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Drinking Game: Good Eats
Drinking game for Good Eats:

  • Take a shot every time he says the word 'now.'
  • Take a shot every time he mentions a unitasker. Double that if it's the fire extinguisher.
  • Take a shot if his sister appears (only once per episode.)
  • Take a shot for nephew Elton.
  • Take 2 shots whenever he builds a rig.
  • Take a shot when ever one of the many whimsy characters pops in (Lady of the Refrigerator, Cocoa Karl, etc)
  • Take a double shot for the Nutritional Anthropologist. Only one if mentioned and doesn't appear.
  • Take a shot whenever he says, "That's another show"
    • Don't do this on the Amnesia Episode, it will kill you.
  • Take a shot for every yeast on the screen.
    • Amendment: for every yeast sockpuppet. If you do this for the breeding yeast models in the one episode, you will die.
  • Take a shot for every time he says, "Oh, bother."
  • Take a shot whenever he explains the concept of gluten and why it's important not to overstir muffin-type batters.
  • Take a shot whenever he says, "Your patience will be rewarded."
  • Take a shot whenever he says, "I said it was good; I never said it was ________."
  • Take a shot whenever his shirt changes.
  • Take a shot when he dresses up as one of The Men in Black to explain FDA regulations.
  • Take a shot when his Evil Twin B.A. appears.

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