Darth Wiki / SMWA Blood For Blood

Project by amateur troper JT 706, to be continued if time will ever allow.

In the late 90's, a small portion of the internet was flooded with accounts of fictional Professional Wrestling companies run by the TNM Wrestling Simulator. Far and away the best of these was SMWA: the Slam Masters Wrestling Association, based on Capcom's little-known wrestling game, Saturday Night Slam Masters. Taking the ten playable characters, Cody from Final Fight and Zangief from Street Fighter, series creator Kirk Mccullough fleshed out an entire world, replete with original characters and expanded histories of the adapted ones. The result was a wrestling drama that, in its best moments, far outpaced all other fictional federations and could even put the real-world stuff to shame. The original website is still available for viewing here, in all its Web 1.0 glory.

With the duties of school and work bearing down on him, Mccullough hastily ended the series in 1999, wrapping up all of his running plot threads in one grand update- still a far better fate than many ambitious fanfiction works interrupted by reality.

This troper knows this project well- because I was one of its recappers, and even introduced a few stable and event names into the mix. Up until last spring, when my career horizons suddenly expanded, I was working on its sequel- a project that would span several years in the fictional company's timeline, starting from the point where Mccullough left off. The chief plot threads included introducing a rival company (Ring of Destruction, after the subtitle of the tremendously-obscure sequel to Slam Masters), bringing in the original series Big Bad Victor Ortega as well as the other three new characters, throwing in a bunch of names from the underrated Street Fighter EX series, and examining the consequences of Mike Haggar's permanent crippling of The Scorpion, AKA Marcus Belger, the son of the Final Fight end boss

With the dullness and predictability of story-based wrestling companies in this day and age, I'm often sorely tempted to renew this project, which is why I'm refraining from putting any more plot synopsis here just yet. My only barriers are lack of time, over-reaching ambition, and lack of skill in art and website design.

If you're reading this, and are interested in giving this thing a shot, leave a message on this page, or in the discussion. If you're the Kirk Mccullough of which I speak, then hit me up. We've got a great deal of catching up to do.