Since music is a good way to express emotions of all kinds, of course some songs will be about [[DieForOurShip how the bitch/asshole dares to stand in the way of True Love. . .]]


* Even if Avril Lavigne denies that her song "Girlfriend" is about this and [[ParodyRetcon claims it's actually a]] TakeThat to the trope, [[ the video has more than one whiff of it]]. Because the "cool punk girl" can completely throw herself at the feet of the {{Meganekko}}'s boyfriend, [[YourCheatingHeart steal him from her]] ''and'' [[HumiliationConga drive her through the dirt just for being there]], huh?
* Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" has shades of this, with the UnluckyChildhoodFriend (and borderline StalkerWithACrush) complaining about her cheerleader rival who "doesn't know your story like I do". In the [[ video]]) the girlfriend is portrayed as a very typical and shallow AlphaBitch who is defeated and humiliated by the [[DoggedNiceGuy Dogged Nice Girl]] and her beau's True Love. Yup, like in the Lavigne example, both are played by Taylor Swift herself, but it's still annoying.
* Used [[MurderTheHypotenuse literally]], in Good Charlotte's "Bloody Valentine".
-->Standing over him, he begged me not to do
-->What I knew I had to do 'cause I'm so in love with you
* Threatened in the obsessive-fan song "David Duchovny, Why Don't You Love Me" by Music/BreeSharp:
-->Creator/DavidDuchovny, I know you could love me\\
I'm sweet and I'm cuddly\\
[[MurderTheHypotenuse I'm gonna kill Scully]]
* {{Music/Voltaire}} has [[ "Ex-Lover's Lover"]], in which
-->I wait for the day when I'll finally defile\\
The bodies of my ex-lover's lovers\\
I'll pile high to the sky\\
The bodies of my ex-lover's lovers
* "Get Rid Of That Girl" by The Donnas. It's [[LyricalDissonance a fast paced and catchy song]] about [[MurderTheHypotenuse a girl beating up and killing the girlfriend of a boy she likes.]] The song even ends with the background singers chanting, [[MadnessMantra "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"]]
* Poor, poor [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Meiko]]. Most Kaito/Miku shippers constantly call her 'abusive to Kaito' or 'slutty' because she is shipped with Kaito. And Miku doesn't get any better treatment from Kaito/Meiko fans. And [[YaoiFangirl Kaito/Gakupo fans]] are just plain FanDumb towards both. What makes this particularly annoying is that Vocaloid has no canon...
** Len fangirls are pretty terrifying when it comes to ships involving him, but the treatment poor Rin has to go through trumps them all.
** And even Len/Rin shippers get in on the bashing of [[TheCutie Miku]] and [[{{Tsundere}} Neru]], and [[AlasPoorVillain let's not even get into]] what kind of bashing [[{{Yandere}} Tei]] gets.
** [[HetIsEw Gakupo]] gets bashed for getting in the way of [[LesYay Miku/Luka]] very often, and is generally made into a stereotypical homophobic abusive JerkAss so Luka can flee into Miku's arms. The same, minus the 'homophobic', happens with Luka/Kaito fics. [[CycleOfRevenge And then the Gakupo/Luka fanfic does the same with Kaito…]]