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Drinking Game: Star Trek: The Original Series
  • When someone remarks that a phenomenon is "like nothing we have seen before" or "unlike anything Starfleet has encountered" or "I've never seen anything like it before," take a drink.
    • If it is in fact very similar to something already shown in Star Trek, drain your glass.
      • The above entries apply to the entire franchise.
  • Every time the Enterprise is "the only ship in the sector", take a drink.
    • Every time it's the only ship in the quadrant, drain your glass.
  • Every time Captain Kirk flirts with someone, take a drink.
    • If Kirk is flirting because he needs something and/or sex pollen, take two.
    • If that person is Spock, drain your glass.
    • Please note: this would probably result in fatal alcohol poisoning.
  • Every time McCoy declares that I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder, take a drink.
    • If he still does the non-medical thing in question, take two drinks.
  • Every time McCoy and Spock argue, take a drink.
  • Every time Kirk says, "And that's an order!", take a drink.
  • Every time McCoy says, "By God, Jim!", take a drink.
  • Every time McCoy has an Insult Backfire on Spock, drain your glass.
    • If Spock has an Insult Backfire on McCoy, drain your glass, refill, and drain that.
  • Every time Kirk's shirt gets torn, take a drink.
    • Every time Kirk goes shirtless, drain your glass.
  • Every time Uhura says, "Hailing frequencies open, Captain!", take a drink.
    • Every time Uhura says something other than this, take two.
    • Every time Uhura is actually relevant to the plot, drain your glass.
  • Every time a Redshirt is killed, take a drink.
    • If he's killed before the opening credits, take two drinks.
    • If he's actually a Blueshirt or a Goldshirt, take two drinks.
    • If it's a woman (Redskirt), drain your glass.
  • Every time Spock claims something is illogical or fascinating, take a drink.
  • Every time someone does a Title Drop, take a drink.
    • If you're watching "Spock's Brain," limit yourself to a sip of water for each time. Unless you want to see which will explode first—your liver or your bladder.
  • Every time McCoy says "He's dead, Jim," take a drink.
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