Darth Wiki / The Raped Crusader

Evilton Shithead, Corrupt Corporate Executive of Access-Mundi, observed the tank holding Stoart's body. He enjoyed looking at men's corpses because he was an extremely perverted homosexual and, as we all know, gay marriage would lead to the legalized fucking of animals, corpses and children.

"Why are you so obsessed with this man?" asked one of the nameless, faceless scientists.

Shithead answered, "You already know this, but the experiment we are conducting here is the pinnacle of modern science. Science Is Bad and is on the verge of destroying the world but I can use it to save us. I will turn this man into an indestructible killer and unleash him upon the world. Each mission we send him on will show how far he has progressed. At full power, he will destroy a large portion of the world, thus proving that science is pure evil."

"Why would the unfortunate result of a single technology fuck up the entire concept of science?" the scientist asked.

"Don't fucking question me!" Shithead responded.

He watched with a smile as his hitman disposed of the scientist.