Funny: Good Eats

  • The pocket pie episode has Alton explaining the history of cornish pasties, quoting a bit of folklore claiming the devil wouldn't go to cornwall for fear he'd get baked into a pastie. The devil appears and denies this, only to get chased off screen and beaten up by a pair of cornish housewives.
    • The Stinger of the same episode is an outtake where an object is supposed to fall on a person sitting next to Alton but fails to do so. Alton then goes on to briefly explain the importance of timing in comedy.
  • One word TEMPURA!
  • In "Roll Call" Alton replaces his usual more lively yeast puppets with "more realistic" ones. They consists of stuffed socks that sit there, leading to Alton's frustration.
  • The opening segment on the episode on tea has Brown attending a little girl's tea party. She reports that the teddy bear called him "goofy."
  • In "Dill-icious", Alton goes all Mad Scientist and demonstrates the old "pickle lamp" science experiment. The lamp lights up...then Itchy & Twitchy cut the juice and hand AB a Don't Try This at Home statement.
    Alton: Lights! Power! PICKLE! Ahahahahaha—Hey, that's my experiment!