* "Fade to Black" by Music/{{Metallica}}, one of the earliest HeavyMetal examples.
** Subverted by WordOfGod. The song is, in fact, just about some Marshall Guitar Amplifiers that were stolen from the band.
* Music/ThePolice song "Can't Stand Losing You".
* "End of My Rope" by Biohazard nails the psychology behind this trope pretty well, which lines such as "The pain inside surrounds me", "I find myself alone and scared / in a world where nobody cares" and "The tears I've cried have left me blind".
* The subject of the song "Inside the Fire" by Music/{{Disturbed}}. Based on a true story in the lead singer's life.
* Close to half of defunct Finnish metal band Sentenced's studio output dealt with the subject (the other half, back when Taneli Jarva was fronting the band, tended more towards killing things ''other'' than oneself). Then again, with songs like "Excuse Me While I Kill Myself", "Consider Us Dead" and "End of the Road", it's kind of their thing.
* The 17-year-old runaway girl protagonist of Music/{{Marillion}}'s ConceptAlbum ''Brave'' endures alienation, abuse, betrayal, addiction and rape and ends up killing herself although it's quite ambiguous.
* NerdCore artist MC Lars wrote a song called [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3LGmhH5sbM "Twenty-Three"]] about a real life friend named Patrick Wood who drove himself to suicide.
* Music/KateBush has two:
** "The Kick Inside" - A brother and sister [[BrotherSisterIncest have sex, which results in pregnancy.]] Not wanting to bring shame to her family, the girl kills herself & her unborn baby.
** "The Wedding List" - A couple is about to get married until some guy shoots the groom. The bride-to-be hunts the killer down, then kills herself. She was unknowingly pregnant, which means that four people were killed.
* Subverted in the song "Spring" by Music/{{Rammstein}}. A man goes on a bridge to admire the view, but a crowd forms, thinking he's gonna jump. In the end, the man gets pushed off by an impatient bystander hungry for blood.
* In [[HavalinaRailCo Havalina's]] "Bullfighter", after the matador of the title is beaten and humiliated in the ring, ''"He couldn't take another day, he went up to the highest roof and flew away."''
* The Music/ThirdEyeBlind song ''Jumper'' is about the singer trying to convince his friend not to go through with the latter's attempted suicide. It was also featured in the film ''YesMan''.
* Music/TheRasmus' song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6zMceA7YTI ''No Fear'']] tells about a suicide of an unnamed girl: ''"Girl, your final journey has just begun, your destiny chose the reaper."'' and ''"Girl, close your eyes for the one last time, sleepless night from here to eternity"'' are just a few bits from the lyrics.
* Music/{{AFI}}'s ''Miss Murder'' tells a story of celebrity who committed suicide after his downfall. Sample lyrics:
--> The stars that pierce the sky
--> he left them all behind.
--> We're left to wonder why
--> he left us all behind.
--> Hey Miss Murder, can I (2x)
--> make beauty stay if I take my life?
* "The Perfect Kiss" by Music/NewOrder is about watching a deranged friend take his life. "Told me not to see his gun... The perfect kiss is the kiss of death". Possibly based on the real-life suicide of [[Music/JoyDivision Ian Curtis]].
* "Televators" by progressive rock group Music/TheMarsVolta, off their debut album ''De-Loused At The Comatorium.'' The penultimate track depicts Cerpin Taxt (The song's protagonist) choosing to end his life by jumping, after awakening from a coma (from a previous suicide attempt) which took him on a metaphysical journey through the confines of his own mind. Fan theories speculate that Cerpin's suicide is an attempt to return to that world.
* Music/{{Suede}}'s "She's Not Dead". Making it doubly sad is the fact that it's BasedOnATrueStory.
-->'''Brett Anderson''': [My aunt] had this lover and he was black and Hayward's Heath is a small town and in the early '80s I guess it was very taboo. And basically they committed joint suicide together. They drove a car into a garage and just turned the exhaust on and killed themselves.
* "Another Day" by Ray Wilson is about the suicide of one of Ray's school friends:
--> I don't like this place at all
-->Makes me wonder what I'm here for
-->Someone take this pain away
-->Dying to see another day
-->And I don't want to be your friend
-->Or pretend I can fit into
-->I'm incensed, I'm blown away
-->Dying to see another day
* Kix's "Don't close your eyes" features a person who angsts about a troubled friend's possible suicide.
-->Hold on hold on tight
-->Iíll make everything all right
-->Wake up, donít go asleep
-->Iíll pray the Lord, your soul to keep
-->Donít close your eyes
-->Donít close your eyes
-->Donít sing your last lullaby
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3hlroOKFn8 Rise Above This]] by Music/{{Seether}} is about a teenaged boy committing suicide and how it affected his family.
* "Torn" by {{Seabound}} is told from the point of view of someone who has just slit their wrists, secretly hoping to be saved at the last second by the person he loves/is obsessed with. Sadly, as lyricist Frank Spinath makes clear on the band's website:
-->SHE will not burst through the door.
-->SHE will not call.
-->SHE is not thinking of you right now.
-->SHE won't even move.
* Music/{{Voltaire}}'s ''Underground'', about a man who kills himself by jumping after being viciously rejected, and apparently jeered at, at a cafe'.
-->Six feet of earth\\
Above my head\\
keeps me safe\\
from what she said\\
Six walls of wood\\
to keep them out\\
the smart remarks,\\
the screams, the shouts\\
They scream, they shout\\
There's only one way\\
to drown them out\\
I hear your voice\\
I hit the ground
* Music/JunTogawa has written a few songs about this. In real life she herself has attempted suicide twice, and her sister successfully hung herself in 2002.
* The Music/InsaneClownPosse song "Suicide Hotline" has Shaggy as a hotline operator trying to talk down a suicidal Violent J, who has a long list of reasons why he wants to die. [[spoiler:The song ends with J getting a call on the other line from a woman, who makes comments implying she wants to have sex with him and gives him a reason to live for at least a few more hours.]]
* Proof's "Kurt Kobain"
* Music/TheNotoriousBIG: Biggie's "Suicidal Thoughts"
* Music/{{Nas}}'s "Undying Love" has Nas playing a man who comes home from Las Vegas to find his wife cheating with another man, and concocts violent revenge on the pair with a friend. Things take a downhill turn as the two burst into the house, and Nas's character shoots his wife dead by accident. As the police surround the house, he [[DespairEventHorizon falls into despair]], and shoots himself dead.
* Apparently an AuthorAppeal subject for Music/CheapTrick, as it's not uncommon in their lyrics. Full-song examples include the following:
** With LyricalDissonance -- peppy, cheerful "Auf Weidersehen"
** Dark sond "Can't Go On".
** "Oh Candy", which is a tribute to a friend of the band who had committed suicide.
* Music/EmilieAutumn has written a lot of songs about suicide ("The Art Of Suicide", "Shalott", "Opheliac", "306", ""Dead Is the New alive").
* Music/DavidBowie's "Jump They Say" is about a man who is...''different'' from others mentally, and the victim of a world that refuses to help him, even encouraging his demise. The music video makes the story more specific -- Bowie plays the protagonist as a businessman who is taken captive by his suspicious peers and given electroshock therapy; if they intend it as a cure, it doesn't work (or even backfires) as he jumps from the top of the office building to his death afterward. Sad to say, this 1993 song has a RealitySubtext -- it's inspired by the 1985 suicide of Bowie's schizophrenic half-brother Terry.
* The video for Music/{{Roxette}}'s ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw2LgJxwZHI Anyone]]'' features a character who decides to leave her hotel room, walks along streets to the beach, and decides to ''drown herself''. She is later rescued by the medic.
* Music/TheReplacements:
** "The Ledge" is about a man who kills himself by jumping. The song never explicitly states his reason(s) for killing himself, but it implies that he feels ignored by everybody including "[[UnrequitedLove a girl that I knew once years ago"]].
** The demo version of "Can't Hardly Wait", recorded for the album ''Tim'', featured alternate lyrics that were more blatantly about suicide. It's possible the lyrics were toned down a little for the version heard on ''Pleased To Meet Me'' simply because that album already had "The Ledge" on it.
* Music/SteelyDan's "Don't Take Me Alive" is about a small-time crook who is Driven to SuicideByCop (by creating a hostage situation/bomb threat in a bank, apparently) when he "crossed his old man back in Oregon".
* "Blue Sunny Day" by JonathanCoulton is about a vampire who kills himself by standing outside and watching the sun rise. [[LyricalDissonance Although you'd never know it if you're not paying attention to the lyrics.]]
* {{Radiohead}}, [[TrueArtIsAngsty being Radiohead]], have quite a few songs of this nature, ranging from subtle to unmistakably blatant. The most obvious example would probably be "No Surprises".
* Music/FlorenceAndTheMachine have "Hurricane Drunk" and "What The Water Gave Me"
* {{Evanescence}} have "Tourniquet"
* The video for BrunoMars' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR6iYWJxHqs Grenade]] starts with a guy who takes trouble dragging a piano to his girlfriend's house to perform a song for her, only to find out [[YourCheatingHeart she's been cheating on him]]. So the guy decides to take his piano and perform elsewhere... [[RailroadTracksOfDoom the railroads]].
* [[Music/AmericanIdiot St. Jimmy died today / He blew his brains out into the bay...]]
* At the climax of {{Quadrophenia}} by TheWho, the protagonist is on a rock in the ocean, debating whether to jump.
* In Music/{{Calexico}}'s "Not Even Stevie Nicks...", the protagonist has "a head like a vulture / and a heart full of hornets", so "he drives off a cliff / into the blue, into the blue."
* JuliaNunes sings about a girl in "Stairwell" who seems to be dead [[note]]"There's a body in this stairwell, call the cops I think she's dead"[[/note]] and admits in the end: [[spoiler: "perhaps I didn't trip [...] standing at the top [...] It's been so hard to just keep living so I thought it might be worth it"]]
* Music/BlueManGroup's "The Current", if interpreted a certain way, sounds like the singer is trying to commit suicide by electrocution, [[BungledSuicide only to be defibrillated and live]].
* Bullet by Music/HollywoodUndead is one of the most [[LyricalDissonance deceptively peppy]] songs about someone attempting suicide. They apparently suffer from [[TheAlcoholic alcholicism]], have a history of SelfHarm, and are depressed but the song is so upbeat.
* Done by a wife in Music/KingCrimson's "The Letters", after finding out about her husband's infidelity (from his lover, no less).
* The narrator of "The Bed" reacted poorly to his wife leaving him:
-->These hands that once caressed you\\
Take a bottle from the drawer\\
It says take one for sleeping\\
But I'm taking many more
* In "Laura" (no, not [[http://www.lyricsfreak.com/e/ella+fitzgerald/laura_20045809.html that one]]) Music/TomJones pleaded:
-->And if there's time before I pull this trigger\\
Tell me what he's got that I ain't got
* "Alone Again (Naturally)" by Gilbert O'Sullivan starts with the singer climbing a water tower, with the intent to throw himself off. [[spoiler:Ultimately, he climbs back down.]]
* Jude in the ''[[Music/{{Hero}} !HERO: The Rock Opera]]'' song [[DarkReprise reprise]] of "Intentions", deciding to shoot himself after betraying Hero and handing him over to I.C.O.N. forces to be executed.
* "Suicide Day" by AFlockOfSeagulls, the last track on ''The Story Of A Young Heart''.
* The RockOpera "2112" by {{Rush}} (specifically Part VI: Soliloquy). The protagonist, overwhelmed with despair that life under the repressive Solar Federation can never be anything like the visions of The Elder Race of Man from his dreams, takes his own life... whereupon the Elder Race appears and overthrows the Federation (according to WordOfGod).
-->Just think of what my life might be
-->In a world like I have seen!
-->I don't think I can carry on
-->Carry on this cold and empty life
-->My spirits are low in the depths of despair
-->My lifeblood
-->Spills over
* Pete Wentz, bassist and lyricist of FallOutBoy, wrote two songs about his suicide attempt: "7 Minutes in Heaven (Atavan Halen)", and "Hum Hallelujah". From the latter:
-->Sometimes we take chances
-->Sometimes we take pills
-->I could write it better than you ever felt it!
* 'Stole' by Kelly Rowland concerns a social outcast kill himself in a bathroom at his school, the aftermath, and the [[BreakTheCutie girl who heard the gunshot]].
* The meaning to the song, "Sail," by Music/{{AWOLNATION}}.
-->Maybe I should cry for help.
-->Maybe I should kill myself.
-->Blame it on my [=ADD=], baby.
* One of the interpretations to Music/BlueStahli's song, "Throw Away."
* "Cemetery Gates" by Music/{{Pantera}} is about a man whose lover dies, and he contemplates killing himself so that he can join her in the afterlife. It's never stated whether or not he goes through with it.
* The Paul Mackenzie song ''25AIV'' (aka 25a(4)) takes its title from a railway signalling rule concerning time-interval working (should the block instruments, that told signalmen whether or not the line was clear or not, should fail.) A signalman makes a wrong call and two people are killed when two trains collide in thick fog. Gradually, he is consumed by grief and when the fog comes down once again, he kills himself with a razor out of fear that he'd cause yet another collision.
* "Last Resort" by Music/PapaRoach:
-->Would it be wrong?
-->Would it be right
-->if I took my life tonight?
-->Chances are that I might.
-->Mutilation out of sight
-->and I'm contemplating suicide.
* {{Music/Savatage}}:
** ''Music/TheWakeOfMagellan'' is a RockOpera featuring a descendant of Magellan who decides to FaceDeathWithDignity and sails into a storm to die.
** ''Music/PoetsAndMadmen'' is a ConceptAlbum based on the life of Kevin Carter, a famous photographer who is [[PostHistoricalTrauma tormented by the evils he witnesses]]. He attempts to kill himself once which gets him committed to a mental hospital. Some time later, long after it shut down, he successfully kills himself.
* [[Music/FunkerVogt Funker Vogt's]] "Our Life":
-->Mother, kiss me when it's over
-->Father, forgive me this fight
-->I don't have the power to live anymore
-->The destination's much too far
-->Too weak to live - too strong to die
-->Born to loose, I'm the opposite of a winner
-->I point the gun at my head...

* Iced Earth's "Anguish of Youth" is about a woman about to kill herself over her traumatic past, apparently via overdosing on pills (possibly sleeping pills or antipsychotics) only to be revived. Slight subversion in that the end hints that the experience changes her mindset and actually begins the path to recovering from her trauma.
* "Washer" by Music/{{Slint}} just smacks of a suicide note.
* Music/WithinTemptation's "Forgiven" is about someone whose loved one committed suicide.
* "Is It Like Today (Bang)" by World Party has ''God'' committing suicide.
* God also shoots himself in "Haus der LŁge" by Music/EinsturzendeNeubauten.
* "Bridge St. Shuffle" by Fad Gadget (bit of a stretch, but the Lemming Show of the lyrics clearly suggests human lemmings).
* "The Last Night" by ''Music/{{Skillet}}'' is about the singer trying to convince a girl not to commit suicide.