.
* In the ''Fanfic/TheWizardInTheShadows'', Emrys Ap Derfel. Originally created, as WordOfGod admits, as an unintentional {{Expy}} of the author and of Harry himself - green eyes, difficult past, great power and destiny, something which has previously been lampshaded, he was surprisingly well received. Several plot developments, an epilogue and the start of a sequel, he's developed into a key member of the main cast and WordOfGod has hinted that he'll take over Harry's role as TheHero later on in the ExpandedUniverse.
** Eirian and Miriel are given expanded roles in the sequel (the latter had merely been a throwaway reference before hand) and a third, [[spoiler: Maglor]] is pure SpotlightStealingSquad.
** Unfortunately, the series is now entirely composed of DeadFic.
* Yuuka Kazami of Fanfic/ImperfectMetamorphosis was growing to be such a focal point of the plot that the [[Tropers/TakerFoxx author]] ended up having to devote several chapters to a giant brawl between her and Yukari to take them out of the direct action for a while and realign the focus to [[spoiler: Rin and Rumia]]. Being a maniacal, sadistic, overpowered [[TheGadfly gadfly]] tends to have that effect. Being a [[spoiler: [[Creator/HPLovecraft Great Old One]]]] doesn't hurt much either.
* The ''Series/SouthOfNowhere'' fanfic 'Romance on the Set' has one InUniverse on the show Spencer and Ashley star in. Rachel, a character played by Creator/TaylorMomsen was intended to be recurring, but gets promoted to regular due to her popularity and even becomes part of the FanPreferredCouple with the main character
* The ''Literature/BridgeToTerabithia'' fanfic "[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9326187/1/Unearthing-Secrets Unearthing Secrets]]" has Conrad, the ''very'' British exchange student and Jesse's best guy-friend, due to his realizing Jess and Leslie want to be more than friends before even they do and making frequent and amusing attempts to cockblock Leslie's egotistical RomanticFalseLead whenever he is able.
* Prince Heins of ''Fanfic/FrozenHearts'', largely because he cares a great deal for his brother, [[{{Disney/Frozen}} Hans]], unlike the majority of their brothers [[spoiler:and even after everything Hans has done]].
* Donut in ''WebAnimation/DusksDawn'', or at the bare-minimum he's the ''least'' despised character. Having one of the few somewhat competent voice actors probably helps.
* ''Fanfic/MyBravePonyStarfleetMagic'': Ace Ray, Brass Bolt, and Windy Bag are basically three versions of the same character: a strawman that exists to get shown up by the protagonists and prove how good the heroes are. However, they got this treatment by virtue of [[StrawmanHasAPoint actually bringing up some good points]] and, for the latter two, giving the {{Designated Hero}}es the biggest middle fingers they could with their actions.
** [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance]] both get this treatment from those that sympathize with them essentially being TheChewToy, as well as actually remaining somewhat faithful to their original counterparts (Twilight's LeeroyJenkins moments notwithstanding). It helps that the reason the author hates them is because the former stands for ThePowerOfFriendship, and the latter is HappilyMarried while [[WesternAnimation/TeenTitans his]] [[Anime/DigimonAdventure02 OTPs]] didn't happen, both of which are [[DisproportionateRetribution extremely petty reasons]] to make characters suffer. The pity then increased tenfold for both of them when [[spoiler:the former is murdered in battle and subsequently [[UsefulNotes/VictimBlaming blamed for not following orders]], including from [[OutOfCharacter her own mentor, Celestia]], and the latter winds up having a ConvenientMiscarriage and she and Shining Armor are left infertile.]] [[TheWoobie Really, the only thing these ponies deserve is a hug.]] Yes, even [[spoiler:the dead one]]. ''Especially'' [[spoiler:the dead one]].
* [[AlphaBitch Emiru]] and [[BrattyHalfPint Binbeat]] are the most popular characters in ''FanFic/FutariWaPrettyCureBlueMoon'', the former for being a DarkMagicalGirl and the latter for his backstory and for his many funny moments.
* ''FanFic/TheBridge'' gave us a fanon example within a fanon example. Despite starring the A list names of various kaiju franchises and the roster of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', one of the most popular characters with the readers is completely fan made and wasn't even made by the author. Blade Dancer was a Free-To-Use character on Fimfiction.net the author wanted to use for a single scene. Fans took to her moments of hilarity so much that Blade Dancer reappeared in subsequent chapters and is arguably the lead of the secondary cast.
* Terry Boot and Michael Corner in ''FanFic/DumbledoresArmyAndTheYearOfDarkness''.
* [[LittleMissBadass Vivi]] the [[LivingToys living]] [[TokenMiniMoe plushie]], [[Anime/FateZero Alexander]] [[RatedMForManly Arc]], Jaune's uncle, and [[RobotMaid Norn]] [[NinjaMaid Belladonna]], Blake's personal assistant [[Manga/{{Chobits}} Persocom]] from ''Fanfic/WeissReacts''.
** From its sister fic ''Fanfic/LucinaReacts'', Reflet, Robin's DistaffCounterpart, to the point that people are clamouring for Reflet to appear in ''Fanfic/WeissReacts''.
** Professor Faust from ''Fanfic/TheDiaryOfGlyndaGoodwitch''. She first appears as a small, off-handed mention as a teacher in Signal and ended up as a recurring character in both it and ''Fanfic/WeissReacts''.
** Fiora, [[spoiler: Gangrel's daughter]], is well-liked for some unfathomable reason.
* From the sheer amount of fan-requested Omakes about her in ''FanFic/TheFifthAct'', Yuffie. She only appears in a small subplot and as the punchline to a BrickJoke but the readers lapped it up. Probably because her scenes are the few purely funny scenes and because her {{Noodle Incident}}s are ripe for extra stories.
** Initially set to be a foil to Zack, Kunsel's reinterpretation as a savvy AlmightyJanitor won him the adoration of the fans. He gets as many Omakes as Cloud does.
* Xavier, the reptilian Cyn'Taak, from ''FanFic/ZeldasHonor'' is a very popular one with readers. She is decribed as being very loyal and innocent but still highly lethal and dangerous. [[spoiler: Her survival of the endgame events]] prompted a rather overjoyed response from one reviewer.
* From Creator/RoseOfPollux's ''Metamorphosis'', we have The Piper, a [[spoiler: Chameleon-arched Jamie]]. He's had positive fan reaction, a few pieces of fanart drawn of him, and [[spoiler: will apparently be making a return soon]].
* Fu is easily one of the most popular characters from ''Fanfic/SonOfTheSannin'' being a badass CrazyAwesome {{Cloudcuckoolander}}.
* Ash's ''Pokédex'', of all things, in ''Fanfic/PokemonResetBloodlines''. InUniverse, Ash and co. can't stand its [[DeadpanSnarker snarky]], [[InsufferableGenius know-it-all]] attitude, [[UnpopularPopularCharacter but the readers can't get enough of it]].
* When it comes to ''Fanfic/DuelingTriggerFinger'' [[VisualNovel/{{Danganronpa}} Celestia Ludenburg]] is getting rather high praise across the border for not just being a competent duelist, but also because she is playing [[Anime/YuGiOh Marik]] like a freaking fiddle. Her talent as the Ultimate Gambler is also being put to good use.