Drinking Game / The Dark Knight Trilogy

Tonight's entertainment.

Drinking game for Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.
Whole Trilogy

  • Drink whenever someone gives a speech.
    • Twice if it's Alfred.
  • Drink whenever someone dies.
    • Twice if a named character dies.
  • Drink whenever Batman uses a gadget
  • Drink whenever Alfred gives a speech.
  • The /tv/ Challenge: Every time a memetic line appears, everyone watching must recite along with the character. The last person to do so must drink. Have fun with the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises
  • The xkcd rule: Every time replacing 'Batman' with 'a man dressed as a bat' makes a dramatic sentence hilarious, drink.

Batman Begins

  • Drink whenever the words "bat" or "fear" are said (yes that includes "Batman")
  • Drink whenever someone says "water supply."

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

  • Drink if you can't understand what Bane's saying or have to ask someone what he just said.
    • Drink if you can understand Bane, but can't understand another character because everything's too noisy.

Alternative Title(s): The Dark Knight Saga, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises